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Attitudes About World Population Growth

An overwhelming majority correctly perceives the world's population as growing and believes that world population growth is a significant problem. However, this majority is divided as to how pressing this problem is-both as a general matter and in terms of security and environmental concerns.

Foreign Aid for Family Planning

An overwhelming majority believes that population growth is a serious contributor to the economic problems of the developing world. A very strong majority supports the US providing aid to assist people in poor countries with family planning. Support is more mixed, however, when the goal is framed in terms of the goal of getting developing countries to reduce their birthrates.

Family Planning Assistance Through the UN

A strong majority supports the US and other countries providing assistance for family planning through the United Nations.

Family Planning and Abortion

Only a small minority thinks that providing family planning services leads to an increase in abortions. For most, the terms 'family planning' or 'birth control' do not imply abortion. The public is divided about whether the US should fund abortions as part of family planning or should fund international family planning organizations that use non-US money to fund abortions.

Family Planning Aid and UN Dues

The public is divided about funding international family planning organizations that discuss abortion with their clients; however, a strong majority opposes attaching to UN dues legislation an amendment with such restrictions.



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