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Women's International Issues

Women's Rights as a General Principle and a Priority of US Policy

Support for the principle of gender equality has grown steadily over the last three decades and now comes from an overwhelming majority. An overwhelming majority agrees that women in the world's rich countries should work for the rights of women in developing countries. The public is cautious about the US applying direct pressure for more women's rights in Muslim countries.

Aid Programs for Women and Girls

Aid programs that emphasize helping women and girls are popular. The arguments that such programs discriminate against men, or contradict the prevailing culture, are not persuasive to the public.

Approaches to Family Planning: Helping Women vs. Reducing Birthrates

While overwhelming majorities support US aid for approaches to international family planning that emphasize helping women gain control over the development of their families, efforts that focus directly on trying to reduce birthrates get a mixed response. Efforts that imply coercing women to stop having children are strongly opposed.



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