Here, we Provided 10 lines Short Paragraph on My Hobby. Hobby is not a profession or money earning source but a habit that makes the person really happy. Some people have different hobbies according to their interest, likes and dislikes. When I go to the store, I look for a new car for my collection. If you want to read about any other topic. 130 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby. I am 13 years old and studying in class 8. I also have some antique car miniature, which I had to struggle a lot to get, so I keep them safe. The natural scenery attracts me a lot, I try to remove it on paper. If you have any problem then you can ask me by commenting below so that I can solve your problems. 10 Lines on My Hobby – 1 1) A hobby is a favourite activity or a habit of a person which he does regularly in his free time for his entertainment... 2) It is not necessary that a person can have only one hobby; he can acquire more than one hobby also. I also like to learn more about cars from my father. 10 Lines on My Hobby: A hobby is an energetic activity that makes you happier and complete. A hobby is an exciting activity that we can do in our spare time. 10 Lines on My Hobby: A hobby is an energetic activity that makes you happier and complete. Our hobby is to take time out from the exhaustion from our work routine day and night. No person can remain alone and disturbed by reading books. Set 1 – 10 Lines on My Hobby. I capture pictures of my classmates, friends and relatives in my camera to fulfil my hobby. My favourite is cooking, listening to music and gardening but I always like gardening. Many people have their own special hobbies. I was just a young boy and I was very interested in reading the fairy tales and other stories given by my parents. Question 2. This enables me to gain all general knowledge about any subject. My favourite hobby is reading leisurely and informative books full of interest in free time. I keep all my cars ion my chest drawers top, so no one is allowed to touch it. 10 Lines on My Hobby A hobby is something which one loves to do in his/her leisure time. Whenever I have my mind, I sit down with a pencil. Answer: It makes you all the more fascinating. I believe that this habit is more valuable than gold in the world. Question 1. My hobby is collecting car toys from the movie cars. Reading books keeps a person happy and busy. I have an album of this type of photography, which has beautiful images of natural scenes and animals? Having a hobby or hobby brings excitement and excitement in our lives. You can read more 10 Lines about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more. CSC Certificate | Benefits, Format, Documents Required, How to Download CSC Certificate? It takes us out of a boring life and leads to a fabulous life. Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7 and 8. My favourite hobby is reading as it improves my knowledge and makes me well informed about many topics. I am 13 years old and studying in class 8. I already have a savings account to buy my own Porche one day. I go to the stores and markets I always spend my time in cars aisle. Having a hobby is important because they give you the chance to enjoy your free time to do something with gives you joy. It can be developed at any age to achieve from childhood. Do the longest choice conceivable to step up, at that point do the briefest alternative to get the collectibles. Hobby is a person’s favourite activity, habit, or preference that he regularly performs in his spare time for pleasure. Gardening is like meditation for me which improves my ability, interest and ability. I keep all my cars aligned in a big glass cupboard, which my father built for my big car collection. 100 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby, 120 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby, 130 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby, 150 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby, 200 words Few lines Paragraph on My Hobby. I always keep looking for new cars to add to my collection. 10 lines on My Hobby. Answer: Yes, having a movement outside of school and schoolwork will additionally help life and can give numerous extra advantages you probably won’t know about. information can be found in simple and easy language. Whenever I go home from school and after completing my homework, I like to read books like this. Hobby makes a person’s mind relaxed and stress-free; it removes tension from the person’s brain. Whenever I go home from school and after completing my homework, I like to read books like this. Now, I know it well, that reading books is a very good habit, which makes me perfect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mt favorite color for cars is red because McQueen is also red. I started collecting my dinky cars when I was 5. Here, we Provided 10 lines Short Paragraph on My Hobby. I have many hobbies, but my favorite one is collecting car miniatures. Different people have different hobbies. Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams. Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And now, I really know the benefits of my reading habit. But in addition to these daily tasks, we do some things that give us pleasure. I have a small brush to clean every detail. Our hobbies help us survive and make successful careers. Hobby is not a profession or money earning source but a habit that makes the person really happy.  is a simple and easy language learning English Grammar website, here you can find Parts of Speech (शब्द- भेद), Tense (काल), Letter- Writing (पत्र- लेखन), Essay (निबंध), English Grammar (अंग्रेजी- व्याकरण), Voice (वाच्य), Sentence (वाक्य), etc. Dear reader, Welcome to They have outstanding engines and are fast. Different people have different hobbies, some cherish photography, stamp collecting, vintage coin collecting, gardening, singing, and swimming. There are many types of hobbies, such as we are dancing, singing, drawing, indoor or outdoor games, bird watching, antiques, photography, writing, eating, reading, sports, sports, gardening, music, watching TV, cooking, talking. Spending time with my car miniatures gets my mind off everything else and makes me feel refreshed. PSTM Certificate | Format, Samples, Documents Required and How to Apply PSTM Certificate? Hobbies like flying kites, swimming, swimming, playing chess, cricket etc.


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