My Newsletter These 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies are probably the easiest, softest, and most delicious cookies you could make. Hi Tiffany, I am sad these did not turn out for you, I have made them dozens of times, and they always turn out. Then I decided it’d be easier for me to make thumbprint style cookies and pour the chocolate sauce in/over the the thumbprint than dunk half of it. After you bake them, let them cool completely. I made little balls and put them in the fridge. Hmm, they don’t seem to bother me. I’m considering using almond butter in place of peanut…. The cookies are all marbled differently and taste DIVINE :), (Plant) God bless you, you’re making daily healthy eating so much easier and so much tastier! I LOVE that they are only 3 ingredients!!

These look amazing! Use a fork to press down on the dough making a cross hatch pushing it down until it is approx 1 cm thick. Yes, they were crazy delicious!

I shaped them into balls instead of flattening them like cookies but they are unbelievably tasty and easy to make! These cookies will not spread at all. Xo.

Sometimes peanut butter cookies can be a bit dry, but not these since there are more dates and oats than peanut butter—just enough PB to give it a wonderful taste. They are so easy to make. Sooooooo good. Cheers, friends! They follow the traditional pattern of cookie making by creaming a mixture of white and brown sugar with butter and peanut butter then adding an egg.
The cookie dough should be soft and easy to scoop. Any thoughts on substitutions?
Thank you Dana.

I literally just made these after I saw this post because I had all the ingredients. The chocolate dip idea added a fine dimension to the recipe! I didn’t want to use the glaze and was trying to lower the fat a little. I used quick oats and they worked wonderfully. I just made these using TJ’s chia/flax peanut butter and some generic creamy peanut butter. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Any suggestions for thinning it out more?, What can be used in place of the dates? Hi- I’ve made these to spec, and I find the dough too dry, what can I add to help it stick together? It's hard to believe that just three ingredients can make such a tasty cookie, but these are delicious! I’m excited to try making them tomorrow. So all my cooking is vegan and gluten free. All rights reserved
. I also rolled them into little balls to make it quicker and easier. I just made a double batch of these cookies for the second time. You can use a small ice cream scoop to scoop out cookie balls or use your hands to roll out the dough into balls the size of a golf ball.

I squished some too in to biscuits and added the coconut and chia on top which also works very well. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Joy. Ingredients. I couldn’t be more wrong. Thank you for sharing, I am in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. and we have jaggry in local stores.

I can work with you to develop, test and create original recipes and content using YOUR products, and share it across Eazy Peazy Mealz blog and social channels, reaching thousands of dedicated readers. What an ingenious recipe. It’s really cool what these different sugars do for texture and flavor. It’s the second recipe I have tried on your site and I am excited to try more. Due to time restrictions (needed a quick healthy energy boost while painting) I modified this by combining the biscuit and glaze ingredients together in the blender. So yummy as a treat for us both and so easy. I make these all the time, they're so quick and easy and so good! Oh. This recipe looks amazing. The chocolate glaze . Diana, regular oats, meaning ‘not quick cooking’ ok for this recipe, correct? Try PrePear, my FREE Meal Planning App that allows you to save your recipes, plan meals, shop for groceries, and cook simply in one place. Just shape them into a small ball. No one believed they had no sugar. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Andree.

WHAT!? My toddler threw some chocolate chips into hers. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Served it with Mexican frozen hot chocolate instead of my usual iced coffee–living large! (creamy or crunchy // ingredients should just be peanuts + salt // we like Wild Friends brand), (sifted // or sub unsweetened cocoa powder). I want to try this recipe but peanuts do not agree with me.

I added about 1/4 cup extra peanut butter, two extra dates, and some shredded coconut for sweetness.

I made these with sunbutter due to a peanut allergy and raisins (soaked in hot water for a few minutes) because I didn’t have dates on hand. I made these yesterday. Can you use steel rolled oats as a substitute? Enjoy as is, or prepare chocolate glaze (optional) by mixing ingredients in a bowl and whisking until smooth. These are so delicious.

It’s super helpful for us and other readers.

I try to not use oil. I made them with peanut powder. buddy i used all natural and it still worked.

These would make the perfect snack or dessert when you need something that’s on the healthier side fast. YUM! We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Daisy! Other than that, they are awesome just as the recipe specifies!

However, in this recipe I’ve only used brown sugar. The wrong type of peanut butter may cause them to fall apart. These cookies are fantastic!


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