There are now also two bigger islands above its neck that weren't there last week, and one off its nose. Now I bring to you Mandela effect or Quantum Effect supernatural scripture changes that are irrefutable - period! Mountain ranges across history have served as barriers between nations or entire cultures, preventing cultural crossbreeding and trade. Our world is becoming whole again, and so the landmasses are making space to allow these split-off parts space to fold back in. These changes are only mildly interesting in their own right, but become absolutely fascinating when you look at the larger trends they form. 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Considering there is not much we are able to do to prove the existence of other realities, or that people have traveled unwittingly between them, it is likely that the debate will continue, with those who think it is all an illusion on one side and those individuals for whom the world looks different than their memory on the other. It used to have 7, and they used to be aligned on a straight line. Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. According to Broome, the Mandela Effect 'is what happens when someone has a clear, personal memory of something that never happened in this reality.'. The chain of islands off Alaska is also expanding and growing into a suddenly very large Russian island. It's also closer to Russia than it used to be. Now, that mythology is difficult to find back. This article originally appeared on The Debrief. - Japan in the south, much closer to South Korea and in the north, much closer to mainland Russia. Is this the result of some sort of mental short circuit or psychological trick, or is there something else at work to it all? There are numerous other examples of the Mandela Effect and geography, and I have only presented some of the odder and more widely discussed, but they all seem perplexing and widespread enough to give food for thought, regardless of whether one remembers it the “right way” or not. This earnest and loveable drone looks slightly different to how we might remember. Admit it, we’ve all had our fair shares of embarrassing Darth Vader impression attempts. It is called the Mandela Effect because some people have a memory of Nelson Mandela dying in captivity. In relation to the Mandela Effect, the idea is at some point a number of people has transferred over to a different timeline in a parallel dimension, while retaining the memories of how things were in their own reality. The Gulf of Riga on the Baltic sea used to have two little islands above it, that have now nearly merged into the land. - New landmasses are forming in what is now the Pacific. - Another sub-set of greater connectivity, mountain ranges are getting lower. Now it is way east. With the Mandela Effect, landmasses around the Earth have been moving around constantly for perhaps years now. Some people find this baffling, as they have never heard of it, and although it is a relatively new territory, being split from the Northwest Territories in 1999, it still is rather jarring for a surprising number of people. When people hear about Mandela Effects, in which groups of individuals report remembering events differently from recorded historical records, some suggest as a possible explanation that Mandela Effect reporters are possibly experiencing false memories. And most of us won't even care, because they've "always been here". The actress actually said “You like me, right now, you like me!” Although this one is fairly similar to what everyone thinks it is, it's still pretty crazy that everyone remembers it the same way. The Mandela Effect is all about collective false memories. People are so convinced that the world once looked differently that there are even whole maps available online of how the world should look to them versus how it actually appears. Thank you, kind stranger! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2278514aae580094a1c97b42b01f04b" );document.getElementById("d462423ee0").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Geography is something I’ve always had a keen awareness of. The Mandela Effect Mainstream awareness of the changes. Generally people who have confabulated are extremely certain about their memory and reject any contradicting evidence. In reality of course, Mandela lived on to became the first black president of South Africa, dying in 2013 at the ripe old age of 95. I also noticed that Alaska is now WAY bigger than it used to be. Speaking of different sizes and shapes, a large number of people also remember Russia as looking much different than it does, claiming that it looks decidedly wrong when looking at it now, to the point that it is baffling for some. - The Alps have gone from mostly 3000-some meter high mountain tops to 2000-some meter high mountain tops. The lower jaw of the turtle's mouth has split and moved down (really messing up this metaphor). - There is now a set of islands called the Macgowen Reef far off the cost of Equador. - The Yellow Sea has given birth the to Bohai Sea closer to Beijing. So I looked at my globe and saw it as a big landmass west of Australia. We don’t live IN earth, but the Bible is replete with that terminology, ever since the quantum computers started messing with it: If they can change one word, they can change everything. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Since that initial change, Svalbart has gotten some smaller siblings even further north. Cyprus, on the other hand, has moved further away. Your ideology is rewarded and reinforced, as it is in any community. This has been noted as the #1 misquoted movie line of all time. The first was about Sri Lanka’s location, since that had attracted considerable comment. All registered in England and Wales. - Deserts will start to withdraw or significantly lessen. Amen. We’re starting off our list with the most cited Mandela Effect that took Reddit and the internet by storm. - Spain has changed in shape. The evolution of Nelson Mandela – Mandela sits outside his former prison cell on Robben Island on November 28, 2003, ahead of his AIDS benefit concert at … Because everyone deserves to know the best way to wake up. The way you drew Africa on YOUR map is how Africa was drawn like 1,000 years ago. As inland freshwater seas become more common, we will have civilisations much sooner in our history, and they will be more peaceful, better developed, and last longer. For those, just move along until you're ready. Some people can, or will not perceive changes in geography. Weird. Good luck with Brexit then :). Documenting the Supernatural Assault on God's Holy Scriptures - Your Bibles Have Changed! 14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Yep! The classic Star Wars scene. Why do these people remember these geographical details so wrongly and to such a degree that it is very often mentally troubling for them when confronted with the truth? These two realities might be nearly identical, with the only differences being subtle yet jarring, such as in this case the location or size of a country or place. It seems a long chain of islands is forming above Hawaii, eventually connecting it into Russia and Alaska. This quote has been stated multiple times in various TV shows and movies to poke fun and give a nod to the famous line. There was much local mythology about the way in which these 7 sacred islands represented the 7 chakras in the human energy system. One commenter on the site The Mandela Effect has said of this: I have interviewed 5 persons regarding the location of Sri Lanka(ceylon)and asked them to draw a map, all of them drew it as they remembered and it was far far downwards, further I asked them to draw a horizontal line touching the tip of India’s extremity, the line went over the sea, all clear… and all were cynics. However, people distinctly remember an ending lyric to the song that simply doesn’t exist. phenomenon. In fact he was freed and went on to become president of South Africa. For though there be that are called gods, whether——– in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,). We're talking a distance of (very, very roughly) 3500 km to the east. Other island nations are also constantly remembered as being in the wrong place as well.


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