This would go on and on until they put him down. The issue with being made out of ice is that ice is very smashable, and Hulk loves to smash! Banner's best friend, Rick Jones, was also turned into a version of the villain named A-Bomb to differentiate the two. And the leviathan punch is much better than the bridge feat. Although, when stacked against the Hulk, it's still not enough to stop him. He's been known to have multiple back up forms, much like his mentor, some being extremely large in structure. And the surtur feat is better than the leviathan punch anyway. And I said Abomination is stronger than BASE Hulk, because he was. In universe he was simply always that strong, he didn't magically gain more strength after I think it was like 100 days he's been unactive inbetween his solo and Avengers. Guys look at Thanos's battle cry HAHAH. You can't use that as evidence when that is the outlier. What are you talking about? We can tell by how they set it up. I don't recall Hulk's base strength getting amped. In Hulk's fight against Thanos he did not fight intelligently in any way whatsoever and that is the only fight that is relevant because these other guys are more likely to fight intelligently than pure anger. His favourite heroes are Nova, Moon Knight and Elixir of the X-Men. On the surface, Agger appears to be just another slimy businessman looking to manipulate others for a profit. Hulk NEVER punches anything with the force he hit the Leviathan feat. I don’t think either are the case, and I don’t think that because they performed the feat only once makes it an outlier, if they showed the inability to replicate it it would be an outlier, and neither have failed to do something on that level. There is no valid explanation for Thanos to grunt and make the face he did when he lifted Hulk besides that it was difficult. From Groot to Juggernaut, CBR compares Hulk with some of his taller peers. Like I've already said Abomination did not NEED to be creative with weapons as he was stronger and winning anyways. Hulk, on the other hand, gets his power from within and even when he's not at his angriest, he can take down Juggernaut. Abomination beating Hulk is purely speculation and with on-panel feats, Abomination gets utterly destroyed, Hulk also utterly destroys his Incredible Hulk version, I am not saying the movie is non-canon, I am just saying that you don't really know how to scale. Are you sure? Yea, abom hit hulk a farther distance than thanos did, but thanos clearly did far more damage to hulk with his individual strikes than abomination ever came close to. @gazool: yes, i completely forgot about that feat thanks. It also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor, almost taking Thor's life. I was pointing out a feature of fights that MCU uses. If he matched a running, full powered punch from hulk, I think he’d be able to replicate the leviathan feat, where hulk had no momentum and had just transformed. Abomination, aka Emil Blonsky, is one of Hulk's oldest foes. And don’t tell me distance traveled either. I think Thanos takes a majority here but the team has some win conditions. Banner would likely make short work of the Japanese super-team's resident mecha, though it's doubtful Baymax would ever give him a reason to do so! If Hulk had fought intelligently against Thanos he would have done better, but he did not even try anything smart. I think this is pretty close. Using these concussive waves from slamming his hands together, Hulk could level the playing field. Hulk was WAY weaker. @shadyxv: Not that it makes a difference even if Juggernaut can output that kind of a damage regularly. It's as simple as that. Abomination is as strong as him in canon and would not get wrecked because he's better than base Hulk, who barely gets stronger with rage, if not at all. And again juggernaut did that like once and never again which makes him inconsistent in showing while hulk repeatedly showed his striking is consistent. Even the Amadeus Cho iteration of the Hulk spent time travelling the world defeating dangerous monsters of a similar build and power level. Even rhody's actor was changed but does that mean he is different from rhody in first Ironman movie. It's hard to see Atlas giving Hulk any trouble without a sizable equalizer. It's a matter of physics when it comes to determining the strength of a strike. Secondly this is all assuming juggernaut hits him first. It also has incredible strength, enough to rival even the angriest Hulk. Though one of Ymir's abilities is to regenerate lost body parts, a very useful ability when you're made of ice, his regeneration probably couldn't keep up with a rampaging Hulk. I do t think they made hulk weak per say, they just used him to show how powerful thanos is. They're literally fodder to Thanos. Abomination stands taller than Hulk, something that was shown in the … In cases with uncertainty like that often times you can still set an upper and or lower limit of force. Couple this with a healing factor and his alien strength and you've got a contender for toppling the Hulk. Thanos doesn't have a sword here, buddy. Not to mention his sword would tear through either like butter. Abomination, aka Emil Blonsky, is one of Hulk's oldest foes. Hulk didn’t stand a chance against thanos, and neither of these guys are as impressive as hulk. A final devastating and resounding hammer blow leaves Peter unconscious in a deep crater. Hulk wouldn't have too much trouble with Fred, though. Oh right, common sense! Unless we’re talkinng about a non standard version of juggernaut, thanos wins 10 times out of 10, even if it’s just a pure slug fest. Thanos may be able to win 1 v 1 against either, but 2 v 1 would be too much. I'm leaning towards the team. The 2v1 might be too much for Thanos. @rampagethefirst: that doesn't mean anything, it's the same hulk and is considered cannon by mcu itself, you can't just make things up. Pretty sure Clark had already absorbed centuries of sunlight by the time Zod and other Kryptonians came up to him, but he still got annihilated by those Kryptonians, not really my point though, my point is, if there's a thread on this board with Zod in it and the rules state that he's fully adapted, do you see people scaling him off of JL Clark in the thread? So, Hulk landing a few good swings would do the trick. Look at hulk vs abomination However, for enemies such as this or enemies too small for Hulk to deal with easily, Banner has his Thunderclap. consideration also has to be made for the various races of the galaxy. Hank even went under the moniker of Giant Man for a while. Here is Hulk in The Incredible Hulk: Big story , which is a prelude to 2008's movie, destroying a similar bridge Indirectly by throwing a semi-truck. That’s a curbstomping if I’ve ever seen one. I can prove by visual observation that none of Hulk's strikes in his fights came even close to the Leviathan punch. @rampagethefirst: Common sense. When it comes to a comparison to the Hulk, Stature can't keep up with his damage output. Groot is a pretty big being to begin with, his race of tree-like people tower over the creatures that inhabit the forests of their home planet. Towering at around eleven foot tall, Xemnu is not only physically imposing, but psychologically imposing too. Hulk didn't even push Thanos through a wall, I think one wall was broken during the fight due to Thanos. Juggernaut is almost a non-factor. Cuz abomination was manhandling hulk, launching him through buildings and piercing him. That should be obvious. It's 3 on 1, Abomination isn't one-shotting anyone, he already had his hands full with Hulks shockwave which barely did any damage to the surrounding and the speed difference isn't even that big, you're arguing like this is Wally West vs Thor..and the strength difference? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those teeth were shown to be able to pierce Hulk's skin. Find me a thread where Abomination has won the majority of the votes against current Hulk and I will concede. This enormous dragon being is capable of a whole host of destructive abilities. You're trying to argue that because the strike strength is technically impossible to determine because the enemies didn't get pushed back that therefore, I can't say the Leviathan punch is an outlier. and as it stands, Hulk has a plethora of feats capable of one-shotting Abomination while Abomination has 0 durability feats to suggest he can tank them. However, Abomination could not transform back into a normal human form. The Fenris Wolf, or simply Fenris, is a large wolf originating in Norse Folklore. Watchers possess immense mental abilities, used oftentimes to communicate. That's nonsense. Because there's literally no way to hurt Juggernaut UNLESS you have a power up which can negate his mystical abilities. Therefore, that is a clue that something is an outlier. It is very likely that you don't need to be reminded that The Hulk is a big guy. Hulk fought Abomination much better than he fought Thanos. Nobody thinks that Abomination doesn't scale off of Hulk, we just don't think he scales off of current Hulk. The Abomination key mind form is an evolution of the Juggernaut. The only place where juggernaut is covered is his head, and thanos has already shown that he is proficient at throwing body shots.


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