Kettle-type reboilers, evaporators, etc., are often U-tube exchangers with enlarged shell sections for vapor-liquid separation. AR Series Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger – TEMA Type AEW, AET, BEP, AES. 0000000016 00000 n 11-36e) Construction is similar to that of the internal-floating-head split-backing-ring exchanger except that the floating-head cover bolts directly to the floating tube sheet. Welding nipples of the same composition as the heat-exchanger shell are generally furnished. In high-pressure construction this feature becomes of considerable importance in reducing both initial and maintenance costs. 0000000987 00000 n The foregoing designs were discussed as ring expansion joints by Kopp and Sayre, "Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers" (ASME Misc. Selective freezing is used for isolating isomers. The tube bundle can be withdrawn from the shell without removing either shell cover or floating-head cover. Pull-Through Floating-Head Exchanger (Fig. Fixed tube sheets, with or without expansion joints, and outside-packed-head designs are used. There are no limitations upon the number of tube-side passes or upon the tube-side design pressure and temperature. Fixed-Tube-Sheet Heat Exchangers Fixed-tube-sheet exchangers (Fig. 0000008824 00000 n A split backing ring and bolting usually hold the floating-head cover at the floating tube sheet. (t) Fixed-tube-sheet exchanger. 11-35 for type C and N heads. Bellows may be of stainless steel, nickel alloys, or copper. The lantern ring is provided with weep holes. The tube sheets are welded to the shell. Hydraulic jetting with water forced through spray nozzles at high pressure for cleaning tube interiors and exteriors of removal bundles is reported by Canaday ("Hydraulic Jetting Tools for Cleaning Heat Exchangers," ASME Pap. <<450799E4A4F3774E9C8152BAB3B59C6E>]>> Absorbers These have a two-phase flow system. 0000001964 00000 n Figure 11-36 shows details of the construction of the TEMA types of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Principal advantages are high rate of heat transfer, no internal pressure drop, short time of contact (very important for heat-sensitive materials), easy accessibility to tubes for cleaning, and, in some cases, prevention of leakage from one side to another. Bare tube and integral low-fin tubes are provided with baffles. With an odd number of passes a nozzle pipe must extend from the floating-head cover through the shell cover. 11-36/) bolted between floating-head cover and floating-tube-sheet skirt. lows of a toroidal shape. 0000001923 00000 n (a) Internal-floating-head exchanger (with floating-head backing device). FIG. FIG. When such welding is not possible, a "blind"-gasket type of construction is utilized. 0000002533 00000 n TEMA designations of Heat Exchangers. As the tube bundle of the BEP exchanger is not removable, the shell-side fluid must be non-fouling. With an odd number of tube-side passes, an axial nozzle can be installed in such a floating-head cover. (a) Internal-floating-head exchanger (with floating-head backing device). 0000000616 00000 n 3h0�q�����b�bO;��͙Q�4�����1w�L-�a|�L��ײmb������ �L-L}�l�0p1��Mdl�]�x��9�X0|cf2gl`�a\�X����1j@�*; �e�Ͼ���6@� ���� Power-driven tube cleaners, which can clean both the straight legs of the tubes and the bends, are available. Because of the number of variations in mechanical designs for front and rear heads and shells, and for commercial reasons, TEMA has designated a system of notations that correspond to each major type of front head, shell type and rear head. External insulation covers of carbon steel are often provided to protect the light-gauge bellows from damage. Various types of expansion joints are used to eliminate excessive stresses caused by expansion. 1-805-484-2992, Like the BEM design, the BEP heat exchanger has straight tubes; however, one of the tubesheets is of the floating type (it is not fixed to the shell but separated from it by an O-ring). For additional questions on BEP Exchangers. Sealing strips or dummy tubes are often installed to reduce bypassing of the tube bundle. startxref Air is sometimes introduced in the tubes to lower the partial pressure of liquids whose boiling points are high. Eng. 11-37). Fabrication tolerances then require some additional clearance between the outside of the baffles and the outermost tubes. Distributors or slotted tubes put the liquid in film flow in the inside surface of the tubes, and the film adheres to the tube surface while falling to the bottom of the tubes. 0000013613 00000 n The AR Series Heat Exchanger with removable bundle accommodates high temperature differentials and is designed to … 0000016841 00000 n 0000081028 00000 n (Standard of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, 6,h ed., 1978. In larger units these light-wall joints are particularly susceptible to damage, and some designers prefer the use of the heavier walls of formed heads. Between the inside of the shell and the baffles some clearance must be provided so that baffles can slide into the shell. 126 0 obj <> endobj Tube distributors have been developed for a wide range of applications. 0000024013 00000 n Improper handling during manufacture, transit, installation, or maintenance of the heat exchanger equipped with the thin-wall-bellows type or toroidal type of expansion joint can damage the joint. 0000026373 00000 n 11-36 (Continued) Heat-exchanger … These are located beyond the end of the shell and within the larger-diameter shell cover. The welded joint at the shell is subject to the stress referred to before, but the joint connecting the heads is subjected to less stress during expansion because of the curved shape. 0 This construction requires that the shell and tube-sheet materials be weld-able to each other. The use of U-tube construction has increased significantly with the development of hydraulic tube cleaners, which can remove fouling residues from both the straight and the U-bend portions of the tubes.


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