Here is an extended listing of AFSC groups. Determines unit requirements and tailors intelligence support to missions, equipment, and employment tactics. 4 0 obj Each specialty is identified by a 5-digit Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). Flights and 30-days vacation with pay each year. ?���(dž2���o!=�/0��2�&>���� �D�2�|�]��D@N�=�1{:��X �$��� B;1-����Kd�-��3݉!Dj%�4F��w��|)�[��p�1Z�r�wS���չ9d�%*�z@\�-�M��De2��D��G��� ���7��w�/PBسY�c��O�^��� ��#�"�+�c�����.ϳ� R�e6��d�CĬ��\�==�+��Z�S/��K��y�� "L���?q�N'�H����$@Ӊ_m�X��*Gwq�1 gI푦&X)�TuSS,8Q��?��b��I�6�2Y�ţ{Z�d�m0ď0�[�J�5 Plans and implements aircrew training. Develops, validates, and prioritizes targeting and GI & S activities and procedures. In order to become an Air Force Intelligence Officer, you have to meet certain requirements and qualifications.Minimum Requirements 1. Must be a member of the U.S. Air Force 2. Completion of training co… Position Description: Lead and performs intelligence activities across the full range of military operations supporting the Air Force’s Service Core Function (SCF) of Global Integrated Intelligence, … Welcome to the United States Air Force. The officer AFSC consists of four alphanumeric characters: As with enlisted AFSCs, prefixes and suffixes may be applied to make the AFSC more specific. Tech School. After the Air Force separated from the Army in 1947, it retained the Army's system of MOS occupation codes, modifying them in 1954. Not only do we have the Officers, but we get ops group and wing level competition, we have a mixed compartment of Pilots, Navs, Ravens, Airborne Systems Engineers, Linguists and Signals Operators. Serves as senior intelligence advisor to commander and the Force Protection Working Group (FPWG). -�!���lKW������Tk��Z:fyϣ�"*��>�p|�?�u�5d�M�������F��&*w�3��r�:+o������� -5����%_��� ��)���G��o�z`N��ՠx F��c�(��{���3*(�H�W�*�� ��\�n�[�?�2�z�ڀlZ�ɖ6(�~��xgbi�KK�9��y_Rm���rR��*�"/瑽*G�8�Jq$j�}p)��� ��#�3�/� ^�:��3b���Β`�-[-�"��������sаoh� A��t�j�Kٹ�\�.r�����\)R/���^2q鲛|K�y����Pog�Z((F�B��XN(�8���둌�zB��|MI�7�n~*�Xj @ӆa4�a���:�8e�ei(*{e|Vq�{x��X�|P��:�Ly3�M(i. Performs and manages intelligence functions and activities to support United States and allied forces. Most categories have numerous actual AFSCs in them. A letter prefix or suffix may be used with an AFSC when more specific identification of position requirements and individual qualifications is necessary. Analyzes data to advise planners of options to accomplish objectives. Performs and oversees analysis and fusion of collected intelligence, and produces assessments to meet operational requirements. {Ьy�����q{q����J���t�݊�B��@�]�^,�i����h��E��Э�e4��Y��H?�@��t�i���N{� <> Performs and manages intelligence operations and applications activities. %PDF-1.5 Career field subdivision (Numerical, different for each), Specific AFSC (Numeric, specialty within career field subdivision), The specific AFSC is 1 (Crypto-Linguist Specializing in a, 1A3X1 – Airborne Mission Systems Specialist, 1A8X1 – Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst, 1C3X1 – Command and Control Operations (C2 OPS), 1C5X1 – Command & Control Battle Management Ops (1C5X1D Weapons Director), 1C4X1 – Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), 1C8X3 – Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (RAWS), 1N5X1 – Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation Apprentice, 1N6X1 – Electronic Systems Security Assessment Apprentice, 1U1X1 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot, 2A0X1 – Avionics Test Station and Components, 2A2X1 – Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems, 2A2X2 – Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems, 2A2X3 – Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems, 2A3X4 – Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (A-10, U-2, F-15, F-16), 2A3X5 – Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (F-22, F-35, MQ-1, MQ-9, RQ-4), 2A3X7 – Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (5th Generation)(F-22, F-35), 2A3X8 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance, 2A5X1 – Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance, 2A5X3 – Mobility Air Forces Electronic Warfare Systems, 2A5X4 – Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance, 2A6X6 – Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems, 2A7X5 – Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance, 2A8X1 – Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems, 2A8X2 – Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems, 2A9X1 – Bomber/Special Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems, 2A9X2 – Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems, 2A9X3 – Bomber/Special Electronic Warfare and Radar Surveillance Integrated Avionics, 2M – Missile and Space Systems Maintenance, 2M0X1 – Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance, 2M0X2 – Missile and Space Systems Maintenance, 2P0X1 – Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory, 2R1X1 – Maintenance Management Production, 2T3X1 – Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance, 2T3X1A - Fire Truck and Refueling Maintenance, 2T3X1C - Material Handling Equipment Maintenance, 3D190 – Cyberspace Support Superintendent (merged with 3D090 in 2015), 3E2X1 – Pavements and Construction Equipment, 3E4X1 – Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance, 3G0X1 – Air National Guard Strength Management, 3N0X2 – Broadcast Journalist (phasing out 1 Oct 2020), 3N0X5 – Photojournalist (phasing out 1 Oct 2020), 3P0X1B – Combat Arms Training and Maintenance, 4M0X1 – Aerospace and Operational Physiology, 4N0X1B- Neurodiagnostic Medical Technician, 4N0X1C- Independent Duty Medical Technician, 4N0X1F- Flight and Operational Medical Technician, 6F0X1 – Financial Management & Comptroller, 8C000 – Airman & Family Readiness Center RNCO, 8G100 – USAF Installation Honor Guard Program Manager, 8T000 – Professional Military Education Instructor, 8T100 – Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructional System Designer, 9A000 – Awaiting Retraining-Reasons beyond Control, 9A100 – Awaiting Retraining-Reasons within Control, 9A200 – Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Within Their Control, 9A300 – Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Beyond Their Control, 9A400 – Disqualified Airman, Return to Duty Program, 9A500 – Temporarily Ineligible for Retraining – Disqualified for Reasons Beyond Control, 9D100 – Key Developmental Senior Enlisted Positions on Headquarters Air Force Staff and Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Maxwell-Gunter Annex, 9F000 – First Term Airmen Center (FTAC) NCOIC, 9L100 – Enlisted Engagement Manager/International Affairs, 9M000 – Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) Senior Enlisted Advisor, 9M200 – International Health Specialists (IHS), 9M400 – Chief, Medical Enlisted Force (CMEF), 9N000 – Secretary of the Air Force Enlisted Legislative Fellows, 9R000 – Civil Air Patrol (CAP)-USAF Reserve Assistance NCO, 9S100 – Scientific Applications Specialist, 9U000 – Enlisted Airman Ineligible for Local Utilization, 9U100 – Unallotted Enlisted Authorization, 9W200 – Combat Wounded Warrior with Exemptions, 9W400 – Wounded Warrior-Limited Assignment Status (LAS), 9W500 – Wounded Warrior-Retired/Discharged, Utilization Field (Numerical, different for each), Functional Area (Alpha, different for each), 0 – Qualified commander (when used in conjunction with “C” in the 3rd position), 4 – Staff (relates only to the level of functional responsibility and is restricted to positions above, The career group is 63 (acquisition manager), The functional area is A (all 63 officers are "A"), The qualification level is 3 (fully qualified), The prefix "T" designates a formal training instructor (other pre-fixes are available for other specialty positions), 11HX – Combat Rescue Pilot (includes both helicopter and fixed-wing), 11UX – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot, 12EX – Experimental Test Combat Systems Officer, 12FX – Fighter Weapon Systems Officer (WSO), 12HX – Combat Rescue Combat Systems Officer, 12RX – Recce/Surv/Elect Warfare Combat Systems Officer, 12SX – Special Operations Combat Systems Officer, 16GX – Air Force Operations Staff Officer, 16PX – Political-Military Affairs Strategist, 17SX – Cyberspace Warfare Operations Officer, 18AX – Attack Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot (18X established in October 2009, 18GX – Generalist Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot, 18RX – Recce Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot, 20C0 – Maintenance Group Commander or Deputy Group Commander, 21AX – Aircraft Maintenance Officer (MXO), 30C0 – Mission Support Group Commander or Deputy Group Commander, 41AX – Hospital Administration, Health Services Administrator and Medical Service Corps, 42TX – Occupational Therapist Biomedical Specialists, 43AX – Aerospace & Operational Physiologist, 46YX – Privileged Advanced Practice Nurse, 47DX – Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist, 48GX – General Medical Officer (GMO), Flt Surg, 92J1 – AFROTC Educational Delay-Law Student, 92J2 – Funded Legal Education Program Law Student, 92M0 – Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Medical Student, 92M1 – Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Student, 92T1 – Navigator/Combat Systems Officer Trainee, 92T3 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot Trainee, 92W4 – Wounded Warrior-Limited Assignment Status, 92W5 – Wounded Warrior-Retired/Discharged, 95A0 – Non-Extended Active Duty AFRC or ANG USAFA Liaison Officer or CAP Liaison Officer, 96D0 – Officer not available in awarded AFSC for cause, This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 15:59.


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