The exception to the relationship of age and protein requirements is for late pregnancy and lactation, when the mare has increased protein requirements for proper nourishment of the foal. However, wild horses are never expected to perform on the track or in the arena, and their low reproductive rate would drive most professional breeders out of the business. Have fun learning on the Hay USA website. That is why they buy from Hay USA Inc. Hay USA Inc. In summary, sorting out fiction from fact and knowing the nutrient requirements of your horses can make selecting the right hay easy. If you don't have the equipment necessary for moving round bales (which can weigh as much as 800 pounds), then we recommend staying with small squares even though rounds are easy there are many important things to consider. Round bales are a excellent choice for cattle because they will "clean it up" and digest this type of hay. It then becomes necessary to replace the nutrients being expended if performance is to be maintained. Horse quality alfalfa mixed with clean grass hay or managed pasture time is a excellent recommendation and a very balanced diet. The amount of protein supplied by alfalfa can go a long way toward satisfying the high protein requirements of young, growing horses. It is for this reason that you should talk to your veterinarian about vaccinating your horses against botulism if you plan to feed round bales. It is, however, considerably higher in It’s especially helpful for a hard keeper because of its high palatability—horses love to eat it. Even though I use this term, Beware of the sign that says "horse quality hay" ... there is no such thing a it's only a marketing term, usually "implying" high (undefined) quality and seldom tested. The goal of dry cow hay is to fill the cow in a cost effective manor and give substantial roughage to get the gain for slaughter.

This is because alfalfa hay is higher in protein and other essential nutrients verses grass hay and protein is necessary for tissue growth and development. In actual fact, alfalfa hay, while it is very nutritious, is an excellent choice of hay for the young horse or brood mare. After water, the major constituent of the horse’s body is pro- tein. wide Call 817-599-0200 Therefore, the younger the horse, the greater the protein requirement when expressed as a percentage of total diet. This second grade hay is sufficient for cattle in the feed lot and baled in the most cost effective way in way usually 1 ton or 1/2 ton bales. Nutritional value of all hays, whether legumes or grasses, is primarily related to stage of maturity when the plants are harvested. Perhaps more importantly, though, you need to make sure that it is mold-free. Alfalfa hay is an excellent source of highly available calcium, but unfortunately is often a poor source of phosphorus. Liz Blitzer This alfalfa is sold by the point on TDN because the goal of dairy hay is to produce milk. The recommended time of cutting for orchard grass is the late boot to early heading stage (boot stage is when the grass inflorescence is enclosed by the sheath of the upper most leaf -head not yet showing). 3 Physical Characteristics Ideally, we would like to have a total dietary calcium to phosphorus ratio of between 1.5-2 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus. Come look for yourself, do the math and feed it. Foundered horses do better wit a low sugar and protein content. if you do feed the pastured pleasure horse a very high protein hay, you may find a fat horse in a short time frame! Alfalfa hay is comparable in terms of calorie content and Crude Protein content to fresh pasture grasses. Timothy hay, on the other hand, is a grass hay.

Wild horses survive on forage alone. Because it is higher in energy and protein, using alfalfa makes it easier to meet those needs with minimal or at least lower levels of supplementation. Our clients are educated and can not afford to take risks. Due to the large size of the bales, combined with a humid climate, development of mold is favored.


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