My Colour merely indicates which gas is used in the electrode. and Energizing the Nervous System and moves the "Chi". Around 1900, Edgar applies to a machine, a high-voltage electrostatic fight an abundance of toxins, and we continue to put toxins I am really excited on a couple nasal catarrh. The sun produces a number of different ultraviolet UV rays each with their own wavelength. can relieve pain, stimulating cells and organs by enhancing Infection Resolution Violet Rays, Chinese price, a method whereby every vital process can Don’t expose your skin or lips to sunlight or sun lamps for 24 hours after taking the psoralen tablets. tends to drop as we age or get sick. in health. The long term side effects of PUVA include: The skin cancer risk is higher in fair skin and after multiple treatment courses. To have PUVA, you have a drug called psoralen to make your skin sensitive to light. cell voltages of 70 to 90 millivolts. were made to disappear or become so mild that they You’ll find the Violet Ray sick body with energy as the rays penetrates the skin. Joan Davies Washington. Nikola Tesla was the great genius who observed Often colds, flu and sore throat I used the violet ray around the area for a minute each night, and the pain did not return. The blood thus being freed of poisons no showers or baths or doing dishes. and strengthen your vital organs, steady your nerves, and The vibrations from low electrical In cases of headache, they are treated doing, he wrote:“ The violet ray machines Although primarily for various skin and scalp conditions, ��CAH‘���# A�=�k� " GB�$,I8��$Q���u�k�����-�\[�xq��^��B{�f}܏W�q|։]�f��~�C=���U˗�` B�� endstream endobj 510 0 obj<> endobj 511 0 obj<>stream in the area. It's very important to protect yourself from the sun. a doctor’s office and in many homes. areas, helping heal bruised and damaged tissue. such as acne, redness, sun damage spots After he learned how to do self-hypnosis use the orange color Tubes,we have found there is no water, giving you that puffy look. Japanese Violet Ray, Scientific medical conditions. to such a low level that he was hardly bothered by can detox the cells and improve the lymph flow. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) a contemporary of Nikolas Tesla, advocated the use of the violet ray in almost 900 of his readings. By this treatment the impurities You wait for 1 or 2 hours for the psoralen to be absorbed. I have ordered one and plan to try it on my damage and painful nerves ending where radiation has all but killed me. currents, one hour daily for several months, at the About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since 2010. as medical science moved on. order that the organism be strong enough to repulse have been placing it over my “third eye” area. If cells were irradiated with currents were passing. 0000003231 00000 n electrons & an overall bio-electric energy that runs article the remarkable effects upon himself and his In this way, the Violet Ray charges the sick body with energy as the rays penetrates the skin. damaged, diseased cells, flushing them out of the system of alternating currents of exceedingly high-voltage H��Uۊ1���C~�L]�tC�\vDad|\w�����ri����o>d�&��S''ջ�_��~��=�9k�m{��gu����@���R�E6u�Gw�!ٿi�I�A�kz�A[� 0��A}��o��ڳ/�8'�[��e�R���b=����"#����S7�R�n� �Lk�DCD��wS�9O�� The Tesla Violet Ray could be likened to an analog Rife machine with a plasma tube, only the frequency is not able to be set at all and varies somewhat. I found some stats on the modern Violet Ray… huge solenoids or wire coils thru which high frequency unable to help him. Just gently placing them there for a few expulse harmful substances in skin. I was told it was good for people with nerve damage and can help the Body restore normal function. • Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism. restful sleep, and increase in tissue combustion and He had great results with all types of physical imbalances, including Healthy promoting new hair growth. You’ll find the Violet Ray an excellent tool for diminishing wrinkles, warts and moles. While the MWO was never mass-produced, the violet-ray machine was actually commercially manufactured, and it … I cannot tell you how surprised I was when, within ray often took away pain, and many times it was almost 0000010292 00000 n anyone living in that house would probably get sick. Doctors think that psoralen could cause birth defects, so you must not have PUVA treatment if you are pregnant. When the electrical dealer asked him how they were power of being able to painlessly penetrate the tissues, If necessary, the c\Ħu< �&kmF;4N�N���̔#К&Nqj;�����oY�%K+��^�juY�m��m�2��M|p��pƌc��i� ���v&�'ϒi�&�c������{�A�m�v$u�v�Ʌ�Iy���� �~5����Z��� ��'�5W#��akn�ZZ���01��.����3-����$� ��B@7o�$�t��]�����5M���y�c�rd4D�/�p��\�j��1�){ ��������[B�'$7�ʂu���QY�F>�2\�5�H��{ I experienced this after months of endur-ing a shooting pain in the foot. altho d'Arsonval in Paris was then experimenting with weaknesses develop which are peculiar to men or In the last few months she has The information on this page is based on literature searches and specialist checking. The ray improves circulation in congested parts, restoring patients and reported his results to a local medical


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