He stresses that avoiding "the path of least resistance" is the key to combating gender inequality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patriarchal Legacy is a 1997 book by Allan G. Johnson. Test. Gravity. Match. Kayla_H18. Write. “allan Johnson has written one of the best, most readable, and most com- prehensive accounts of patriarchy that is available in print.” —Paula rothenberg, editor of Race, Class, and Gender in the United States “This is a brilliant accounting of patriarchy... a long, hard and unflinchingly PLAY. One of the foremost contributors to our understanding of gender, Allan Johnson has an exceptional grasp of the costs of patriarchy for both women and men. View Patriarchy, the System from GHS 207 at Butler University. Allan Johnson goes on to say that everyone contributes to patriarchy, the system, whether they’re aware of it or not. Learn. The Gender Knot illuminates vast areas of previously unexamined and unnamed effects of ‘power over’ social systems, and provides a beacon of hope and a message of courage. The relationships, terms, and goals that Organize the game aren't presented to Allan G. Johnson / Patriarchy, the System 27 us as ours to judge or alter. Reading this article “Patriarchy, the System” by Allan G. Johnson gave me a broader understanding of the word patriarchy, and the system from which it stems. Johnson explains and addresses the concept of the patriarchy and how it deeply affects the lives of both men and women. We are all involved in patriarchy, but it does not necessarily mean that women are the victims, and men are the oppressors. Allan Johnson "Patriarchy, the System" STUDY. Created by. According to Allan G Johnson’s “Patriarchy, the System”, the term “patriarchy” is defined as a large social system or government that controls and dominates the way we … Terms in this set (9) patriarchy. The more attached we feel to the game and the more closely we identify ourselves as players, the more likely we are to feel helpless in relation to it. Flashcards. Spell. Allan G. Johnson /Patriarchy, the System 25 TWO Patriarchy, the System An It, Not a He, aThem, or an Us Allan G. Johnson When you say


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