Related: Why McDonald's Fries Used to Taste Better. Prior to the Revolution, New Englanders consumed large quantities of rum and beer, as maritime trade provided them relatively easy access to the goods needed to produce these items: rum was the distilled spirit of choice, as the main ingredient, molasses, was readily available from trade with the West Indies.

[5] There was a general disdain for French cookery, even with the French Huguenots in South Carolina and French-Canadians. Comparatively, countries have got us beat when it comes to school lunches, nourishing their students with fresher, greener and more nutrient-rich foods that are very much brain foods. New England is noted for having a heavy emphasis on seafood, a legacy inherited from coastal tribes like the Wampanoag and Narragansett, who equally used the rich fishing banks offshore for sustenance. Geoducks are a native species of giant clam that have incredibly long necks, and they are eaten by the bucket full as well as shipped to Asia for millions of dollars as they are believed to be an aphrodisiac. From the British Isles, an enormous amount of influence was bestowed upon the South, specifically foodways found in 17th- and 18th-century Ulster, the borderlands between England and Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, portions of Wales, the West Midlands and Black Country.

Finding American food abroad — as refracted through other cultures — is similarly much different than what you might expect. Despite the expression, "as American as apple pie," the popular dessert isn't native to the U.S., originating as fruit (often mixed with meat) stored in thick, sugarless, and largely inedible pastry containers, or “coffins,” in 14th century England. So, like many other famous restaurant rivalries, the true winner can only be determined by trying them both yourself. After the 1820s, new groups began to arrive and the character of the region began to change. His work contributed to the enactment of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. Traditional key lime pie, a dessert from the islands off the coast of Miami, is made with condensed milk to form the custard with the eye wateringly tart limes native to the Florida Keys in part because milk would spoil in an age before refrigeration. The logistical requirements of the US military during WW2 and the Korean War spurred the development and growth of the processed foods industry in the US. In the Midwest and especially Minnesota,[119] the tradition of the church potluck has become a gathering in which local foods reign, and so it has been since the era of the frontier: pioneers would often need to pool resources together to have a celebration in the 19th century and that simply never changed. The original American breakfast cereal, Kellogg's corn flakes were invented at Michigan's Battle Creek Sanitarium by devout Seventh-day Adventist John Harvey Kellogg, who was hoping his healthful new food would curb patients' sexual appetites. [148][149] High quality beefstock is a feature that has been present in the region for more than 200 years and the many cuts of beef are unique to the United States. [43][44] Since the 1960s Asian cooking has played a particularly large role in American fusion cuisine. The hot dogs Americans enjoy from ballparks and street vendors are descendants of the sausage, and particularly the frankfurter originating from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, and Vienna, Austria, as far back as the 15th century. My Singaporean friends asked me if chicken cutlets were popular in the US because they assumed it was an American food and I'm like...WTF is chicken cutlet? Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. [142] Peanut soup is one of the oldest known recipes brought to Virginia by Africans and over time, through their descendants, it has become creamier and milder tasting than the original. One of my mates told me that they, like most Asian pizzas, pale in comparison to the real deal. As many of the New Englanders were originally from England, game hunting was useful when they immigrated to the New World. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! They served French fries and labeled them hash browns. In 1943, the US War Foods Administration issued the War Food Order No. In California, Spanish missionaries brought with them the mission fig: today this fruit is a delicacy.

A popular dish for children in Thailand is called "American fried rice." [46], Pizza is based on the traditional Italian dish, brought by Italian immigrants to the United States, but varies highly in style based on the region of development since its arrival.


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