Queen of Mexico Draws Thousands to Cathedral, "A Trimphant Premiere for a New Mass Setting,". the archbishop said....."  READ the full article: "Queen of Mexico Draws Thousands to Cathedral," by Nicholas Wolfram Smith (Catholic San Francisco). Help for Pregnant Women: The Gabriel Project, Retiro para Mujeres para la Sanación después de un aborto, Catholic Campaign for Human Development - CCHD, Mass & Blessing for Medical Professionals, Wedding Anniversary Mass / Misa de Aniversario de Bodas, Fertility Difficulties - Clergy Resources, NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness, Click here for livestreamed Masses from other parishes. Honoring Mary in the 'Mass of the Americas. The Benedict XVI Institute of the Archdiocese of San Francisco opens the door of beauty to God, providing resources for more beautiful liturgy and energizing a Catholic culture of the arts. https://www.facebook.com/Saintpatricksfpilgrims St. Paul of the Shipwreck, San Francisco https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-wCRGmwrzjOZUf_YtyzRPw ​Sunday 8:30 am (Spanish); 10:45 am (Gospel Mass) Ss. Indeed, that there’s such a thing as a new Mass setting... is a sign of hope: a reminder that tradition is something vital, even dynamic....", Archbishop Cordileone's Homily, December 8, 2018, Conversation with Composer Frank La Rocca, Help for Pregnant Women: The Gabriel Project, Retiro para Mujeres para la Sanación después de un aborto, Catholic Campaign for Human Development - CCHD, Mass & Blessing for Medical Professionals, Wedding Anniversary Mass / Misa de Aniversario de Bodas, Fertility Difficulties - Clergy Resources, NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness, Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship, has composed perhaps the most significant Catholic composition. "On December 8, San Francisco’s Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption celebrated a 'Mass of the Americas' especially commissioned to honor our Blessed Mother as both the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Peter & Paul Parish, San Francisco: http://parish.sspeterpaulsf.org/livemass Daily 10:00 am St. Stephen Parish, San Francisco:  https://www.facebook.com/saintstephensf www.saintstephensf.org Sunday 9:30 am St. Thomas More Parish, San Francisco https://www.facebook.com/groups/stmchurch https://www.facebook.com/STMOfficialPage Saturday Mass: 5:00 pm (English) Sunday Masses: 10:00 am (English); 12:00 noon (Arabic); 8:00 pm (English) St. Vincent de Paul Parish, San Francisco https://www.facebook.com/saintvincents Daily 8:00 am (including Sunday) Star of the Sea Parish, San Francisco:  www.facebook.com/starparishsf https://www.youtube.com/starparish Sunday Masses at 9:30 am (English) and 11:30 am (Latin) Rosary M-F 5 pm, Our Lady of Loretto Parish, Novato:  https://www.facebook.com/ourladyoflorettonovato M-F 9:00 am (English) Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am (Spanish) Sunday 9:00 (English) and 11:00 (Spanish) Our Lady of Mt. How blessed is Mexico, for truly God has not done this for any other nation!' Harry Schlitt: https://bit.ly/2QhpQQS EWTN: EWTN broadcasts the Daily Mass LIVE at 5:00am PT from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel on the EWTN campus in Irondale, Alabama. Click on the photo above, or visit the Benedict XVI Institute to hear eight selections from the recording of the world premiere of the Mass of the Americas by composer Frank La Rocca. The Mass of the Americas may just be the answer to modern-day wails of the human heart." Apple iOS aplication to watch Holy Mass online "Thank God! All Masses are celebrated in the Cathedral. And then for a brief glorious moment, they harmonize with each other: wonderfully, hauntingly, gorgeously...."  READ the full article: "The Making of the Mass of the Americas" (Catholic Arts Today), “He Has Not Done Thus for Any Other Nation”/“No Ha Hecho Nada Igual con Ningún Pueblo”  Text - English      |      Text - Spanish     |      Audio Recording, One Peter Yorke Way San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 614-5500 Fax (415) 614-5555 info@sfarchdiocese.org Media Contact Website photography by Dennis Callahan/Catholic San Francisco or Deb Greenblat/Catholic San Francisco, "The beauty is healing, God's presence is obvious....", High Mass in Latin, Washington D.C., November 16, 2019, World Premiere, December 8, 2018, San Francisco, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-LKw8Wst-X2.jpg, photos: Dennis Callahan / Catholic San Francisco, and Benedict XVI Institute, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-Nb8P9KK-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-dztnW4m-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-72ZkBJx-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-xfQwqjS-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-mGTpF4C-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-8pp5kzG-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%2010.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%2011.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%2012.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%201.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-v4g2q3w-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-hsrp5B8-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%203.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%204.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-kDJLdgB-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/i-fjkBT8s-X2.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%202.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%205.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%206.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%207.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%208.jpg, /photoalbums/mass-of-the-americas-and-guadalupana/MS%20photo%2012%209.jpg, "An historic Mass...":  News and Commentary.


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