As mentioned earlier, URGENT/11  is comprised of 11 vulnerabilities, separated to two classes of severity: This vulnerability can be triggered by a specially crafted IP packet sent to the target device, even as a broadcast or multicast packet. The URGENT/11 Detector is an active tool that will use various non-invasive fingerprint techniques to determine if a device is using the IPnet TCP/IP stack, and whether it is vulnerable to URGENT/11 or not. Such an attack has a severe potential, resembling that of the EternalBlue vulnerability, used to spread the WannaCry malware. The Risk Assessment is focused on identifying impacted devices so organizations can develop appropriate patching or mitigation programs.

“This type of vulnerability represents the holy grail for attackers, since they do not depend on the specific application built on top of the vulnerable stack and only require the attacker to have network access to the target device, which makes them remotely exploitable by nature,” they added. The vulnerability causes a stack overflow in the handling of IP options in the IPv4 header, making it easy to reach RCE by it. These connections can be hijacked and used to trigger the discovered TCP vulnerabilities, allowing attackers to take over the device and access the internal network. CISA, CISM, CISSP, PMI-RMP, and COBIT 5 certifications. Wormable threats raise alarms given hallmarks it shares with the 2017 WannaCry attack, which crippled systems around the world, including the UK National Health Service. VxWorks includes some optional mitigations that could make some of the URGENT/11  vulnerabilities harder to exploit, but we have not seen these mitigations used by device manufacturers at this time. This combination will never occur in legitimate TCP traffic, and is a strong indication of potential exploit attempt of URGENT/11: Detection of any IP packet that contains the LSRR or SSRR options. These packets are parsed by ipdhcpc, VxWorks’ built-in DHCP client, when it attempts to acquire an IP address from a DHCP server. As mentioned above, The URGENT/11  vulnerabilities affect all VxWorks versions since version 6.5, excluding versions of the product designed for certification, such as VxWorks 653 and VxWorks Cert Edition. One attack scenario impacts any VxWorks device stationed at the network perimeter and directly exposed to the internet, such a firewalls, modems, and routers.

%PDF-1.6 %���� URGENT/11 reportedly includes six Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities that could give an attacker full control over a targeted device, via unauthenticated network packets. VxWorks is used by over 2 billion devices including critical industrial, medical and enterprise devices. Update and patch information can be found in the Wind River Security Alert posted on the company’s Security Center. What Is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)? Sing up to receive our updates and other IoT Evolution news! Alternately, an attacker who has already managed to infiltrate a network can use URGENT/11 to target specific devices within it, or even broadcast an attack capable of taking over all impacted VxWorks devices in the network simultaneously. It calculates the combined score of all the methods and determines whether the target host runs an OS that relies on the IPnet TCP/IP stack and whether the OS is VxWorks or not. © The Hacker News, 2019. Learn more about the infamous 8: Infrastructure as Code vulnerabilities and how to find and fix them. One denial of service vulnerability exists in VxWorks v6.5 and above’s built-in DHCP client accepting any IP address assignment (CVE-2019-12264) One denial of service vulnerability exists when VxWorks v6.5 and above receives a specially crafted DHCP response packet to force assignment of a … �*�~wuy��ݔ��!����B���⋔.kȖ����� “This vulnerability is also an RCE vulnerability that can lead to remote take over.”, READ MORE: DHS Alerts to Remote Vulnerabilities in Multiple VPN Applications, “The wide range of affected versions spanning over the last 13 years is a rare occurrence in the cyber arena and is the result of VxWorks’ relative obscurity in the research community,” researchers wrote. In addition to the above devices, there are extensive lists publicly available that identify which manufacturers use VxWorks: Since VxWorks is ordinarily used by the industrial and healthcare sectors, they are both put at an exceptionally severe risk by the URGENT/11 vulnerabilities. To trigger this vulnerability an attacker will first force an assignment of a multicast address on a target device via a specially crafted DHCP response packet. The following vulnerabilities all stem from erroneous handling of TCP’s Urgent Pointer field. Once the attacker took over a device within the network, he can spread laterally taking control over other VxWorks devices in it, as described in the next attack scenario. This CEO Thinks So, IoT Award-Wining Saepio Solution from Leads Industry in Social Impact, ORBCOMM's New Communication Device Enables Providers to Add Satellite to IoT, SPONSORED CONTENT: The Smart Home is Getting Smarter and Safer, Thanks to McAfee, Counting Down the Top Ten IoT Security Threats, IoT Editor's Day Silicon Valley: Jitterbit Brings Harmony to Integration, Just Add Weather: How Weather Insights Can Grow Your Bottom Line, A GridGain Systems In-Memory Computing White Paper, Introducing the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, Smart Delta: Secure Over-The-Air (OTA) Tehcnology for Remote Management of IoT Solutions, IoT Evolution World Announces Winners of the 2020 IoT Platforms Leadership Awards. Triggering this vulnerability multiple times can also cause memory exhaustion, leading to additional execution failures on the target device. These are the most severe vulnerabilities found in VxWorks to date. First released in 1987, VxWorks is one of the most mature operating systems still widely in use, and maintains a large number of its versions, due to the nature of the devices it operates and the difficulties in upgrading them. To intercept the TCP connection, an attacker can use techniques such as the one used by the DNSpionage malware, targeting DNS servers and becoming a Man-in-The-Middle on an organization’s Internet traffic. First, any software which isn’t researched maintains flaws that might have a devastating impact once discovered. Any vulnerability in such a device may enable an attacker to breach networks directly from the internet. URGENT/11 does not impact versions of the … All Rights Reserved. The potential for compromise of critical devices and equipment especially in manufacturing and healthcare is a big concern.”. This vulnerability is a logical error that affects VxWorks versions 6.5 and above, and can allow an attacker on the same subnet to add multiple IPv4 addresses to a target device via unsolicited RARP reply packets. Armis discovers devices on and off the network, continuously analyzes endpoint behavior to identify risks and attacks, and protects critical information and systems by identifying suspicious or malicious devices and quarantining them. The Armis Labs research team discovered 11 vulnerabilities affecting a different part of IPnet, the TCP/IP stack in VxWorks.

While one might think hiding a device inside a secure network might suffice, there is always a way for attackers to get in, as demonstrated by the attack scenarios above, which detail how an attacker can infiltrate a network using URGENT/11 . URGENT/11 includes six Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities that could give an attacker full control over a targeted device, via unauthenticated network packets. This is why URGENT/11 is so important. The remaining vulnerabilities are classified as denial of service, information leaks or logical flaws. The potential for compromise of critical devices and equipment especially in manufacturing and healthcare is a big concern.”. Even without the new VxWorks vulnerabilities, much of the sector’s devices still operate on legacy platforms.

There are three attack scenarios, depending on the location of the device on the network and the attacker’s position. Armis uses cookies for analytics, advertising, and user experience purposes. Armis researchers discovered 11 zero day vulnerabilities in VxWorks, the most popular real-time operating system (RTOS), used by over 2 billion devices including mission-critical devices, such as industrial, medical and enterprise devices.

VxWorks Vulnerabilities aect Programmable Automation Controllers, EtherNet/IP Communication Modules, I/O Modules, Kinetix Servo Drive, High-Frequency RFID Interface Block, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), made information available regarding updates and mitigations for URGENT/11, URGENT/11 Detector, a free, downloadable tool. Armis, an enterprise IoT security company and recent winner of the IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award, recently announced its discovery of 11 zero-day vulnerabilities, 6 reportedly critical, that affect Wind River VxWorks versions since version 6.5, that include the IPnet stack, collectively known as “URGENT/11.” Updated releases have been provided. �i����xW���Gpc���5�^!�^��i��.�z�� �M9���Ic�QBnk(��(K����%JoR�(������6�ex1$�|7% ��LQ"�t�����Dt4Ơ��d�hX�8���ԣ��Ȟx쓞cp�wS�`,&^���,MAa�lyj���6����K* †�BP+��8ꄺV����#ir���(�KhrC�)�8���J ל0( ����M��q�L�/�M�u�08 m�dH�}ѽ�{�MJ�� Oc�BA�α�n��gNM�-kҤ���49n��]j�DA�Q�vi�9o�`{�6�8 �(���^�4i���P0ܯcb�1a'av�[�d�#�.���D{9i+��c�e������a9�r�D�x/�O�����`�8�'����1Oc�)��Ż Q+e�+�m�fJ In addition, assigning a multicast IP address to target device will also open up the device to the IGMP-related vulnerabilities described below. New Attack Lets Hackers Decrypt VoLTE Encryption to Spy on Phone Calls. Armis uses cookies for analytics, advertising, and user experience purposes.


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