Marcus McKinney/Army) New parent … Based on input from Soldiers, the Army took the opportunity to improve the Department of Army Form 31, or Request and Authority for Leave, and the DA Form 4179, or Leave Log.“We’re an all-volunteer force since 1973, and to sustain our force we want to take care of our people,” Lock said.
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But the new policy can be applied retroactively back to Dec. 23, 2016.

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2. By Thomas Brading, Army News ServiceSeptember 2, 2020, Army parental leave policy revamped to mirror DOD guidance, WASHINGTON -- The June 3 revision of Army Regulation 600-8-10, which covers leaves and passes, is part of the largest update to Army military leave policy in more than a decade, said Larry Lock, chief of Compensation and Entitlements for the Army’s G-1 office.“The new regulation encompasses recent changes in leave and passes, rearranges the sections to make it more user friendly, clarifies policy, and covers the new leave forms,” he said.

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“One way to do that is to streamline the process for requesting leave, and enhance morale by encouraging Soldiers to take time off.”Updated leave formsLast updated in 1993, the time to update the leave form had come, he said, especially with so many changes to the regulation.“To be a more usable form given changes in the types of leave, the Army updated the DA Form 31 to make sure commanders and Soldiers clearly understand what type of leave was chargeable and what type was non-chargeable,” Lock said. ���s E�6ŵ��%����6� ��eNl39@6r�*S1�. “Soldiers, Army leaders and commanders need to keep track of leave, for personnel reasons and for audit purposes.”In other words, depending on the types of absence Soldiers request, they can now more clearly distinguish it as chargeable or non-chargeable on the leave form. `���' )���q�I��%�����ɺtE�%ݧ��[�Y��$77�U>Ã�����g`\� T�{~&�a��R�jC���B����B^ �'�3j��~��&��e #7>�?����t Α9��rQ3N�b!�l�������J�V�BR�: ���%tB��F�ByЖJ�u+�Hjd;���� 2�9�w�pj���3Їu8� ��BFSD����:�G(K��h-�;%9bE�6X�*ݜt�IQ. �=� This was previously authorized by AR 600-8-10, but it now falls under an umbrella category that supports participants in competitive sporting and other events.“The military is pretty arduous duty. While it is not required by regulation, Soldiers can now enter three or more addresses where they expect to stay while on leave.“We now have an improved process, and that has improved the DA Form 31,” Lock said.The DA Form 4179, Leave Log, was also updated to help personnelists track the absences requested, approved or disapproved for Soldiers in their organizations.Both the new DA Form 31 and the new DA Form 4179 are available on the Army Publishing Division website.

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