U.S. ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND, "We Are the Army's Home - Military survival often involves exposure to an enemy. "[93] An online magazine article from June 2006 referenced a 2005 document obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union through the Freedom of Information Act in which the former chief of the Interrogation Control Element at Guantánamo said "SERE instructors" taught their methods to interrogators of the prisoners in Cuba. Inland SAR Planning Course (ISPC). [22] The SERE training instructor "7-level" upgrade course is a 19-day course that provides SERE instructors with advanced training in barren Arctic, barren desert, jungle, and open-ocean environments. MI9 went on to devise a multitude of evasion and escape tools: overt items to aid immediate evasion after bailing out and covert items for use to aid escape following capture that were hidden within uniforms and personal items (concealed compasses, silk and tissue maps, etc.). 3 at Lackland. The Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School (A-2D-4635 or E-2D-0039) at CENSECFOR Detachment SERE West, Recruit Training Command's Water Survival Division at. 4. US Coast Guard Office of Search and Rescue However, there has been a significant change in military use of private sector SERE training that is relevant here. Years of additional training for added specialties (such as arctic, jungle, tropics, and water survival, "resistance training", and "academic instruction") yield some of the best trained soldiers in the U.S. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. As a result, the United States initiated their own Evasion and Escape organization, known as MIS-X, based at Fort Hunt, Virginia. USAAF General Curtis LeMay realized that it was much cheaper and more effective to train aircrews in Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape techniques than to have them lost in the arctic (or ocean) or languishing (or lost) in enemy hands. Additionally, the academy will have a course on program management, as well as creating a safety and standardization committee. The Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School (A-2D-4635 or E-2D-0039) at CENSECFOR Detachment SERE East. Structural Collapse: breaching and breaking concrete, torch cutting operations, shoring operations and lifting and moving two tons of concrete with hand tools. At the USAF "Survival School" (Stead AFB), the concepts of evasion, resistance, and escape were expanded and new curricula were developed as "Code of Conduct Training". Desert Survival: While desert survival training was part of U.S. military survival courses since their inception (see Air Forces Manual No. [16] The Air Force remained EA for most survival, evasion, escape and rescue related matters until 1995. Special Operations Training Course (SOTC) is taught at the Marine Raider Training Center (MRTC) at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina in four phases under the general title Individual Training Course (ITC). But, with the growing importance of personnel recovery (PR), the United States Department of Defense ("DoD") established the Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Agency (JSSA) in 1991 and designated it the DoD EA for DoD Prisoner of War / Missing in Action (POW / MIA) matters. [21] SERE Specialists who work in the "dunker" portion of the water survival course at Fairchild are certified through the Navy Salvage Dive Course. The National Association For Search And Rescue The intent is that every HART team that goes through the academy will successfully accomplish core-level day and night operational training. I will never surrender of my own free will. The North Koreans were very interested in the propaganda value of their American captives and their new methods (with those of the Chinese) for gaining compliance, extracting confessions, and gathering information proved unnervingly successful against American soldiers. A pilot POW who gave the name of comic book heroes when his captors demanded the name of his fellow pilots. This trail is very remote and cannot be accessed by emergency vehicles. In the mid-80s, the USAF Combat "Desert" Survival Course was established by the 3636th Combat Crew Training Wing and USAF Survival Training Schools began emphasizing "Combat SERE Training" (CST) instead of "Global SERE Training". Formally established by the U.S. Air Force at the end of World War II and the start of the "Cold War", it was extended to the Navy and United States Marine Corps and consolidated within the Air Force during the Korean War with greater focus on "resistance training". That curricula have remained the foundation of modern SERE training throughout the U.S. military. Conversely, military personnel are subject to a much wider variety of likely scenarios as any given mission may expose them to a wide variety of risks, environments, and injuries. [24] The U.S. Army has long taken survival training as an integral part of combat readiness (per FM 7-21.13 "The Soldier's Guide" and FM 5-103 "Survivability") and combat training is largely about an individual soldier's survival as opposed to the enemy's non-survival. While "Resistance" is clearly part of SERE training, not all resistance training is part of SERE.


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