GYST-Ink is not responsible for any unfavorable outcomes associated with the use of these contracts. 330+ Agreement Templates in Word Agreement Templates in Apple Pages; This article will help you find the perfect Agreement Template that will cover all of the specific details and arrangements of your pending business relationship. Provide printed and signed addenda to an existing signed contract. Pre-Law, U.S. State Gov't Contracts & Agreements. 5. Return of Work: who shall have the responsibility and bear the cost of transport – or storage charges if the work cannot be returned. Then send this list with a cover letter, asking the gallery to review the lists (per your conversation on (what date and where). Statements of Account with respect to the sale by. Power of Attorney Maximilian Ventures LLC. Signature], ________________________________

A contract can be verbal, but a contract in writing, signed by both parties, is always better. for any initial shipping cost advanced with respect to such item. Business Entity Forms, Law School Rankings This should raise a red flag warning to question why the other party doesn’t want a written contract with you. The contract should include all the agreements you have with the other party. Save, sign, print, and download your document when you are done. Hundreds of articles on all aspects of art and the law. If you have any questions about legal language, please consult one of the references included in this manual, or contact an arts attorney.

assigns of the parties. Contract for Receipt and Holding of Artwork, Artist Gallery Contract/ Consignment/ Account, Contract for Transmission, Sales and/or Rental Media.

An articulate and professional contract will fairly protect all responsible parties. One such leading West End London gallery proprietor has expressed the view thhat without clear written evidence of agreements with artists and buyers, and regular written statements of account to artists, the business efficiency of the gallery would be severely impeded, and sales, shows and, consequently, profits and livelihood would be lost or wasted: and that is not in the best interest of the gallery or the artist. They spell out agreements between parties that are enforceable by law. Credit & Collection Sticking to this contract can help you avoid miscommunications and maintain your friendship. Upon the sale of any of the art works covered 6. Marital & Family A contract should state each party’s obligations/responsibilities, the scope of work, and the agreement as to compensation.

and agreement between the buyer and the Artist. 3. 4. Legal Salaries Receipt: arrangements for written acknowledgement by the gallery that consigned works have been received. __________________ (Some galleries like to issue post-cards/posters of work: in the absence of a clause covering this, a separate written publishing agreement must be made, otherwise the gallery will have no rights to do this.). Make handwritten notes in the margins or on the back of a contract.         [Buyer's Signature], ________________________________ Written contracts can avoid messy disagreements or grey areas in a working partnership. accordance with the laws of the State of. An artist contract is a type of document in which an agreement between an artist and a manager is arranged. If artist and gallery agree that legal ownership can only pass to the buyer when the artist receives payment, there is much greater protection in law for the gallery, the artist and the work.         [Buyer's Printed Name], ________________________________ This slideshow requires JavaScript. The irresponsible party desires an unfair balance in its favor. Law Students Protection of Rights  Written Contracts of Sale/Exhibition/ Commission: Copyright: clarification that the copyright remains with the artist and is not for sale by the gallery with the work without prior written consent, and for an additional fee to be agreed.

be created by Artist during the term of this agreement. 5. CLE 4.

Very few galleries use written forms of agreement, preferring to rely on memory, and mutual trust.

Artist's work delivered to Buyer pursuant to this agreement. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in Although the parties are entering into a very close relationship, the administrative details of that partnership are necessarily numerous and varied so that it will be impossible for either party accurately to recall what they said to each other, let alone what they agreed. catalogues containing illustrated reproductions of the art work of Artist. (This often causes problems. from time to time in such manner as shall jointly be determined by the parties. Preamble: names and addresses, description of their business (e.g. Write them all down. Sample Sales Contract Agreement Template © A. N. Other 1978. It is often said that the gallery has ‘taken on’ the artist who has, therefore, joined the ‘stable’ of other artists promoted by that gallery. Website by Good with Digital. Advances: arrangements for payment to the artist of money in advance of sales/ rental fees; whether to be re-paid and when. Title: when legal ownership of the works is to pass to the buyer.

for the publication and/or sale, in any part of the world, of books and Law School Outlines

The matters discussed below are considered essential points for discussion and agreement: many seem to be entirely obvious; all have caused serious economic and aesthetic problems in the past which could have been so easily avoided. Buyer shall be responsible jointly determine the minimum sales price to be charged as to those art works to Legal Associations

Artists can get free online legal information from Artquest. If handwritten notes are added to a contract, be sure to have all responsible parties sign or initial all revisions or addenda. Artists and galleries often fail to realise the extent of their mutual responsibilities and rights, when they join forces in this way. You may request that the contract be revised with the appropriate changes before you sign it. This action doesn’t have to appear as if you do not trust your friend(s).


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