Striking first and offensive actions are more deadly in Brotherhood than previous games where counter-attacks were the most efficient. Met deze cookies kunnen wij en derde partijen jouw internetgedrag binnen en buiten volgen en verzamelen. De nieuwkomers worden eerst even aan de hand genomen door middel van wat inleidende filmpjes die gelijk als een samenvatting c.q. Grafisch is het veel beter. Door op ‘accepteren’ te klikken ga je hiermee akkoord. In March, the "Da Vinci Edition" of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, was released for consoles. [52], Eurogamer praised everything about Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, giving it a 10/10, and particularly noted the maturity of the story: "One mission sees Ezio disrupting an assassination attempt in the ruins of the Roman Colosseum during a play about the death of Jesus Christ. Vorige week dan ook maar eens uitgespeeld met een speeltijd van 47 uur erop zitten en alles op 100%.In eerste instantie had ik niet verwacht dat deze game mij zo zou vermaken, ik was eigenlijk van plan om deze game links te laten liggen, omdat het teveel naar uitmelkerij riekte. Als we je account op een ander apparaat herkennen, hoef je niet opnieuw de keuze te maken. Like Assassin's Creed, characters based on historical figures are present in the game, including Rodrigo Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Niccolo Machiavelli, Caterina Sforza, and Leonardo da Vinci. The game passed the one million sales mark in less than a week after its release. Over the next four years, Ezio executes various tasks meant to cripple the Borgias' hold in the capital, sabotaging Cesare's resources and assassinating key people close to and/or working with him in the process, and slowly restoring Rome to its former glory. Het is een erg verfrissend concept dat zelfs met die paar kleine dingen geweldig is. [28] On November 30, 2010, a novelization of the game was published. After finding these paintings, Ezio identifies the location of a new subterranean location in Roma and proceeds there, to find Da Vinci imprisoned by Hermetics. Maar ik ben alsnog overstag gegaan en ik ben blij dat ik dat heb gedaan, want hoewel je Brotherhood als een add-on kan zien is dit toch een volledig op zichzelf staande game die zich in hetzelfde tijdperk en locatie afspeelt.Ten opzichte van deel twee zijn er enkele verbeteringen doorgevoerd qua gameplay.Zo kun je nu zoals de titel al aangeeft (halverwege het spel) je eigen 'Brotherhood' oprichten en assassin's rekruteren. betaal facturen of However, most praised Ubisoft's move to remove the DRM that marred the PC version of Assassin's Creed II as well as include all DLC free of charge. {"pdpTaxonomyObj":{"pageInfo":{"pageType":"PDP","language":"nl","website":""},"userInfo":{},"productInfo":[{"productId":"1004004009830096","ean":"3307219951794","title":"Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - Essentials Edition","price":"23.99","categoryTreeList":[{"tree":["Games","Videogames","Games voor retroconsoles"]}],"brick":"10001137","chunk":"30010233","brand":"Ubisoft","publisher":"Ubisoft","averageReviewRating":"4.8","seriesList":[],"sellerName":"Gameshop Online","additionalProductAttribute":"GAMES_GENRE-Actie"}]}}, {"pdpAnalyticsObj":{"pageInfo":{"pageType":"PDP","country":"NL","shoppingChannelContextTypeAndDeviceType":",DESKTOP","canonicalUrl":""},"product":{"productId":"1004004009830096","title":"Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - Essentials Edition","category":"Games/Videogames/Games voor retroconsoles","brand":"Ubisoft","brick":"10001137","seller":"1046964_Gameshop Online","orderable":true,"price":"23.99","categoryNumbersFlattened":["38909","3135","18200"]}}}. The majority of this sequence focuses on the search for and retrieval of these paintings by Ezio. The point of this mode is to get more points than the other teams, but each team is chased by another and is only allowed to kill one specific team (not the team chasing them, but they will be able to stun the team hunting them). [34] The pack consists of eight optional missions, ranging from courier, assassination and protection objectives. In deel 2 werd het nog verder uitgebreid en werd er wat meer variatie in gestopt. The music in the game was composed by Jesper Kyd, who created the scores to previous Assassin's Creed games. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood received critical acclaim upon release. Some retailers also offered the access to the multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 3 system as a pre-order bonus. A cinematic debut trailer was diffused during Ubisoft's E3 2010 press conference along a walkthrough of the game's beginning. It is the third major installment in the Assassin's Creed series, and a direct sequel to 2009's Assassin's Creed II. Maar toen ik die kocht was ik al helemaal van de wereld. [19] Ezio encounters Cesare on the battlements of a crumbling castle and fights him. After killing one enemy the player can start an execution streak to dispatch multiple enemies quickly. It is soon revealed that Leonardo found a secret vault and his plans were discovered by the Hermeticists, members of the Cult of Hermes. The framing story is set in the 21st century and features series protagonist Desmond Miles who, with the aid of a machine known as the Animus, relives the memories of his ancestors to find a way to avert the 2012 apocalypse. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is an action-adventure video game with the main emphasis on nonlinear, sandbox-style gameplay, parkour movements, crowd-blending stealth, assassinations, and melee fighting system. After restoring the electricity in the old tunnels under the villa, the player once again takes control of Ezio Auditore through Desmond's genetic memory, using the Animus 2.0 (which is the game's memory interface). servicekosten. Players have access to several new missions featuring the famous Renaissance astronomer Copernicus. There, he discovers that the Assassins are failing in their fight against corruption. The Da Vinci Disappearance, on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, features new content for both single player and multiplayer modes. 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