Better yet, Ubisoft often does its due diligence in recreating a historical realistic environment by working with and hiring experts, much like it did with the Assassin's Creed 2 trilogy. Then someone will bring up Alexander the Great being a philosopher king and the lead of the DLC will be like okay, he's marketable let's get him in there. No other PoE can alter matter and time so all the PoE are almost useless against the Staff of Hermes. JS also said the leaks were fake last year despite Dynasty being true. TL;DR - Kassandra is Iltani and all the sanctuary assassins are actually related as the founding family of the Assassin’s Creed. We’ve already had the whole name change idea when Aya changed her name to Amunet. For those unaware, Iltani is a proto-assassin first mentioned in Assassin’s Creed 2 and was the woman who assassinated Alexander the Great in Babylon using a slow acting poison. Love this idea and would make a lot of sense too. Elpidios is the son of Kassandra, who I believe could be potentially Iltani. This time was an opportunity for warlords to become shogun, or military dictators, which lead to several military heads invading neighboring provinces in an attempt to rise up. Why bother when your theory is so good, so well done! Perhaps she took it as a title, moving from Misthios to Iltani when meeting with what remained of the Persian Proto-brotherhood after Darius fled. While I agree it’d be contrived to have them get back together, I can see Ubisoft doing this to connect everyone to a single bloodline. They clearly both have feelings for each other, they just have different goals. The rebellion lead by Saigo Takamori against the Satsuma Domain was the last of the major uprising in Feudal Japan before Japan's modern-day government was established at the end of World War 2.

Khan also carried a Sword of Eden (just as Deimos did). It would be easy to explain as the grandchild of Bayek and Aya. This would mean that Darius, Amunet, Iltani would all be in a single bloodline. I have a feeling Amunet was a one time thing, then while Odyssey was being developed someone was like "hey, that one assassin Darius was alive around then. Iltani is Babylonian for a feminine words meaning “favored by the gods”, which Kassandra makes many references to in the game Odyssey. Since the game was pulled the wiki is really scant on info from that game. Séquence Desmond Miles - L'acquisition des compétences, 1.9. No, don't like it. What if Leonius was part of this bloodline? During unrest in the 15th century, shinobi were mercenaries and spies for hire, originating around the village of Koga in the Iga Province. RELATED: Assassin's Creed Should Explore the Story of Iltani. I'd prefer a whole game with a character called Iltani from the very beginning to the end.

Le secret du dôme (Basilique Santa Maria del Fiore), 3.2. But location isn't the only angle to speculate on; there's also the time period to be explored, but Japan's feudal era has become the topic of popular imagination. The polos brought this back from the middle east with Altair’s old armor and gifted it to the assassin family of the Auditore’s who built a shrine to the founding family and reformer of their Creed. The final achievement/trophy for Episode 3 (named Bloodlines) of Legacy is named Bittersweet Beginnings. She can do everything effortlessly. Imagine they do it again and again, it would lose it's charme. This brings up the next point that Ubisoft has already done this once with a character where Aya became Amunet. 1.4. To begin with, we know she was given a Staff in Atlantis that allowed her to live 2500 years, so she would have been alive and likely active during Alexander’s conquests. Wow, my head is spinning after reading this. Fans often fantasize and theorize where the franchise will go next, or even what time periods, but there's one continent that the main series has yet to crack in full: Asia. The twist with Aya and Amunet was cool but I don't want all the legendary proto Assassins to be somebody who changes the name later. I do also like the idea that Darius (alongside Elpidios) will teach the Leap of Faith to the Medjay in Egypt (Darius does a LoF in the first mission of Shadow Heritage and seemed like a mistake by Ubi) and that the Blood of Leonidas will be interrelated with the future Medjay (in order to explain all the abilities they have in Desert Oath).

For those unaware, Iltani is a proto-assassin first mentioned in Assassin’s Creed 2 and was the woman who assassinated Alexander the Great in Babylon using a slow acting poison. I could be entirely wrong about all of this, the next game will probably make it clear either way, but I find the existence of Amunet and Darius to be isolated incidents, not part of an overarching narrative thing. Throughout the rising rebellion, the Satsuma army would make several attempts to march on different castles and led to many battles, which all would be unsuccessful. You’ve tied it all together so neatly. Mod asked for repost with Spoiler in title. He visited the Vault in Siwa, after all. Considered to be one of the first Assassins, Iltani was a member of a secret order which came to be known as the Babylonian Brotherhood. Following her failure to protect Atlantis and the rise of the Cult, I can see Kassandra leaving Greece to kill Alexander. That said, I haven't read the novels so I could easily be missing something. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Assassins and Periods I want to see in the new Assassin's Creed Games This remembers the "Great Assassins" I listed below, those who played Assassin's Creed 2 1) Iltani (Babylonian Assassin;Killer of Macedonian King "Alexander the Great") Macedonian King "Alexander the Great" period:356 BCE-323 BCE Legion actually came from the 4pillars, a source that gave accurate info on Dynasty months before anyone else last year. But the again, there are plenty of other ideas that are continually used - a family death as motivation, for example. It goes against Kassandra's character. Saigo was later pardoned by Emperor Meiji and is sometimes referred to as "The Last Samurai" by historians. Ninja would still be trained and have a long, deep history in Japan, but as the tale of their origins, it makes a perfect setting for an Assassin's Creed game. Au bout du chemin, vous découvrez le premier tombeau d'Assassin et récupérez le premier sceau. Assassin's Creed Valhalla releases November 17 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions to follow. So why would she become Iltani? It’s all about Bloodlines, just as Pythagoras wanted. These wars are some of early Japan's biggest pieces of history and could easily be molded fit into the lore of the Assassins and the Templars.

So that leaves Wei Yu and Qulan Gal.

Iltani's story doesn't suit Kassandra at all. Saigo was once a senior leader in the Meiji government but resigned after growing political corruption ensued, and began a rebellion by establishing schools resembling militant political organizations.

As another possible setting for a future Assassin's Creed game, it's also known as the "Age of Civil War" five major battles took place in present-day Nagano in eleven years. Kassandra fought her way all over Greece, she killed the Olympos Project monsters, killed all the cult, and then when she got close to Alexander she didn't think she could kill him by force so she had to use poisons?

Getting the Seal of Iltani - a female babylonian assassin - in Assassin's Creed 2. The only thing I don't like about the idea of Kassandra-Iltani is that after Odyssey Kassandra is literally an immortal god-like being (she has the only PoE that can alter both matter and time. Lors de la séquence 4 - mémoire 4, vous êtes contraint d'entrer dans des catacombes pour espionner la réunion des Templiers. By far, this era of Feudal Japan is the most requested time period from fans. Perhaps Atlantis contains a super-massive forge or vault of PoE? I've had the idea that Aya's aunt in Alexandria was actually Kassandra watching her family, but I can see the line continuing through Bayek. Shortly after, the Satsuma rebellion ended. Though Satsuma had key influences on the Meiji Restoration, growing dissatisfaction from citizens came in response to the country's drastic changes to the culture, language, and society. All JS said was "Don't think so" in regards to Legion. We also know that she was sent to safeguard Atlantis by Pythagoras by sealing it.

She doesn't have the Spear BTW because she gives it to Herodotus). Fans of the Assassin's Creed franchise have long been calling for a game set in Japan, but Japan's rich history has many time periods to be explored. Well, at the end of Episode 2 of the Legacy of the Hidden Blade we see Kassandra settle down with Darius and his son, having a baby, Elpidios (who will come up later). My guess would be Atlantis. Should Assassin's Creed Empire take place in ancient Egypti towards the end of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, it could very well revolve around the Prongs of the Trident of Eden, namely the Faith Prong, which had been taken to Egypt by Ptolemy I Soter. I don't think it's contrived that they get back together.


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