What is the mileage of Bajaj Avenger Street 160? Good performance, No maintenance very nice grip on any road.Even in farm place.Comfortable to long root ride. What is the price of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? Q. The fuel efficiency for this bike stands at 58kmpl and tank capacity at 12 litres. Great bike. The analogue meter was a better choice for avenger. This one i have noticed and heard from lot of my friend's bajaj bikes. Fuel Tank Capacity: 13 litres: Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 BS6: Pros & Cons. What are the top variants of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? What is torque of Bajaj Avenger Street 160? Missed 6 th speed and rear disk a lot though.But on long ride I felt back pain. The tyre size of Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is 90/90-17. Yesterday only I am have done with first service to my bike and I am sure I will get 40+ Mileage. However, the engine had to be re-tuned to suit the torque-demanding characteristics of a cruiser. What is the EMI of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? Looks wise it is best in its class and if you go for long ride it gives the best seating comfort. It has around 200 kg weight and more height . What is the price of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? Q. Fuel Delivery System Carburetor . A. Q. Also I have traveled more than 20.000km on the bike, there are a lot of minor problems that comes often. Fuel Tank Capacity 13 litres. You may be thinking that It won"t go fast but I reached 120KMPH speed on it. Q. The wheel size of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-381 mm. What are the top variants of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? Q. Great comfort, great look and styling, good mileage, cruise look, and.....Read More, Excellent bike for a long journey and comfortable and spacious for 2 persons. The fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is 13 L. Have a Question about Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? Good average Thank you! So, we'd suggest you walk into the nearest dealership to know the final finance quotation and documentation as they will be the better people to assist you. Avenger was dream bike, I wanted this bike when it was in the market with the name Eleminator. Your question has been submitted. Q. Q. I will prefer to buy this bike only. ยป What is the fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Avenger Street 220. Your question has been submitted. What is the EMI of Bajaj Avenger Street 160? I don"t prefer modifying stock riding dynamics so I sold it. Good.....Read More, View All Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Reviews, Single Cylinder, 2 Valve, Twin Spark, DTS-I Engine, Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon Split Seat Disc CBS BS6. The fuel reading is totally useless and very inaccurate. It is available in one variants. The tyre size of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 is 90/90-17. The performance is great and I am happy with the mileage. The average fuel tank capacities of bikes start from 5 litre to 13 litre. Comfortable riding experience, though it took a couple of days to get adjust to leg resting position..2. What is the kerb weight of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? Best cruiser for long travel especially in highway its just feel like riding a car, I've bought this bike on 1st sep 20 due to covid19 pandemic i am travelling in this bike for 200km daily enjoying the ride its really comfortable i am 5.5ft tall good nodes sound impressive mileage of 55kmpl on national highway, It has very good breaking system thanks to abs, Long bike ride lovers will definitely love this bike as your legs will be stretched as if sitting inside a car, Hence no cramp on leg, I had driven 5000plus km in just 2months time, I have no issue with this bike, Battery is also good even if i am not not started the bike for 4 to 6 days also the battery not got drained.I will suggest this bike for those who really travel long distance specially on national highway plz do go with this little boy.Avenger160. For a bike that"s not designed for maneuverability, disc brakes are a must. Style awesome, there is nothing like Avenger. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_faqs,rvmp_qna,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_fuel_cost_calculator. Stay tuned. My height is 5.5'. 2018 Bajaj Avenger Street 180-Features. The tyre size of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is 90/90-17. How many gears available in Bajaj Avenger Street 160? Offers and discounts are provided by the brand and it may also vary according to the city, brand and model. What is torque of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? For the price and availability, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized service center. I am 5"7 and physically fitter than average. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for service centers. Q. The fuel tank capacity refers to amount of fuel the vehicle\92s fuel tank can hold. A. I didn't go to the suzuki intruder as i didn't liked its look ( looks are subjective, you may feel otherwise).Now after 300kms and 15 days i can say this....Pro's:1. Q. The fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 is 13 L. Dimensions Specifications of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 Good looking most uncomfertable seat design. Pretty good mileage (getting 40kmpl average)4. There are scenarios wherein dealers also give attractive deals to their customers. The reported answer will be shortly removed from Zigwheels &, 47% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above, riding experienced of this bike is too good....looks awesome. What is the mileage of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? Q. The riding range of this bike on a full tank is around 700 Kms. It"s a comfortable ride for a solitary user and one can go for hours on this bike without getting too tired. The fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is 13 L. The suitable battery for the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is 12 V, 8 Ah VRLA battery. Its very stylish and good condition, Its long drive very comfortable, Good hunting bike.Bike color is gold.Its avenger 220 cruise bsiii. Lets know about my riding and bike history and a small background check i have done before buying this bike.I had upgraded from honda shine, which was my traveling companion for almost 13 years and done around 1,60,000kms in that time. What is the top speed of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? Street - 14L tank capacity, 3.4 L reserve. I didn't try any of the rtr's, other pulsar's, hornet, fz's, suzuki's etc as i wanted a bike for family commute also.Then i tried sitting on an avenger and was instantly fell in live with the seating position and the seat comfort.Took a test drive of street 160 as i was not looking for higher cc bikes and was about to book it, but for some unknown reason i book street 220, which i think was the best decision i have made when it comes to purchase of a vehicle. It"s performance is way better than I imagined. Q. What is the mileage of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 in Highways? Q. And if my budget permits an RTR 180 abs for pure commuting. Cruise - 13L tank capacity, 3.8 L reserve. I just bought it , If you like low seating ,I think this is the best .After 10 years of driving Activa ,I purchased this expensive bike . Know more about the technical specifications of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 and 160 including engine type, suspension, fuel tank capacity, top speed, mileage and more on this page. Q. What is engine power of Bajaj Avenger Street 160? You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms. Q. The fuel tank capacity varies for each bike models. I can hold a Thunderbird bike with my little finger when balenced right. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. What is torque of Bajaj Avenger Street 220? What is the fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Avenger Street 160. What is the mileage of Bajaj Avenger Street 160 in Highways? But more vibration. Average mileage among cruiser bikes is 23 kmpl. Just great, nothing much to say. Q. Q. Found lot of gum marks of masking tapes on petrol tank and handle bars. Q. Q. Avenger Cruise 220 is an affordable cruiser from Bajaj and offers a comfortable ride. Before the first service itself it was giving me 37+ Mileage. Bajaj Avenger Mileage is 40 kmpl to 45 kmpl, as reported by various Avenger cruiser bikes owners. Ask your question from Avenger Street 160 owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, 840+ Avenger Street 160 Owners and Experts to help you, I wish to report this Answer because it is. Reserve Fuel Capacity 3.8 litres. I guess this is the best bike in its class. A. What are the top competitors of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220? -Ve side we speak -1/ Less Power at initial gears (1/2 less power)2/ You have to take all pathholes in the way 3/ Rainy season you have to take full water on the road as the bike is with less height 4/ Length is bit more+ve Sides:1/ Comfort2/ Ground clearance3/ Mileage4/ Looks5/ Modifications you can done in n no of ways. Q. Q. Mileage around 45 kmpl Search your question about Avenger Cruise 220. Worst purchase ever. Q. The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 starts at Rs 1.01 Lakh Rs (ex-showroom, Delhi).


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