About 69% of the players confirmed that they spend money in-game on cosmetics such as skins, emotes, etc.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gamingshift_com-leader-3','ezslot_9',612,'0','0'])); The average amount of money spent per person within the survey sample was $84.67. $20.29. New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook These games are from three different genres- FPS, action-adventure, and sports.

Metacritic is an aggregator of video game journalism reviews. Everything You Need To Know.

The first video cards to support real-time ray tracing were put onto the consumer market, including the first set of games that would take advantage of the new technology.

Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts.

In 2019, the price was 34.13 British pounds. ", Entertainment Retailers Association, Average physical video game software price per unit at retail in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2019 (in GBP) Statista, https://www.statista.com/statistics/282012/video-game-software-unit-price-in-the-united-kingdom-uk/ (last visited November 13, 2020), Average physical video game software price per unit at retail in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2019, Entertainment retail in the United Kingdom (UK), Entertainment retail sales in the United Kingdom (UK) 2011-2019, by format, Entertainment retail sales revenue in the UK 2013-2019, by sales channel, Entertainment retail: access and ownership revenues in the United Kingdom 2012-2019, Music, video and video games retail outlets in the United Kingdom (UK) 2009-2019, Video retail sales revenue in the United Kingdom (UK) 2011-2019, by format, Video retail: consumer spending in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013-2019, by format, Retail video sales value in the United Kingdom (UK) 1999-2018, Retail video sales volume in the United Kingdom (UK) 1999-2018, Retail film on video sales share in the United Kingdom (UK) 2018, by film genre, Video retail outlets in the United Kingdom (UK) 2009-2019, Music retail sales value in the United Kingdom (UK) 2009-2019, Consumer spending on music in the United Kingdom (UK) 2005-2019, by format, Music retail sales revenue in the UK 2012-2019, by sales channel, Music retail: access and ownership revenues in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2019, Distribution of music expenditure in Great Britain 2019, by retailer type, Physical video game software revenue in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2019, Video game retail: access and ownership revenues in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2019, Video game software: unit price in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2019, Video game retail outlets in the United Kingdom (UK) 2009-2019, Consumer spending on physical media purchases and rentals in the UK 2018, by type, Film and music purchasing online in Great Britain (GB) 2011-2019, Digital media downloading in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2019, by frequency, Video game consoles: unit price in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013-2014, Game accessories: unit price in the United Kingdom (UK) 2013-2014, Video game software unit sales in the United Kingdom (UK) as of Nov 2013, by platform, Leading gaming software companies in Japan FY 2013-2018, by revenue, Gaming console software sales volume by generation in France 2014-2015, Employment in computer games publishing in the UK 2011-2013, Video game software downloading in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2019, by frequency, Purchasing video game software and upgrades online in Great Britain 2011-2019, Console games sales revenue in Japan 2009-2014, Gaming console software sales distribution in France 2014-2015, by device type, Leading video game software markets in Europe H1 2015, by volume, Leading sources of information used by physical video game buyers in France 2013, U.S. Available to download in PNG, PDF, XLS format, Access to this and all other statistics on 80,000 topics from. Gamers over the age of 30 on the other hand, tend to have a lot more freedom when it comes to spending money on hardware or in-game content. While game prices have stayed the same since forever, the cost of manufacturing a game has gone up, especially if we look at triple-A titles such as God of War, Grand Theft Auto (GTA V cost a whopping 256 million to develop), etc. If we go by global web index stats which say 66 percent of gamers around the world play on mobile devices, that would mean we have nearly 1.65 billion mobile gamers worldwide generating 68.5 billion dollars in 2019.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamingshift_com-portrait-2','ezslot_18',163,'0','0'])); Which translates to $41.51 spent in 2019 by the average mobile gamer. Most of the female “gamers” are above 30 years of age and play casual games such as Candy Crush on their mobile phones. It made 300 million dollars in the month of April 2018 alone. Which is 216.64 dollars (43.3 billion/ 199.87 million).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamingshift_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_6',613,'0','0'])); This doesn’t tell us anything about gamers from other parts of the world, unfortunately. This site is owned and operated by Jacob Sobolev. According to a 2018 market study made by Statista, there are 199.87 million gamers in America.

Now if we take the total amount of money spent on video games and divide it with the number of gamers, we get the amount of money spent by the average American gamer per year. On PC, the story is different. Your email address will not be published. Dota Auto Chess, a community-created mod for Dota 2, introduced a new subgenre of strategy games called auto battlers, which saw several games in the genre released throughout the year. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites. so how much does the average person spend on video games? This happens in the form of gameplay altering microtransactions where you pay more for in-game benefits such as better weapons and armor. ", "Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes to Switch, PS4 this summer", "Bandai Namco Announces God Eater 3 Switch Demo, Will Support Local Multiplayer", "The gravity shifting Etherborn will be released this July", "Thatgamecompany's Sky: Children of the Light launches on iOS", "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Release Date Announced", "Pokémon Rumble Rush Is Now Available On iOS Devices", "Tetris Effect heading to PC via Epic Games Store", "Exploratory adventure 'Vane' is now available on Steam", "RPG 'Hyper Light Drifter' brings its pixelated dreamscapes to iOS", "Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom for PC launches July 25", "Raiden V: Director's Cut launches on Switch July 25 with a one-time-only physical run", "Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches in July", "Kill la Kill: IF launches July 26 in North America and Europe, free DLC characters Mako Mankanshoku and Ultimate Double Naked DTR announced", "Wolfenstein: Youngblood out this summer", "Mutant Year Zero delayed on Switch, but here's the first look at the Seed of Evil expansion", "Oxygen Not Included Launching July 30th! The following were 2019's top ten highest-grossing video games in terms of worldwide digital revenue (including digital purchases, microtransactions, free-to-play and pay-to-play) across all platforms (including mobile, PC and console platforms). eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamingshift_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',159,'0','0']));Different age groups have different game choices, and this combined with their income affects how much money they spend on video games per year. Hearthstone is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy card game that... Hi there, I'm Jacob. In reality, just 46% of these 2.3 billion gamers spend money on video games. As a result, game developers are finding new and creative ways to maximize their profits, trying to squeeze every bit of money they can from the players. Quick Analysis with our professional Research Service: Content Marketing & Information Design for your projects: Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships). The Epic Games Store continued its growth in challenging the largest digital PC game distribution service Steam, leading to concern and debate about Epic Games' methods to seek games for its service.

There is no definitive answer to the question “how much does the average person spend on video games” since it can vary based on a dozen different factors. You only have access to basic statistics. It generally considers expansions and re-releases as separate entities. Current & Historic Prices for Every Video Game.


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