Shoes off…. 2021 Apache 200 is More Powerful Than Before; List of 6... Honda Repsol Engine Oil Launched for Honda Motorcycles & Scooters, Even 70 Year Olds are Buying CB350; Honda Completes 1000 Deliveries, Aggressive fairing with sharp edged headlamp. I wish if there was any kind of law or something which ensures action against false advertisements. I feel this is good bike in this segment and i want purchase,can anybody give me information about availability in Maharashtra,price and mileage of bike. Alloy wheels design is superb !! That it recently dethroned the Hero Honda Splendor (now Hero Splendor), long standing numero uno of the commuter segment on the sales charts, in a relatively short span of eight years, speaks volumes.

However, that doesn’t really come as a surprise when one factors in the excellence of Bajaj Auto’s patented DTS-i technology that has proved its worth time and again since its debut in 2002 on the Pulsar. i am really impressed with 4 valve in a punny 125cc cylinder…LOL. Now it looks like soon 125cc+ line-up of Bajaj bikes are going to have 4-valve engines. Can anyone help me ? ALLOY WHEEL,SCOOTER ALLOY WHEEL,TUBES,TYRE TUBE SET,TYRES. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

The Ignitor sports the same 124.7cc mill as the Honda CBF Stunner, producing 11.15PS @ 8000rpm and 11Nm of torque at 5000rpm. Mono suspension T&C apply*, Instant Personal Loan - Get upto 2 Lakhs* in 5mins, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Compare & Save Big* on Health Insurance Policy, Thank you! Thats why they frequently bring new product in Market with minor change and after sometime stop it. If you think 200ns is copied model then you r wrong because all naked sports bikes look same. Rear seems unfinished business. here comes the No. Profitability for company selling the product and the value for money customer gets…. It only feels strained beyond the 85km/h mark. The email with your password reset link has been sent. (read as CHEATING ) Will Bajaj launch ABS version of discover 125 or atleast dual disc before march or april 2019? Although the 125ST produces considerably more horsepower than its rivals, it proved to be extremely frugal during our efficiency tests returning 62kmpl the city and a brilliant 77kmpl on the highway, for an overall 66kmpl. So, let them do it for confused bajaj, who use to experiment & R&D their products on market. You love your bike, but just the love isn't enough. CHROME PLATED GARNISH,COMBO BODY PARTS,COWL PLATE,CUSTOMIZED PETROL TANK,ENGINE GUARD,Fairing Front,FRONT FORK DUST COVER,FRONT SHIELD,HEAD LIGHT GARNISH,HEAD LIGHT KAN SET,METAL FLOOR,Motorcycle Body Kit,Mudguard Front,Nose Front,Painted Seat Handle,PETROL TANK,RR SIDE PANEL FLAP,Scooter Body Kit,Side Panels,Tail Panels,TANK COVER PANELS,TPFC,TRIM SET. Dropping the anchors brings the bike to a halt from 60km/h in 19.49 metres, a whole two metres more than the Disco! Go for bajaj service center or dealer ...and ask them to inspect and tell them your purpose.. if they will allow you then rock on... if not then go for local garage and talk with mechanic.. and measure it.. You said that Discover 125 ST is real sports tourer for Indians. Waiting for the next revolutionary bike. Meanwhile, the engine of the Ignitor does not score high in terms of mileage. AIR SCREW,BEEDING SCREW,BRAKE CAM LEVER NUT BOLT,BRAKE ROD NUT,CHAIN ADJUSTER,CHAMBER SCREW KIT (FULL),CHAMBER STUD,CHASSIS NUT BOLT KIT,CLUTCH AND BRAKE LEVER BOLT WITH NUT,CLUTCH NUT,CLUTCH PULLEY NUT,CLUTCH SIDE SCREW KIT,CYLINDER STUD,DRUM BOLT,DRUM STUD,ENGINE FOUNDATION BOLT,FOUNDATION AXLE,FRONT AND REAR AXLE NUT,FRONT AXLE,FRONT SPROCKET BOLT,GENERAL NUTS AND BOLTS,HANDLE TEE BOLT,HANDLE TEE CHECK NUT,HANDLE TEE NUT,HEAD BOLTS,HEAD DOWELL KIT,HEAD DOWELL PIN,HEAD LIGHT VISOR BOLT KIT,HEAD NUT,HEAD STUD,MAGNET COVER SCREW KIT,MAGNET NUT,MAIN TUBE NUT,OIL DRAIN BOLT,OIL NUT,OIL PUMP DOWELL,PETROL TANK STUD,REAR BRAKE SHOE PLATE BOLT,REAR SHOCKER NUT,REAR SUSPENSION AXLE,REAR SUSPENSION AXLE WITH NUT,REAR WHEEL SPROCKET NUT BOLT,SCREW KIT,SIDE PANEL SCREW,SIDE STAND BOLT,SILENCER BOLT,SILENCER PATTI SCREW,SILENCER STUD,SPEEDOMETER GLASS SCREW,SPEEDOMETER WORM NUT,SPOKES AND NIPPLES,SPROCKET NUT BOLT,TAPPET BOLT,VISOR SCREW KITS.

and CHERRY ON TOP OF CAKE is Nitrox Monoshock with gas canister Also, Where the hell can you get petal disc on 125cc bike?? The Discover 125ST scores a decent 7/10 on the looks front then, on our cards. Cost-benefit and power to weight ratio should not be considered for Sports Tourer. Take a bow Mr.Bajaj.

Regards. So what this bike is like ” Take a tour around a cricket ground or a foot ball field or something”? Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with discounts and special offers. For calculations purpose we need gear ratios of each gear. I can bet no one……if you want more mileage you need to drive ur bike in villages…..when my bike in village it had given more……, I like mono suspension and it’s new model alloy wheel…. The Discover 125 ST has front petal disc brake as standard fitment with rear Nitrox Monoshock suspension.

This is a commuter bike, go to premium bike page. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Can’t stop laughing after reading some comments here! What a heck is this,I thought Bajaj done with copying other bike’s designs but they just won’t stop…who they are trying to fool…anyone can say that tank & seat is purely copied from Suzuki GS150R,the rear mud guard is like Yamaha FZ & looks really ugly,the LED tail lamp is a pure copy of Suzuki GS150R’s tail lights…front is like Hero Hunk’s…like that a complete copy bike…the old design looked descent…Bajaj even copied Suzuki’s GS150R tag ‘Sports-Tourer’..GS150R is the only bike with this name & it was a name made by the Suzuki GS150R fans…. you Sunny go and play with your toys and let the MEN handle things and don’t give me that BS about Indian and foreign company stupidity. While both bikes are evenly matched on this front, the Ignitor’s stiffly sprung suspension gets it a rating of 7 for handling, while the Discover earns 8 for its fine mix of comfort and sporty dynamics. The Hero Ignitor then scores a 7.5 on a scale of 10. 27 Sep, 2018 05:43 AM We are planning to fabricate the Go kart vehicle for competition and we decided to use Bajaj discover 125cc engine. Although the front end of the Discover feels light it does not take away any points from its manoeuvrability in intense city traffic. Cooling System Air Cooled .

Crazy Bajaj-haters saying stupid things to hide their wasted money on the craps. Q. Thanks for reporting this. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Discover 125ST at our community forum thread, Seven Motorcycle Brake Problems – Possible Causes and Solutions, Types of Motorcycle Accidents & How to Minimize DAMAGE, Motorcycle Manufacturing: What Happens Before a Bike Reaches YOU. It is recommended that the chain is regularly cleaned and oiled for safe and sound running of the motorcycle, Three easy steps to polish your two-wheeler's tyres for an even shine. Hero MotoCorp on the other hand has started building its new identity after the split with Honda. 3. rear mudgaurd is a combo of pulsar 135 as well as pulsar 150 The headlight and the wide fairing give the bike an aggressive look and the sharp lines on the front mudguard add more character. !) The Discover 125 ST has front petal disc brake as standard fitment with rear Nitrox Monoshock suspension. this thing looks good n it does got some make overs frm other brand bikes … Want to know the Specification, Review, Price of bajaj discover 125 st in BD?


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