"Reveal with me," doesn't quite have the intended meaning of "hold on a moment." As a verb, "bear" means to cope with or to endure. have bearing on phrase. Definition of have bearing on in the Idioms Dictionary. What other homophones would you like to master today? "Bear" and "bare" belong to the tricky class of homophones that have been tripping up English language speakers for centuries. Are you talking about enduring something or uncovering something? In this instance, you wouldn't refer to the verb "bear," meaning "to endure." Consequently, "bear with me" is the correct spelling of this common phrase. To understand it better, Lets take an example of Inch bearing. How about starting with discrete and discreet? So, the expression technically translates to "endure with me" or "endure this with me." Or, "He wound up having to bear the brunt of his brother's mistakes.". This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. What does have bearing on expression mean? Today used mainly as a request to hear out a long-winded story or wait for a delayed result or event, this request appeared in John Heywood’s proverb collection of 1546. You learned that bear as a verb means “to endure.” In its noun form, bear refers to a large furry animal. For example, "David had to bare all in order for the great sculptor to sculpt him.". The Internet is full of mistaken uses of homophones in expressions such as bear with me and bare with me. Get Grammarly. Mood: How to Use Tone and Mood in Your Writing, 5 Writing "Rules" That Are Really Guidelines, Beware of These Common Consistency Issues in Writing. Bare is a verb that means to “to uncover.” However, if you keep in mind that the verb bear means “to endure” or “to be patient,” the expression“bear with me” will make sense. It may not be an idiom, under its strictest definition, but this expression does rub up against the world of idioms. Perhaps you'll include one or two in your next piece of writing. You have been successfully subscribed to the Grammarly blog. In this instance, the person is being asked to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. A convention speaker might say bear with me if his or her slideshow isn’t working, or a minister might use the phrase while turning to the correct scriptural passage. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/bear+with+me. Use Grammarly for mistake-free writing. It may already have been considered somewhat archaic by Benjamin Franklin when he wrote, in. bear with (someone or something) To remain patient and attentive, especially during a lengthy or problematic situation that may cause one to want to quit or leave prematurely.


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