hWJ-MSCs isolation was performed through explant method and enzymatic method using trypsin, hyaluronidase and collagenase type 1 with certain ratio of concentration. Result. Overall, administration of SSF extract was able to decrease leucocytes number and differential count. Moreover, it also notably decreased the secretion of TNF-α. This method will be a useful tool in further investigating the role the endophyte plays in swainsonine production in various locoweed species. Conclusion. Only one metabolite was formed in whole plant against four in callus and eight metabolites in cell suspension culture under aseptic conditions. Different bioprocessing techniques involving fermentation or enzymatic and fermentation treatments of wheat bran were developed aiming at improving the bioaccessibility of phenolic compounds in bran-containing breads. Four assay of antioxidant activity showed that EEBS at highest concentration exhibit higher activity (%), and from three assays EEBS has higher antioxidant activity (expressed as IC50) than daidzein. Isolated hWJ-MSCs was characterized using flow cytometer to detect the expression of CD44, CD90, CD105, CD73 and negative lineage. In addition, noticeable differences in the chemical composition and molecular weights were observed among the graded hemicellulosic subfractions from the water-soluble and alkali-soluble hemicelluloses. hPT2 gene was created using the OPTIMIZER software with the addition of two side restriction at the 5' and 3', BamHI and XhoI respectively then were cloned by using the pMAT vector in E. coli. Treatments on control groups were carried out in a controlled tank by maintaining water quality parameters, which include temperature, pH, DO, and CO2. The administration of 0.175 g/100 g BW/day SSE can increase BW in female rats model with anemia. Hydrophobic catechin derivatives were produced by heating with natural aldehydes or allyl alcohols. The separating of flavonoid class of both extract were analyzed by TLC and LC-MS. Based on the phytochemical screening, both of the ethanol extract of Polyalthia longifolia (Sonn.) The concentration of antioxidant ferulic acid in plasma and urine was measured by HPLC to monitor the bioavailability of grain phenolics. R Rostika, Iskandar, T Herawati, I Bangkit, G Banthani and L P Dewanti. Whereas there was a direct interaction of the expression of CD 309 through the VEGFA line; CD117; TIE-2; CD 144; CD62a. The presented data for this antioxidant indicate that natural table olives are a rich source of DHPG and hydroxytyrosol, compounds with interesting nutritional and antioxidant properties. Tortilla quality evaluation revealed that tortillas originated from transgenic wheats had decreased diameter, greater thickness and rupture force, and lower rollability scores and stretchability than controls. PC from animal sources (ox liver and egg yolk) contained major molecular species, such as (16:0−18:2)PC, (16:0−18:1)PC, (18:0−18:2)PC, or (18:0−18:1)PC. Resistance has occurred if an antibiotic cannot kill pathogenic bacteria therefore an antibiotic therapeutic effect cannot be achieved.


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