Benzyl ethers are often derived from benzyl chloride. Refer for medical attention . Industrially, benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters, which are used as plasticizers, flavorants, and perfumes. On combustion, forms toxic and corrosive fumes of hydrogen chloride. This generates fire or explosion hazard. >> amp version: Benzyl chloride The substance may cause effects on the central nervous system. Attacks many metals in the presence of water. Ventilation along the floor.

[5] It is preferable over benzyl bromide for the preparation of this reagent, since the reaction of the bromide with magnesium tends to form the Wurtz coupling product 1,2-diphenylethane. See Notes. [6], InChI=1S/C7H7Cl/c8-6-7-4-2-1-3-5-7/h1-5H,6H2, InChI=1/C7H7Cl/c8-6-7-4-2-1-3-5-7/h1-5H,6H2, Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, "40 C.F.R. Benzyl chloride also reacts readily with metallic magnesium to produce a Grignard reagent. Thus, benzyl chloride is a lachrymator and has been used in chemical warfare. Formula. Exposure Limits. Chemical dangers This may result in tissue lesions. The reaction proceeds by the free radical process, involving the intermediacy of free chlorine atoms. Articles of Benzyl chloride are included as well. Convenient QSAR model for predicting the complexation of structurally diverse compounds with β-cyclodextrins. Use powder, AFFF, foam, carbon dioxide. 20 , 1388-95, (2012). The substance may have effects on the liver and kidneys. Routes of exposure First rinse with plenty of water for several minutes (remove contact lenses if easily possible), then refer for medical attention. COLOURLESS LIQUID WITH PUNGENT ODOUR. Wear safety goggles or eye protection in combination with breathing protection. Abdominal pain. Pain. In case of fire: keep drums, etc., cool by spraying with water. Use ventilation, local exhaust or breathing protection. 17 , 896-904, (2009). P201-P260-P280-P304 + P340 + P310-P305 + P351 + P338 + P310.

Disclaimer, Copyright © 2018 ChemSrc All Rights Reserved. Severe deep burns. Product Classification | NO open flames. Redness. Burning sensation. The substance is corrosive to the eyes. Blurred vision. Effects of long-term or repeated exposure Diarrhoea. Transportation
Animal tests show that this substance possibly causes toxicity to human reproduction or development. Material Safety Data Sheet (Benzyl Chloride)415 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, NY 10801 Phone: (914) 654-6800 Fax: (914) 654-6899 DATE PREPARED: 6/15/2009 REVISION NUMBER: 6/15/2009 EMERGENCY NUMBER: CHEMTREC: 1-800- 424-9300 In this way, approximately 100,000 tonnes are produced annually. Burning sensation. In contact with mucous membranes, hydrolysis produces hydrochloric acid. C₆H₅CH₂Cl. This generates fire or explosion hazard. Vomiting. 10 ppm See: 100447. Med. C 6 H 5 CH 3 + Cl 2 → C 6 H 5 CH 2 Cl + HCl. Several different theoret... Bioorg. This paper reports a QSAR study for predicting the complexation of a large and heterogeneous variety of substances (233 organic compounds) with beta-cyclodextrins (beta-CDs). This produces corrosive fumes (hydrogen chloride - see ICSC 0163). The substance polymerizes under the influence of all common metals except nickel and lead.

The substance polymerizes under the influence of all common metals except nickel and lead. About Us | On combustion, forms toxic and corrosive fumes of hydrogen chloride. Preparation. Chemsrc provides Benzyl chloride(CAS#:100-44-7) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc.
Rinse mouth. CAS No. Refer for medical attention. © ILO and WHO 2017.

Synonyms & Trade Names Chloromethylbenzene, α-Chlorotoluene CAS No. Refer for medical attention . 11002), and is subject to strict reporting requirements by facilities which produce, store, or use it in significant quantities. Lacrimation (tearing) is common. Store only if stabilized.

[4] Side products of the reaction include benzal chloride and benzotrichloride. MSDS/SDS Database Search | Remove contaminated clothes. Collect leaking and spilled liquid in covered non-metallic containers as far as possible. Related Pages. Combustible. Reacts vigorously with strong oxidants. Benzyl chloride is prepared industrially by the gas-phase photochemical reaction of toluene with chlorine:[3]. Journals | Eye irritation may be severe, and permanent eye damage may result. Cough. In this way, approximately 100,000 tonnes are produced annually. UN Hazard Class: 6.1; UN Subsidiary Risks: 8; UN Pack Group: II, Prepared by an international group of experts on behalf of ILO and WHO, It is classified as an extremely hazardous substance in the United States as defined in Section 302 of the U.S. Benzyl chloride, or α-chlorotoluene, is an organic compound with the formula C6H5CH2Cl. Dry. QSAR study and synthesis of new phenyltropanes as ligands of the dopamine transporter (DAT). Buying Leads | Chem. Shortness of breath.


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