The Best Things to Do in Bern, Switzerland, The Ultimate Backpacking Packing List for Europe in Fall, The 20 Best Ways to Meet People Traveling Solo, The 15 Best Items to Bring on Your Personal Carry-on, Top Tips for Solo Female Travel Safety (How to Be Safe), How to Save Money at Disneyland (10 Great Tips), The 10 Best Ways to Save Money at Disney World. 26 Incredible Places to Visit in North East India. Much like the St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, the Church of the Holy Ghost holds about 2,000 people and is one of the largest Protestant churches in Switzerland.[35]. Small town and can be easily covered on foot. Bern has an amazing architecture indeed!

The Old City (German: Altstadt) is the medieval city center of Bern, Switzerland.

We whole heartedly wish you make it one day. Later, in 1566, the church was again used for religious services and in 1721 was placed under the Münster. Great photos! The attention to detail on the sculptures is incredible and is definitely one of the best things to see at the Münster.

The medieval air of this city with its many fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and historic towers is unique. In the spring of the following year Gottlieb Ott led the team that removed the tower. The fountains are interesting indeed and yes the shopping enthusiasts can spend a lot more time in the markets , I love Bern but never been in winter – it looks beautiful in the snow. Construction on the Münster began in 1421 and finished with the bell tower in 1893. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Both wings connect to the central building by elevated walkways. Check Availability and the Latest Prices on for Hotel Bellevue Palace.

Save your favorites. [36] Moses is portrayed with two rays of light projecting from his head, which represent Exodus 34:29–35 which tells that after meeting with God the skin of Moses' face became radiant.

Each side has a different set of sculptures that show the different sins of man. Cool pictures! If you love history and architecture you can easily spend weeks exploring! The original Nydegg Castle was built around 1190 by either Duke Berchtold V. von Zähringen[30] or his father Berchtold IV. Until the construction of the Nydeggbrücke in 1840, the Untertorbrücke was the only bridge crossing the Aare near Bern. Required fields are marked *. Visit the Einstein Museum and attend the animated films hosted for an understanding of the life and work of Albert Einstein. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, Old Town Bern dates as far back as the 12 th century, so despite the city’s updated infrastructure, its history prevails. From 1693 to 1698 the hospital's chief minister was the Pietist theologian, Samuel Heinrich König. Workshops and mercantile activity prevailed in this area, and medieval sources tell of numerous complaints about the ceaseless and apparently nerve-wracking noise of machinery, carts and commerce. Very expensive though.People are very friendly and helping. You were lucky that it was snowing and got to see such a nice image from up there.

[2] They were moved from the modern Bärenplatz to the Schanzengraben near the former Christoffelturm in 1764. Old Town Bern is a very walkable area, however, there are a lot of public transportation options available. Viewers sit down in front with food and drinks and watch the show, which can be brought from home or purchased from vendors. The Käfigturm was the second tower built in the city. Hotel Glocke is located in a historic building at a walkable distance from popular Bern attraction Zytglogge Tower. Kramgasse (From US$54.61) Bern Old Town- Private Tour (From US$418.80) Private Trip From Geneva to the Swiss Capital - Bern & Paragliding in Interlaken (From US$1,337.38) See all Old City experiences on Tripadvisor The paintings and statues were dumped in what became the Cathedral Terrace, making the terrace a rich archaeological site. The Zähringerbrunnen was built in 1535 as a memorial to the founder of Bern, Berchtold von Zähringer. We second you its a great experience to explore markets and the variety of wares they exhibit and sell. Have you visited Bern? [35] The interior is supported by 14 monolithic columns made of sandstone and has a free-standing pulpit in the northern part of the nave. Thanks .

Due to the number of important buildings in the Old City and the central location of the Old City, it was impossible to completely close off this area to vehicles. And since Bern was built on a peninsula, everything is close together and easy to reach by foot, tram, or bus. I hope you enjoyed my post on the best things to do in Old Town Bern. During the first half of the thirteenth century two additional streets (Brunngasse and Herrengasse) were added. Bundesplatz also holds a farmers market twice a week and is perfect for picking up fresh fruit and vegetables. I will never send you any spam! The Simsonbrunnen or Samson fountain represents the Biblical story of Samson killing a lion found in Judges 14:5–20. True Vlad Vaida. Read more. Most likely the first city started at Nydegg Castle and reached to the Zytglogge (Swiss German: clock tower). During the second century BC the valley was settled by the Helvetii.

For almost a century the Käfigturm remained the western boundary of Bern.

True.. the Zytglogge and its turning figures are a great attraction for the crowd and its amazing to watch too. However, public transport (buses, trams) is available. True Eloise.

They are really nice during the summer for kids to run through and cool down. Originally known as Platzbrunnen (German: Plaza Fountain), the current name dates to 1666. The dome itself has an external height of 64 m, and an internal height of 33 m. The mosaic in the center represents the Federal coat of arms along with the Latin motto Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (One for all, and all for one), surrounded by the coat of arms of the 22 cantons that existed in 1902. The statue is a bear in full armour, with another bear cub at his feet. Nearly all the art and altars in the cathedral were removed in 1528 during the iconoclasm of the Protestant Reformation.

On the pillar below her feet are four figures; the Pope, a Sultan, the Kaiser or Emperor and the Schultheiß or Lord Mayor. Situated in the northeast and southeast of the Aare peninsula, the Nydeggstalden and the Mattequartier together constitute medieval Bern's smallest neighbourhood.

Only the four central streets were lined with residential houses in late medieval times, while the rest of the area was devoted to agriculture and animal husbandry.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [13], While the entire old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are a number of buildings and fountains within the city that merit special mention.

Today we’re going to dive into the best things to do in Old Town Bern. The train station is near the heart of the Old City of Bern. In order to give you a better service uses cookies. The Old Town of Bern is encircled by the Aare River. The area chosen by Berchtold V was a hilly peninsula surrounded by the Aare on three sides. But one thing that intrigued me are our water fountains– eleven of which are existent already since mid-16th century, wow! Loved the city of Bern and particularly the old town area.It has lots to take-in, some lovely photos for your memories.A wonderful afternoon was spent wandering.

The plaza was paved with granite slabs and 26 water jets, one for each canton, were hidden under the plaza. Happy Travelling! [45], The Anna Seiler fountain, located at the upper end of Marktgasse memorializes the founder of the first hospital in Bern. Old Town Bern is a beautiful area that transports you back into the Middle Ages. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time. Despite a major fire in 1405, after which much of the city was rebuilt in sandstone, and substantial construction efforts in the eighteenth century, Bern's old city has retained its medieval character.

All of these buildings are also listed in the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance.[1].

Belle Epoque Boutique Hotel is located in a historic 500-year-old building in the Bern Old Town close to the Aare River and about 7-minute walk away from Bear Park (Barengraben).


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