If you’re on the hunt for the best 120mm liquid cooler for your CPU, then this is the one that you should get.

The water thermal 3.0 comes with a highly efficient pump that supplies water easily without being the need to refill it. It stops overclocking and allows you to game smoothly and perform other heavy-duty tasks on the computer with ease. Another interesting feature of the H60 is that you don’t have to refill or prime regularly because it is pre-filled. CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H100i v2 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler; 5.

Success or failure in work or gaming depends largely on your ability to ensure that your processor remains as cool as possible and you can achieve this by choosing the best liquid cooling system that will suit your needs at all times. You can check for the exact or maximum size of the radiator that will be suitable for your case by looking at the specifications outlined in the case. The CORSAIR’s Hydro X series comes with a temperature sensor that offers original coolant temperatures from your cooling loop. Another interesting feature of this CPU cooler is that despite its excellent performance, it makes very little noise during operation. It has functions such as play and pauses to enable you to control the unit and regulator to control speed and noise levels. The aim of the heatsink, which is typically designed with high heat-conducting materials such as aluminum or a mixture of copper and aluminum is to remove heat from the processor. The ‘cold plate’ is a solid piece of copper that is attached to the CPU from one side, and several micro-fins from the other, for the liquid to flow through.

Also, even though the package comes with one 120mm fan, it comes with additional attachment clips that you can use to mount another 120mm fan anywhere around the CPU. Installing the Corsair H100i v2 is not difficult and doesn’t require much work, especially because it has a modular, mounting bracket that does not require any tools. If you are an avid gamer who loves playing games with heavy graphics, then this is the one for you. There’s nothing worse than an overheated and underperforming computer, especially if you’re in the middle of a very important task, or gaming with your friends. Do this in a cross pattern without using a screwdriver. 3. It is made with top quality components to ensure its cooling is effective. The new fan and low-profile radiator aid the H60 excel removing the heat from the motherboard while using it well. The Intel motherboard liquid cooler has been in existence for several years now. Even though it is very rare for AIOs to experience leakage, it is better to go for a CPU cooler that has features that will prevent leakage or pump failure. This unit is also very reliable owing to its improved anti-explosion rubber tube made from top-quality thermostable material; it is designed to be resistant to crushing and corrosion. Finally, consider the aesthetics of the CPU cooler you intend to purchase. The Master liquid ML360R RGB offers exclusive control because it is a work of research and innovation of several years. That said you do not need liquid cooling except your CPU is overclocked. And if you are using a PC case that has double 140mm fan mounts spaced for a 280mm radiator, the H115i allows you to use your case’s complete cooling potential. The specially made 360 mm big surface radiator helps with the cooling and also supports the 6X120 mm fans or electronics for more dispersion. This is an Intel certified cooling solution. It has a silent operation, dual dissipation pump for efficient flow, and beautiful aesthetics that come with an RGB controller to customize the lights and effects. Its water block module has RGB lighting and an inherent flow meter apart from the cooling plate and pumps that keep the fans fresh every time. Moreover, it comes with a wired RGB controller and splitter, so what more do you want from a cooler that is priced so low? Just go over these frequently asked questions to gain some insight on the functionality of the liquid coolers for your CPU: You can encounter pump failure when you purchase a liquid cooler for your CPU, which can lead to some level of leakage. The majority of the conventional high-end CPU coolers cost anything from $50 to $100. It is easy to mount, even if you are not much of a tech expert, and has a foolproof design. The reliability of the CPU cooler is also a huge factor to consider before you buy one. 10. Quick & user-friendly mounting system for the latest AMD (TR4) Threadripper CPU. Digital Advisor is reader-supported. One of its most interesting features that make this unit stand out as the best-closed loop CPU cooler is the patented Central Diffusing Passage Cold Plate, which speeds up heat absorption from the CPU by close to 30% thermal convection.


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