Say you’re cooking five minutes a side, Wu-Bower suggests removing the lid after 2 1/2 minutes. If you want to learn more about fish and how to cook it, check out our recipes. A slim, articulate fish-turner spatula is the next-best thing (and also just a great all-around kitchen implement); slide it under a part of the fish that isn’t in direct contact with the grill, lift gently, and if the skin’s not sticking, go ahead and flip it. A slow cooker can can take your comfort food to the next level.

© Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. For example, try stuffing your fish with minced cloves of garlic and four minced cilantro sprigs… A Weber, Wu-Bower said, is “one of the greatest things on earth. Consider this light and lemony sole recipe for your next dinner. It’s just the best damn thing to do on a bright, warm day in the spring or summer. When that’s done, gently get your fish gently off the grill gently (gently), as gently as you can, gent. Mahi-mahi is a sweet and mild white fish, a Hawaiian favorite, and it stays firm on the barbecue. I’ve been riding this food writing racket for more than a decade now, and to this day I still have culinary blind spots. You can also keep the skin from attaching to the hot grill by using a specialized fish basket for grilling your fish. Rub the outside of the fish down with a little canola or peanut oil to help prevent it from sticking to the grill. Hey, look at that! Now, cook the flip side of the fish for another six to eight minutes. You can do this yourself if you want; you’ll need a sharp knife for gutting, a butter knife for scaling, endless patience, a fairly strong stomach for gross shit, and, most crucially, instructions from somewhere else on the internet. The preparation below is for branzino—a firm white fish also known as European bass, Mediterranean sea bass, bronzino, loup de mer, spigola, and a dozen or so other names, as if it is some kind of fugitive from justice or something—but will work just fine with a broad variety of white fish, almost certainly including whatever you can find in your corner of the world. Also, cut some nice, deep vertical scores into the fish’s sides, every inch-and-a-half or so from just behind its head back to the tail. Crush a clove of garlic. “It really works like a charm,” Wu-Bower said. Branzino, or Mediterranean sea bass, is one of the least expensive fish you can buy. Damn Kevin, that looks really good and workable. Here, nine delicious ways to grill whole fish.

The time it takes from lighting your chimney starter to throwing the fish on the grill should ideally be 45 minutes. Drizzle skin with olive oil. Mild, white-fleshed branzino is almost tailor-made for the technique: It has relatively few bones and they're simple to remove, so the fish … It’s discouraging when you lose almost half a fish to the under-lubed grill gods. So let’s cook some whole fish on the damn grill! It holds together well and its rich flavor is loved by seafood fans all over. (I don’t own a full Weber anymore, but I do have a grate from one. At my local Whole Foods, I was able to score one for $12. Grilled Whole Fish with Chile and Lime Tom Colicchio likes to grill a show-stopping whole sea bass with Asian flavors with cilantro, lime and hot chile sauce. After you’ve placed the fish on the smoking hot grill, immediately cover it with the lid. Measure it. Branzini, Arctic Char, Red Snapper and Sea Bass all turn out amazing with this simple, rustic approach to grilled whole fish that is a healthy, wonderful dinner option for …
Freshness is important whenever you’re buying seafood, of course; the cool thing about buying whole fish is that you can select for maximum freshness without having to ask the mumbly teen behind the seafood counter, “Uh, do you know how fresh this is?” because you can judge for yourself. Personally, I’m using lumpwood charcoal together with wood chips in a Weber kettle grill. The first thing you need to do when grilling fish is get both the fish and the grill ready. There’s no reason that all three sources can’t be right; cooking is supposed to be fun and it’s important you enjoy the food you make. © Nicole Franzen. Cram some good-smelling stuff—parsley or cilantro or marjoram sprigs, thin slices of lemon or lime or orange—into its body cavity. Salt and pepper, obviously. Otherwise, pack some crushed ice into a large bowl, press the fish into the ice so it’s not just sitting on top of it, stick it in the fridge, and cook it within the next 24 hours or so. Ready? Place in a loose pouch of heavy duty aluminum foil and splash with white wine. Just make sure that the wood you’re going to use is viable and non-toxic to use for cooking purposes and that your support rocks will stay in place. I consider him perhaps Chicago’s most deft seafood cook (he was nominated for a James Beard Award at his previous Chicago restaurant, Nico Osteria). Go pin our stuff to your stuff, or however that works. Before you roll it over, respray the fish with Pam, as well as spray the part of the grate where the fish will land once you flip it. This is a way of saying that oh, I couldn’t find branzino, so I just made a canned tuna sandwich is not an acceptable excuse for opting out of this. And then it struck me, like a flying carp to the face: The whole idea seemed so romantic. Let’s do it. It should be hot enough that “it’s hard-to-impossible to hold your hand over it.” The 45 minutes is a perfect amount of time let the fish marinade and you to. But that is the ultimate privilege of my profession, which has allowed me to nail a proper French omelette, finesse my spaghetti carbonara, and tackle French bistro food, and do this during my working hours. His writing appeared in Best Food Writing 2014 by DaCapo Press. Burgers, steaks, chicken wings were all de rigueur (and frankly a bit boring), so I thought long about how I can improve my grilling aptitude. Lately I’ve been yearning for my Weber kettle grill, which has sat idle in my backyard through snow and cold for six Chicago months. After those six to eight minutes, gently explore flipping the fish and/or flip it. Crispy fish skin, attractively charred here and there! Invite friends and family and make an Event out of it. Swordfish is my favorite type of fish for grilling! The skin and bones keep the flesh moist and flavorful; the skin itself, when cooked well, is life-changingly delicious; whole fish stands up better to grilling heat than a fillet or fish steak will; whole fish usually costs less by weight than the portioned stuff; it’s fresh and fun and makes for a spectacular presentation; it’s profoundly satisfying both as a thing to eat and as a thing to do. Grilled Trout with Ginger and Vinegar It doesn’t get much simpler than this super-easy recipe. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The image of cooking a whole animal with its eyes staring back at you can be intimidating to some, but Wu-Bower said it’s leagues more satisfying than cooking a featureless filet. Here, Andy Ricker stuffs whole fish with lemongrass, encases it in a salt crust, and cooks it over a charcoal fire. Grilling a whole fish is easier than you might think, and the result is a super-impressive centerpiece for a summertime dinner party. It’s gonna be a blast. I use that same trash bag for the final leisurely cleaning at home before replacing it. I only have a cheap gas grill, but I do at least have a decent smoker box set-up. This is the most satisfying possible experience of eating. Hearing him proselytize about grilling fish has an inspiring quality—not only in the sultry manner he describes its taste potential, but in how it makes his audience want to find the nearest open fire pit and start cooking. After 45 minutes of marinating, stuff white wine-olive oily fennel, herbs, and lemon slice into the cavity of the fish, as much as you deem appropriate. Truly, you are Prometheus, Conqueror of Fire But Without the Eternal Punishment Part. Drizzle with oil and serve. Be gentle and slow enough that you’ll be able to tell if the skin of the fish is sticking to the grill, and maneuver the fish delicately. Give each person a small plate for any bones they happen across, another wedge of citrus for their own use, a small fork, and a glass of some good cheap-shit wine (white’s the standard for fish, but rosé and red are fine too) or cold beer, and maybe access to some crusty bread for mopping up the juices that will collect on the plate.
Here, nine delicious ways to grill whole fish. All Rights Reserved. Sneak up behind your unsuspecting elderly neighbor, hold the fish’s face next to his, mumble, “Hey, buddy, got a light?” into his ear, and take advantage of the opportunity to practice your CPR skills. Asian-Style Grilled Whole Red Snapper with Radish Salad Drizzling moist and tender grilled snapper with an Asian vinaigrette is easy and utterly delicious. C’mon. Grilling a whole fish is easier than you might think, and the result is a super-impressive centerpiece for a summertime dinner party. It’s just the best damn thing to do on a bright, warm day in the spring or summer. A Weber, Wu-Bower said, is “one of the greatest things on earth. Once you’ve got your fish, you’ll need to have its guts, gills, and scales removed by someone who knows how to do that and isn’t just a big-talking asshole. 6. Lay the fish down so that the bars of the grill are running perpendicular to the length of its body, and grill one side of the fish for six to eight minutes (for branzini), uncovered and unmolested. Rockfish, snapper, and trout are lovely.

Grilled whole fish is surprisingly fast and easy, and comes together in 30 minutes flat! It’s cheap, it works, it’s engineered beautifully.”, One of my biggest mistakes is I don’t let my lump charcoal burn down to glowing embers. Stuff the fish with your chosen spice or flavoring until the inner cavity is full. Once the grill is at temperature—there should be no flames, just glowing coals—take out your bottle of Pam or cooking oil spray. Making a savory dish with garlic and fresh grated parmesan is the perfect way to enjoy Halibut—especially on a chilly fall night. Next time you’re at the seafood counter, grab tuna fillets or steaks and throw them on the grill—you won’t miss your hamburgers at all.

If you want to make your entire dinner in one quick go, stuff the snapper with some seasoned vegetables and spices, wrap it in foil, and bake at 450 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes.

Grilling it won’t take long, so be careful not to overcook it.

A large grilling fork is ideal for this; stand facing the open side of the fish (the one with fruit and herbs sticking out of it), hold the fork so that its tines line up with the gaps between the bars of the grill, lower the tines into the empty space under the thickest part of the fish, and lift, gently. Cook for about 10 minutes per side on a 20-inch fish. It was breathtaking. ), James Beard Award at his previous Chicago restaurant, Nico Osteria, “With grilling anything, but specifically fish, it’s 30% about the fish and 70% about controlling the fire,” Wu-Bower said. If you do this right, the open cavity will rotate over the top and not discharge its contents into the fire; if you do it wrong, you do not know how to read. Personally, I’m using lumpwood charcoal together with wood chips in a Weber kettle grill. Or if you’re feeling inspired to share your favorite way to prepare fish, head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment! There are many good reasons for grilling whole fish.


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