The tracker also has female health tracking capabilities and does all this for about a full week between charges. One of the more innovative features in the Apex is the AI Trainer, which estimates the energy you have left after your workout and displays an estimated time until your body recovers to full stamina. All products and services featured are independently selected by Forbes Shopping contributors and editors. Simple and easy to use, the Yepzon is perfect for those who want to look after their parents and grandparents without feeling overbearing. For years, one version or another of Fitbit's groundbreaking smartwatch has been at the top of this list.

(If you really want to force your Apple Watch to monitor your sleep habits, there are third-party apps out there you can install.). Unfortunately, the Move ECG is not yet shipping in the US. You can also use it for basic sleep tracking, though the band can’t record detailed data like the quantity of REM sleep you’re getting. We've tested dozens over the past three years to bring you these picks.

It manages to last this long by keeping the display off except when you need it — you can configure it to turn on when you lift your wrist, or only when you tap the screen. And when it comes to fitness, there’s a fairly narrow menu of trackable exercises, and swimming is not on it (the Bip is water-resistant, not waterproof, so it’s best not to submerge it for very long anyway).

The only downside is that it’s only compatible with AT&T’s cellular network. A navigation feature lets you follow a pre-loaded route on the watch, and the integrated GPS lets you get real-time alerts to stay on course. The TSA compliant GeGo Universal tracker is the ideal accessory for anyone frequently traveling abroad. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC.

If you want a clearer picture of how GPS functions and can help keep track of your stuff, our guide can help fill you in before looking at our best GPS trackers.

Some do a better job with sleep tracking than others, and like any mobile device, the longer your battery life, the better. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. It also includes Garmin's new emergency alert and incident detection system. SPOT is waterproof rated at IPX7, which means it’s protected against splashes, rain, showering and incidental exposure of water of up to one meter for 30 minutes. "Its diminutive size and durability make it ideal for just about anything you need to keep tabs on.

For years, Suunto has struggled to move beyond its core user group of hardcore alpine guides who mountain-run for fun. There’s no touchscreen — instead, you’ll find a large knob and button. Providing you with real-time location data, push notifications based on the location of the tracker, as well as tethering notifications if the tracker wanders too far from your phone. As long as you’re not expecting a super polished, premium experience, the Bip has a lot to offer. It's just too bad you can't access some of its best features without an $80-per-year Premium subscription. Most other fitness trackers, and virtually all Fitbit models in particular, can sleep track. The best part? This is a great price for a GPS-enabled watch. This wearable runs on Verizon's 4G LTE network, meaning you'll need to set up a dedicated data plan if they aren't already your carrier of choice. Overall, the Vivosmart 4 tracks a greater range of activities and records more in-depth data than most fitness trackers on the market, making this a superb choice for people who are deeply invested in quantifying themselves and their activities. And it includes Fitbit Pay, which lets you use it to make digital purchases, like a smartwatch. A feature new to the Fitbit family is called Active Zone Minutes, which tries to motivate you to keep burning fat or working at a high high rate or in cardio. And a sunrise/sunset tracker can keep you appraised about how much light is left in the day. However, given our past glowing reviews of Apple watches, I feel confident in saying the Series 6 will probably be our best fitness tracker if you have an iPhone. It does this without reducing the battery life – you still get 18 hours or more between charges. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker, Best for Motorcycles:

While many fitness trackers are good all-around health and fitness devices, dedicated runners might want to lean into a device that’s optimized for their particular sport of choice. But while Fitbit might be synonymous with fitness tracking in the minds of many people, companies like Garmin offer their own line of trackers, and some are excellent choices for managing your health and fitness. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. While we insist that the Jiobit is a near-perfect child monitoring device, the Jiobit is equally suited to keeping track of pets, luggage, or just about anything else that might run off without your knowledge. There are trackers that are optimized for keeping up with kids or elderly loved ones and models designed for tracking luggage or pets. While each GeGo tag offers a complimentary 30-day global tracking plan with purchase, each subsequent month will cost around $15. Letsfit's smartwatch is a knockoff of the Fitbit Versa, right down to the font on the watch face, but the differences are obvious to anyone who has used (and loved) a real Versa. ", "The TSA compliant GeGo Universal tracker is the ideal accessory for anyone frequently traveling abroad. REAL-TIME SMARTPHONE & PC TRACKING – This GPS tracker offers real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates through Windows and MAC desktop web-access (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) or through the Amcrest GPS smartphone … Because this is a Fitbit fitness tracker, you can expect it to do all the usual fitness tracking – that’s a given. The software also tracks the amount of gas in the tank, so your car will never be running on empty. The app also allows multiple caregivers to follow any Yepzon One GPS unit. It’s clearly powerful and designed by people who truly understand what dedicated athletes need from a fitness tracker. It boasts a seven-day battery life and is both waterproof and highly durable. Monitor your car’s comings and goings in real time using the free mobile app, which updates your car’s location every sixty seconds.

Battery life varies by use frequency, but can go anywhere from seven days on four AAA batteries or as long as 156 days if used on 60-minute intervals with a 100 percent clear view of the sky. Instead, it keeps things simple, with activity tracking that is limited to a step count and log of active minutes. On Amazon, this product received a 4.5 (out of 5) rating with 1,533 reviews to date. If you ever wished that Suunto made a usable smartwatch, this is it.

Obviously, the Bip is a mixed bag, but it’s one of the few budget trackers that includes an always-on display, heart rate monitoring, and GPS. ", "This rugged SPOT tracker uses satellite technology to track beyond the reach of traditional cellular coverage. But not everyone is a grownup – what if you are looking for a simple fitness tracker for your kids?

Some people buddy up with a partner, but you can turn to technology as well. The Garmin Venu is a versatile watch that combines Garmin's data-tracking acumen with a gorgeous AMOLED screen. The Fitbit Versa 2, a similar but less-well-equipped smartwatch, has built-in Alexa voice assistance and an always-on display.

A well-rounded feature set and durable construction make the Gizmowatch 2 a versatile GPS tracker that's perfect for kids that allows you to keep them at arms reach no matter where they are.


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