Compact, built-in clip, easy to recharge via USB cable, fits in any pocket, lightweight, durable, and surprisingly bright for its small size. 8.5: Durability. 8.5: Value. It is super bright with the light output of up to 900 lumens that’s why it is called the brightest pocket flashlight. This pen-style flashlight is small in size measuring 5.3 inches and weighing 1.6 pounds. However, it’s quick-charging in just 4 hours, with a battery that can be recharged up to 300 times. Apart from that the type of batteries is also something to check for when buying a pocket flashlight. Like the other pocket flashlight, it is small in size and also light. Designed smoothly to meet functionality and style, Pelican ProGear 1920 224 Lumen LED is one of the best pen light that you can own. For continual use such as cycle lights and hiking lights it is worth considering lower lumen settings with extended runtime and also seeing if any of the products have a particular economy mode for extended use. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Olight flashlight review – Jogging Biking Camping Backpacking Night Fishing EDC: Technical Features of the Olight S1R Turbo S rechargeable 900 Lumens CREE XP-L LED, Technical Features of the Klarus XT11S Flashlight, 1100lumens, What kind of features should look in the Pocket Flashlights, Our Top Pick Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro. A glare guard protector is also included in the package once you purchase this. They tend to be affordable and fit for purpose, easy to use with more basic functions. It comes in a classic, sleek, cool looking black colour which is very simple and reliable. Pros Cons. Developments in the best USB rechargeable flashlights & the Best LED flashlights have made them simple to use. At 9 inches long and weighing just over a pound, this is a flashlight to use if you want a light source that can serve as a weapon. Clearly, the power and light output have a considerable impact on runtime, and it is worthwhile considering what the application your flashlight will be used for high lumen intensity will undoubtedly drain your battery faster, but this may be perfectly viable in situations where you are not needing continual light. There are three ranges of colors black, red and silver to choose from. Generally speaking, you’ll want a flashlight with a rechargeable battery and battery charger if you plan to use it quite frequently. They are specifically made to be lighter than the ordinary flashlights. EPLI has one of the best specifications for this kind of light. ProTac HL from Streamlight is an 850-lumen tactical LED flashlight that can be charged from any USB source but uniquely can also accept multiple battery sources as backup power utilizing a smart self-adjusting battery cradle to accommodate various sizes. It has a very ergonomic and compact design only measuring 5.3 inches and it’s also very lightweight with a total weight of only 1.64 ounces. It is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries which are readily available and cheap. Furthermore, the device is rechargeable and lightweight, which means carrying it around isn’t a hassle. This Everyday carry pocket light is accessorized with a clip and a lanyard which makes it very convenient for carrying around. There are two types of beams that is, flood and spot. Because it serves as a tactical torch, it has a function via a switch for a momentary-on mode that wouldn’t make any kind of noise or sound. The highest rated pen flashlight on our list is the Streamlight LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight and it’s also very affordable considering all of the other options on this list. Eagle Tac D25A has four modes and a strobe option. The battery life on this pen is surprisingly good—90 minutes on the brightest setting, and 5½ hours on the lower settings. Latest-model body isn’t as heavy or solid as older models. Think about it: you need a light for camping, patrolling your rounds, or clearing out the attic, but you find your flashlight’s all out of juice. Some products arrive defective (soldering problem), but are easily exchanged. At maximum brightness, you get a whopping 3200 lumens and a 250-meter beam. It comes with two AAA alkaline batteries that power it and a lifetime limited warranty have been included. You can easily operate it with one hand because of its size and ergonomic design. It should be easy to locate the off and on switches. First, there are disposable once which may either be lithium or alkaline. While a limited output at 3 lumens and a 13-metre beam distance, it is ideal for Close work and will give you a run time of up to 430 hours. Check Price. It also has a life of 30,000 hours of usage so you don’t have to keep changing your pen flashlight so many times, allowing you to be able to save money in the long run. Need More Help? The majority of flashlight cases these days are made from anodized aluminum which shows strength yet retains lightweight properties again at the higher the type of anodizing the stronger and more lightweight it is type III being the premium Aerospace anodized aluminum used in the best rechargeable tactical flashlight. The Anker is a quality household brand having sold over 20 million flashlights worldwide. Even on the low setting, it’s still brighter than most flashlights at 2,500 lumens. Weighing in at slightly over 2lb and 11 inches long, the Fat Max is a super bright spotlight with three settings, high, medium and low and is best used around the home or in the car for emergency lighting and high visibility working situations. You get an optimized run time as well as excellent output because of it’s designed with a micro optical system that ensures great performance each and every time you use it. The beam is strong and ultra-focused to allow for unparalleled use when inspecting sensitive electronics, patients, or simply searching in the back of the closet. ), and it also features a memory function. 86% 86 % Editor Score. This will vary considerably depending on how bright the LED bulb is, how the beam is reflected out of the lenses and also how the focus is set on the flashlight. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best pen flashlights in the market these days so that you get an idea. Depending on what you do, you will find that some tactical flashlights are... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Other modes are high, mid and low with the low modes having a run time of 100 hours when using cr123A batteries. The impact distance is 1 meter and can stay underwater for 30 minutes at a distance of 2m. The Urpower tactical flashlight is a super bright Cree LED flashlight with a whopping 1000-lumen maximum output, but it’s the beam distance that is really impressive with a huge 1150 ft, which represent fantastic value for money. Heavier than expected, and the bezel tends to heat up. With a good budget, a buyer should be able to find an affordable flashlight that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. The CREE LED light bulb in this flashlight can generate up to 6000 lumens on its highest setting, with a beam up to 800 meters long. Another thing to consider when choosing the right pen flashlight is the bulb type and the lumens or the output of the bulb. The spot beam is effective when you need to focus in a particular area while the flood is for lighting a wider area. The highest setting illuminates 200 lumens for 1 and a half hours while the lowest setting shines 1 lumen for 150 hours. Running time is acceptable for such a high lumen with a 2 hour run time on high power and 5 hours for low power. In general water resistance is measured on the IPX scale the lower the number the least water resistance the flashlight will be for example ipx4 would mean your flashlight is splash resistant ipx8 would imply that it could be submerged in water at 1 m for up to 4 hours clearly if you plan on being a sailor and ipx8 could easily save your life. His previous forays into the worlds of international business and education have left him wildly optimistic. 6000 lumen CREE spotlight, easy-grip handle, 800-meter beam, 20 hours on high brightness, long-lasting batteries, impact-resistant, waterproof,  shatterproof glass, easily accessible charging port, and compatible with shoulder strap. And, if that wasn’t enough, he's also a best-selling, award-winning author of fantasy novels! 82 % User Score. The LC90 has five different light settings high medium and low, one for every low light situation plus 2 high visibility strobe setting for location and emergency. $19.99 $ 19. With prices ranging from $20 all the way to $200, a little bit of research and time will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. The settings include low, medium, high, and strobe, with a special “momentary on” feature that allows you to turn on the light for just a second. It's super bright, super tough, and super efficient! Search Here…. Anker offers an 18-month warranty and customers rave about their customer service, so be sure to take advantage if you experience any issues. Our independently chosen links earn us a commission. It comes in a black design that’s simple and it emits a bright white light coming from an LED bulb. This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Stanley Fatmax 2200 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight, Streamlight Pro Tac Hl Usb 850 Rechargeable Flashlight, Fenix Pd35 V2.0 2018 Rechargeable Flashlight, Peak Plus Super Bright Led Rechargeable Flashlight, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1Streamlight Strion Rechargeable Flashlight, 2Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight, 4Stanley Fatmax 2200 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight, 5Urpower Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight, 6Streamlight Pro Tac Hl Usb 850 Rechargeable Flashlight, 7Streamlight Protac Hl5-X Series Rechargeable Flashlight, 8Fenix Pd35 V2.0 2018 Rechargeable Flashlight, 10Peak Plus Super Bright Led Rechargeable Flashlight, Olight’s flagship rechargeable flashlight. If all you need is a backup light for the glove box if your car then there really is no point looking for an aerospace design all singing all dancing tactical flashlight. There’s also the LED bulbs which are highly used these days when it comes to lighting because of its long life and performance, especially when it comes to long periods of usage. So once you've decided where you sit on the price scale its time to consider some of the following categories. The light is powered by easy to find AA battery. As the name suggests this gadget has high precision that uses CREE LED technology. With that said, it's probably sensible to start out by looking at your budget. They may also come off as more expensive as well. This best pocket flashlight comes with a number of accessories such as pocket clip, lanyard, Fenix pocket clip plus a cr123a lithium battery. It may come at a very affordable price, but what’s tricky about it is finding the right kind of batteries for it to work. Generally speaking, anything under 100 lumens will not be sufficient for use outdoors and are usually used as a backup source of light internally in case of power outage. If all you are doing is walking the dog, there is no need for a 3000-lumen 12-inch military grade flashlight conversely if you are a firefighter and your life depends on having a flashlight that is robust you don't really want a something that clips to your belt buckle the size of a pencil. You also receive 15 minutes in high mode 4 hours 30 in medium and 29 hours in Low mode. Because of its compact size and lightweight design, it could easily fit inside your pocket for easy accessibility and convenience. The FatMax is a rugged, heavy-duty Pistol design with a comfortable grip and hardened glass. That’s why he’s our resident fitness expert. Finally, the powerful pocket flashlight is your companion for all outdoor activities. Charging is super simple with a USB magnetic desktop charging base offering fast, simple battery charging in an upright position. Pen flashlights are highly advisable as they can help with a lot of different kinds of emergency situations, and they don’t even cost much.


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