While there's no real evidence that links Shakespeare to Verona, the tale still makes for a fun and romantic trip. But, there was something about Varenna........I fell in love with that little town. It was extremely fun while also physically challenging. Nice group of people. Some things that I enjoyed on this tour that I wouldn't have been able to do if we were traveling independently was to see the making of a gondola's forcola and oar in Venice and making stain glass windows in Siena. When we arrived home, we were tired (especially our feet! Her insights and observations were amazing! Good mix of organized activities & free time. Unusual for the time of year we traveled.". Zicasso: Italy honeymoon tours & vacation packages by top competing Italy travel agents and tour operators. I will tell you how to pose in the most natural way. Unto the larger northern and central Italian cities- each so unique with wonderful cultural training from fluent Stephanie and the local tour guides. Finally the unexpected stop at the American Cemetery in Florence was very moving and a wonderful experience.". I will tell you how to pose at best for the camera. Too many unforgettable moments to mention.". Trying to look overall I'd have to say the Italy is just one wow after another!". Created lifetime memories that we will cherish as long as we live. Our tour gave us a good overview of the varied areas, from lakes, to small towns, to larger cities, mountains, and meadows. See our FAQ | Call Food was not the best there though. Great group of fellow travelers that quickly bonded with one another. "I loved Varenna! If I could have, I would have seen more. It certainly did not disappoint! "The Church of the Gesu (The Jesuits) in Rome. "The Dolomites and Assisi were high points. "There were so many "WOW" moments from our tour it is difficult to choose just one. Orvieto was a wonderful village. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience, from meeting everyone on the veranda of the Royal Victoria Hotel in Varenna, to the unbelievably beautiful evening when we strolled through The Forum in Rome. ", Great cities - great sites - good food and wine- great art, "The art - what the masters did to create the jump between the 1300 and 1400 hundreds is amazing", "As the fog lifted the beautiful views of the Dolomites from the Alpine meadow. Thanks Sarah, "The Sistine Chapel.........minus the crowd. Check. Each member of the group was friendly and approachable, and a pleasure to travel with. Our tour guide was the best ever. Search experiences that may have limited interaction with crowds. (and I have to mention dinner at the Chef's house in Varenna with demonstration on how he makes noodles was memorable!)". I will tell you how to interact with the camera in the most natural way and I will try and catch those special natural moments between you two. This tended to get repetitive to me. "My favorite "wow" moment was visiting the sites in the Italian countryside. The was our first Rick Steves Tour and it exceeded our expectations. Upon arrival in Stresa you will have a once in a lifetime chance to take in one of the most picturesque towns in Northern Italy. As this was our first ever tour we didn't know what to expect but it met all our expectations. The bus driver did a great job getting us everywhere. The itinerary, was varied and interesting. Our tour guide Daniela was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, attentive, and just a kind special person that we were all very fortunate to meet making our experience truly unforgettable. To have seen it actually left me a bit light-headed. Have lunch on any one of the three postcard perfect islands and be sure to take plenty of photos, as this trip is highly "instagrammable"! We usually use the RS guide books for our trip planning. We will decide together all details, before we meet. The guide gave tips on so many small details as well as leaving us on our own to make decisions on how to spend our days that I feel very confident in undertaking a trip on my own. with facts, humor and personal anecdotes. One wonderful surprise was the visits to two artisans, a oar lock maker in Venice and a stained glass maker in Sienna. Venice should be a day trip. What a highlight.". An unexpected moving experience was at the Florence American Cemetery, an addition to our our tour. It was a pleasure traveling with such nice people. I loved the itinerary, the special events, the dinners, the ratio of free time to group time, etc. "There were many wow moments on the trip, but I guess if there was one in particular it had to have been the Assumption of the Virgin painting by Titian that hangs in the Friar Church in Vienna. Stained glass and forcola demonstrations Aug 16, 2018 - Where to live in Italy If you are under 30 years old. ", "I had felt so overwhelmed with my travel plans, but Madeline set that all at ease and helped us plan out a wonderful trip! She was extremely knowledgeable and went out of her way to ensure each tour member received personal attention to enhance the tour experience. Marianna went out of her way to ensure that she got to know us all! The itinerary was very thoughtful and allowed 2 nights in each stop which facilitated washing / drying clothes and getting comfortable enough to explore on our own. Downtime in the Cinque Terre. Spend an idyllic day in Venice, and remember every moment by having a romantic photoshoot experience. We felt the tour was exceptional and felt valued by our tour guide. And where is my buttery croissant and cappuccino now that I am at home?! Learned so much and met so many great people. I loved that there were plenty of planned activities as well as ample time to yourselves to do your own thing. "Some of the churches are wow moments - Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's - many others". Did have a "YOW" moment when my wife, trying to get a video of the Cinque Terre sunrise stepped barefoot on an Italian yellow jacket - glad we chose the boat tickets; not the hiking pass.". I loved the cities that we saw. "Totally blown away by the American Cemetery outside of Florence. Our guide,Sarah, set a tone of discovery and camaraderie the moment we met and 21 strangers quickly became 21 friends on an exciting adventure through Italy. It made me feel almost alone when listening to Rick while looking at the unbelievable setting.". I loved all the special interactions with local craftsman. Our tour guide was amazing with expert knowledge and a knack of taking exceptional care of us all. Too many churches. This was our first Rick Steves' tour and we didn't know what to expect but it certainly exceeded all of our expectations. The visit to Siena was exceptional that it tied more directly to the the local culture and people than the other stops. Every day brought a new "wow" moment. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like a taste of Italy! View of Vernazza from Monteroso -Vernazza trail. "I loved Varenna - the CinqueTerre - and Italian Alps the most ' but everything was great!". And, wonderful fellow-travelers. Extremely well organized, expertly guided, and fun! Enjoy some typical Sicilian snacks and scenery along the extraordinary coastline of Vulcano and Lipari Islands. One moment for me - in Assisi, as we walked down a corridor there were 2 doves, inside, cooing, against the backdrop of the gardens, etc. Walking in the Dolomites I would be remiss if I did not mention the local guides in Verona, Assisi, Venice, Florence and Rome. As I told Karin, it was seamless. It would be much more enjoyable with fewer people. "We had several wow moments. Also the demonstrations of stain glass making and gondola oar making.". Visit a beautiful and historic Tuscan villa on this exclusive experience departing from Florence. It was really indescribable, like nothing I've seen or experienced before. Spend a little extra and treat yourself to one that doubles as a hotel, restaurant, and wine bar, like Monteverdi in the 900-year-old village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro. "Surprisingly, "Caesar's Rome," between the Colosseum, the Forum and the Pantheon. Our tour experience with Elena & fellow guests surpassed my expectations. Most days are moderate to strenuously paced with 2–8 miles of walking, including hilly terrain and lots of stairs. ", "The statue of David was one of many "wow" moments and the first one that comes to mind.". No bus. It's wonderful to experience the history, culture, food and of course vino with like minded adventurers. Canazei and the lift ride to Pordoi. It was a perfect mix of structured and free time. It was fabulous! "Difficult to pick one "wow" moment from a tour filled with highlights! Donald was a terrific tour guide and I especially enjoyed the history and art lessons he provided. We have always planned and booked our trips on our own. Being Catholic I was humbled by St Peters and the Vatican. -David Meandering through the villages and riding the water taxi around Lake Como. "Really? This was our very first Rick Steve's Tour and we are convinced that this was a great decision to take advantage of what this plan offers. -The whole tour was an experience in itself. Later we would swim in the sea. The tour was well organized and the group got along well. At 5 p.m., you'll meet your guide and fellow tour members at our hotel for a get-acquainted session. It was such a lovely town. Seeing the vineyards and olive groves surrounded by mountains was breathtaking. Our first attempts at pronouncing it made it quite clear that we were new to town, so no shame if you read it a bit off in your head.


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