And at this point it is like everything has come to an end. You know, the nature of my attachments to other people and other things, the nature of relationships, the desire that we may have, for instance, for a home or some shelter somewhere, in all of these things there is a desire for permanence. It’s not like, “Oh my God, I’m going to make so much sacrifice. Whereas the so-called knowledge that people cultivate, if its foundation is ignorant, you may go on studying a subject and becoming very knowledgeable in that subject but if it’s heading in the wrong direction and taking you in the wrong direction, it is ultimately considered ignorant.

I couldn’t resist any more so I get to the end of my bed and I would jump off on to the floor, a little bit of distance from the bed and just ran all the way to the bathroom (laughs).

It protects me by making it so I instantly draw away from that. It is absolutely truthful but it needs to be understood appropriately. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this, but if you have like a large lotus leaf and there’s a drop of water on it, the water, even if it’s sprinkled on, instantly seems to be rejected by the surface of the leaf and it collects together in a quite large drop, round. A sickness of the liver.  =  Why are we so afraid? You don’t see it in modern warfare although it does exist to some degree but particularly in the First World War and sometimes in the Second World War you would have—and when they have trench warfare, in one side you’ve got one army, in the other side you’ve got another army and they’re constantly bombarding each other with shells and this explosion’s going off, there’s barbwire all over in between the ground and mines in the ground between the two lines and they do that so if somebody attacks from this side they’ve got all these obstacles to go through. It’s like, what if I win this?

We all need the courage to persevere through danger; just how that courage is expressed constructively will vary according to our particular positions and professions. Some of them are large and some of them are small. They will struggle intensely against death. It’s not like when we talk about knowledge we are talking about book learning - where you learn an idea and you can sort of repeat it. So this is the key to fearlessness. At any moment this drop of water can roll off the leaf of the lotus and be gone. And so, the whole time that you have it, and you’re not entirely aware of the fact that this is kind of like gnawing away at you and it becomes very pronounced when, you know, somebody sort of like suddenly can’t find something. So pain is actually designed to protect us, to make it so that we can withdraw; we can, you know, resist somehow what is happening or has happened. It is very sad and unfortunate. But you can be your spiritual—the light of your spiritual life can be completely extinguished by going in the wrong direction; in which case it is described as just like the soul is dead. And everybody, you know, this fear of death. So the reason that somebody is in that state is due to knowledge, spiritual knowledge. In the Vedas, they categorize practically all miseries in this world into three categories. It would kind of like, you know, it was in a building. Why can’t we go do all these stuff? They see the fear, they see the lack of fulfillment, they see that everybody is desperately—it’s like somebody has been thrown out of a boat and they’ve got heavy clothing on and they’re flailing around in the water, desperately trying to swim to some haven or sanctuary, some shore where they can be safe. We all need the courage to persevere through danger; just how that courage is expressed constructively will vary according to our particular positions and professions. And it was from South America. This is near where I live!” And then, you know, the panic starts to set in and then you finally pull into the street and maybe there’s others also or maybe not; your house is on fire. The anxiousness springs from a fear; a fear of failure or a fear of loss. But something that we just mentioned a little is the anxiety that people experience are actually a form of fearfulness. When you finally lose the things that you’ve grown attached to and you thought you desperately needed or wanted, then you still experience another type of anxiety, a fear and anxiety of loss and the fearfulness of, you know, “Oh,” and regret. How come we’re not smoking dope?

Real, factual knowledge which is being described here as knowledge in the mode of goodness is completely enlightening. And my personal experience--I’m not saying this is absolutely what it is like but my personal experience was that as a teenager, when I--in my late teens, when I started becoming seriously involved in more spiritual pursuit, I had this attraction for the material world and for the material experience but I also experienced great emptiness in that and on the other side I had come across this spiritual path and it was enormously attractive but I still had this spontaneous attraction and material desires - attraction for material life - and so it’s kind of like, “I know what I should be doing but my heart is over here, my mind is over there. How to resolve arguments with our loved ones? But here we have situations where you’ve got people who were born into a family of practitioners of yoga or yoga philosophy and the kids sort of like are along for the ride just by virtue or the fact that they showed up in that particular family but it’s not like they’ve made a personal decision.


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