Start listening to T+L's brand new podcast, Let's Go Together! Hell, you may nev­er be, but keep practicing. Former Big Wave World Champion Twiggy Baker on a big one at Dungeons. Winds blowing across the ocean can create 10-foot swells, and 30-foot waves are regularly churned up during sea storms. Sammy Nickalls contributed reporting to this story. So what exactly are the largest waves ever surfed? When the forecast for Puerto looks favorable, many Californian and Hawaiian surfers make the journey in the hope of catching one of the big sets, and the fact that it all takes place in bath-warm water makes it that much more accessible. Located on Oahu’s North Shore, this beach features waves that can easily reach more than 9 feet, providing surfers with dangerous but unique challenges. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Discovered by Jeff Clarke, a local surfer who surfed it alone for over a decade, Mavericks is now the home of the Titans Of Mavericks Big Wave Event, and Californian surfer Nick Lamb won the 2016 event. Thrill-seekers all around the world love to ride the waves, and the most ambitious surfers spend their time deliberately seeking out the largest waves to surf. Mentawai Islands in Indonesia are among the world’s best surfing locations. 10 of the Biggest Surfable Waves On The Planet, LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Waimea Bay gets up to forty feet and it is easy for spectators to get right in on the action on the point, as well as to watch the surfing from any points on around the bay. The 100 Best Waves A glimpse into our ranking of the world's greatest surf spots July 6, 2011 By SURFER Social icon website Social icon rss Social icon twitter For many years Jaws was considered unsurfable, and only a few crazy windsurfers would venture out there to the big and blustery peaks on the North Shore of Maui. It is said that the waves can reach up to 23 feet, while the barrels in Teahupoo’s waters are quite consistent. Renowned for three things: huge waves, icy waters, and sharks, Dungeons is an actual death zone. It is a tough and relentless wave, hard to surf, and the water is cold. Popular Californian surfer Donny Solomon drowned while surfing at Waimea Bay in 1995. Puerto Escondido is home to the World Surf League Big Wave Tour event the Puerto Escondido Challenge, but they have yet to run this event. Credit: The story of how the legendary surfer, Garrett McNamara, pioneered riding the colossal 100ft waves at Nazaré on the Portuguese coast. It takes a long boat ride out there, and no matter what the surf and weather forecast is showing, you never really know what you’re going to find out there. Praia De Norte, Portugal. Gregory Boissy/AFP/Getty Images, Where to Catch the Biggest Waves in the World. The location is popular as one of the best big wave beaches in Hawaii and feature a significant part of big wave surfing’s history. Ramon Navarro is one such surfer who has taken his Lobos skills to other big wave locales around the world. Today we’ll take a look at 6 of the largest waves that surfers have challenged and ridden, as well as a special honorable mention! The biggest day of surfing here happened on the Code Red swell of August 2011 when the event had to be put on hold and the best big wave surfers from all over the world flew in to surf the waves that were at times in excess of forty feet. The location is one of the most popular holiday destinations for surfers, while the largest recorded wave in the area was nearly 50 feet high. For many years the pinnacle of big wave surfing, Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is probably the most famous big wave venue in the world. The biggest waves in the world are amazing to watch—but you won't want to try to catch them unless you know what you're doing. Punta De Lobos is now home to the World Surf League Big Wave Tour event, the Quiksilver Ceremonial. To catch one of the really big ones here, surfers need to get towed in by a Personal Water Craft, but once they have caught the wave it offers possibly the biggest, most thrilling ride in the world. Hawaiian surfer Billy Kemper won the event, while Californian surfer Greg Long and fellow Hawaiian madman surfer Shane Dorian were also standouts in the death-defying conditions. The Californian surfing location is best known for its crazy winter waves that can either challenge or discourage surfers. The quiet Tahitian town is home to some of the heaviest waves in the world. The waiting period for this event is May 15 to August 31. The almost perfect breaks combined with the warm waters and the amazing nature surroundings have made these gorgeous islands a popular surfing spot. This big wave spot off Baja, Mexico, has also had quite an illustrious career, starting off with Californian professional surfer Taylor Knox winning $50k in 1998 for the K2 Challenge.


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