Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier 3 Fan Speeds - High, Medium, Low. HOMEWOOD, Ill., June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blaux Portable AC is a mini personal air conditioning unit with rapid cooling benefits designed to support consumers who want to stay cool and comfortable for this summer. A, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), Machine Tools, Metalworking and Metallurgy, Aboriginal, First Nations & Native American, Blaux Portable AC is a leader in mini personal air conditioning coolers. With over 2 decades of being the industry leader, Kenstar air coolers have been a household name with over 50 models and more than 70 variants across various categories. Blaux Portable AC works as an excellent humidifier, air purifier, and reliable indoor cooler. Substitute. The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner unit is the top-rated personal AC air cooler, purifier and fan on the market in 2020. The portable Blaux AC allows you to optimize your temperature indoors for enhanced leisure, relaxation and work. The Blaux Portable AC works under the principle known as thermoelectric cooling – a process that makes the surrounding cooler. SKU# 70788. Whether in preparation or retroactively reviewing the best innovations and technological advancements in portable air conditioners, the Blaux Portable AC has taken the industry by storm with both it's mini Blaux Portable AC unit and its Blaux Wearable AC personal fan and air filter neck cooler. 5,990, Set Alert for Koryo 45L Room/Personal Air Cooler - White & Blue (KAC45PCH) - Rs. While air cooling is the main attraction, what's not to love about the additional air-purifying effects. The AC unit has air cleansing filters that reduce airborne dust particles for a refreshing and purifying effect. Blaux Portable AC is cordless but uses a C-type cable for charging, plugging directly into the power source to recharge effortlessly. Reach-in Cooler, 49 Cu Ft 2 Door Commercial Refrigerator. Ah, the joys of summer; being hot, feeling the humidity, seeing life grow and come alive again. 1 Blaux AC is $124 per but ordering 4 Blaux Portable AC air conditioners drops each unit down to $85.75 each (super savings option). Blaux Portable AC comes with 3 built-in fans that regulate airflow passing through, which ultimately helps in minimizing power consumption. The mini portable desktop air cooler and the wearable neck fan air filter have given a whole new look into the future of customized air cooling technology via portable and wearable units from Blaux. You should clean it once in a while with a dry cloth and disinfectant. Koryo 45L Room/Personal Air Cooler – White & Blue (KAC45PCH) Add your … There is good reason why the most popular portable AC unit on the market is the Blaux Portable AC.

After you power on this air cooler (pre-soaking helps cool faster), it starts to attract harmful dust particles and filters them, which helps purify the room with clean fresh cooling air. Share: Description. Set Alert for Product: Koryo 45L Room/Personal Air Cooler - White & Blue (KAC45PCH) - Rs. Air Coolers. Pre-Order a Blaux Portable AC today, check the website for official July shipping dates.

Since this portable air conditioner attracts moisture and dirt, its mesh receptors can easily get clogged.

Reasons to buy the Blaux Portable AC unit. Blaux Portable AC + Wearable Air Cooling Fan Steal the Summer's... Portability for air conditioners redefined, There is a no-risk one-month return policy. View similar item. from 8 AM - 9 PM ET, Copyright © 2020 PR Newswire Association LLC. This portable AC unit only requires a rechargeable lithium battery to start and comes with a USB cable. Its power is derived from DC5V and the noise it produces is below 40 decibels. While this is common in all air cleaning gadgets, this portable air conditioner requires easy maintenance than other units. There is no better way to slash through the summer's heat than customizable air conditioning with the innovative features jam-packed inside the Blaux Portable AC. Unlike most traditional conditioning units and fans, Blaux Portable AC releases moisture to the atmosphere, preventing dry eyes or irritated skin from when it's too hot. The portable AC unit from Blaux is Eco-friendly and will cut electricity costs of whole-home central air cooling systems or the noise of window ACs.

Blue Air … Blaux Portable AC main essential features. Overall, Blaux is an industry innovator in the world of personalized air conditioning units. As the air passes through the vent, it cools down and is then released into the atmosphere. For easy cleaning with minimal effort, this portable air conditioner has a detachable network cover.

With long battery life, you don't necessarily need to charge the unit all day. The mini Blaux AC unit offers all these features weighing 2-pounds when unfilled and is no bigger than a car battery size. But then, oh then, there is the summertime heat waves that can be a challenging climate to overcome all season long if your home does not have the proper air conditioning setup. Because it’s not just a cooler … All Rights Reserved.


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