I knew a Max who was brother to Maeve, and I thought they sounded good together. ..of the bright sea, or sea bright. Maeve has a long history, coming from the Gaelic name Medb, which means "intoxicating." Ideally i want a name like Maeve - that is a real name (not entirely newly made up) but not REALLY common. My gran is Maeve and my mother is Nuala, if that's any help.I always thought they sounded like siblings. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Maybe you're a free spirit or maybe you just don't want your kid to have to share a name with several people in their class when they start school. While the name Ingrid isn't completely underappreciated — Behind the Name noted that it's been in the top 1000 names for baby girls since 1940 — it's still pretty rarely used and has barely remained on the charts. The original form is Meadhbh, name of the powerful and legendary warrior queen of pre-Christian Ireland (first century). At least where I am, Liam is extremely popular--seems like every 3rd boy you meet is called Liam, so I'd skip that one.

Variations of the name have been around for centuries, but the use of the name Viviana is still quite rare. It's an Irish name that starts with a Mc. This Scottish name deserves to have a chance across the pond!
Both kids have god/goddess names. Updated June 11, 2019 | 25 min read.

One Irish one bible but still.

Oh, I also thought of Cormac McCarthy & Cormac McLaggen. Madhbh, Boy names are hard!

0 1. I'd imagine the Irish background and mythology connection would be a nice plus for those with Irish heritage. Names Like Maeve This is our list of names that have a similar sound to Maeve. Actually, (and I speak as a Maeve here), it is a classic name here in Ireland, its' subtle popularity dates back hundreds of years. Maeve sounds strong and bold, feminine and lively, plus has a classic yet modern feel to it. It's different but not unusual, just the right combination. I like the sound but the meaning puts me off totally.

Oh, I want to second (or third) your and mimi's suggestion of Eamon! name meaning: Maeve \ma(e)-ve\ as a girl's name is pronounced MAY-v, MAY-vee. Explore Baby Names Generator Tool by Pampers India & browse through a wide range of names for baby boy. Probably best known as the last name of John Lennon, a member of the iconic group The Beatles, Lennon first became a masculine name and then a gender neutral name. Kathleen + ♡. This incredibly beautiful name means "lark" in Spanish. This beautiful name comes from astronomy and is the name of a constellation of stars. Also wasn't too keen on the Biblical aspect, but the story is a bit rebellious which suits me fine! Ask other parents-to-be and berries for their thoughts on your favorite boys’ baby names. It's related to the much more widely recognized name of Colin, but is rare enough to be a unique name choice for your baby boy.

If you think that the name is a little too informal to be used as a given name, you could still use it as a nickname! Well the Irish don't pronounce things the way we do in america. A few Irish names if you want to continue the trend:Una Ailbhe /AlvaEilis (Eye-LEESH) (Elizabeth)AoifeAislinn (Ashling)CiaraClodaghCliona (CLEE-uh-na)Doireann (DIRR-inn)Eithne (Enya)Riona (REE-uh-na)Reailtin (RAIL-teen)Aifric (AFF-rik)Alaistriona (Alice-TREE-na) f. form of Alexander and AlastairCaoilfhionn (KEE-lun)Aoibheann (EVE-een)HonoraLiadan (LEE-uh-dawn)Muireann (MWIR-inn)Tadhg (Ty-g)AntonConallColmanFiacra (FEE-uh-cra)Fiach (FEE-uch) ch as in lochDaraghFeilim (FAY-lim)OisinLir (Lear)RafteryDeclanLorcanJarlathMolingCiaranKillianEoinRuadhan (ROO-awn)RonanLachlanCormacTs and Ds pronounced as in French 'tu' and 'de'Janette flows a bit better as a mn than Janet, imo. Or to browse baby names using the finder tool below, just choose your religion from the drop-down along with baby’s gender, and you would see a large list of unique hindu baby boy names options. Irish spelling Meabh is popular in Ireland, but not recommended in the US. Love United. Leo.

We are leaning towards Finn if we have a second boy. 6: 867: August 17, 2020 Dayan … It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! I like old names:Ivy (DH hates it)Beth (with Janet initials becomes BJ sadler - not ideal!! Leighton is a variation of the name Layton, which was originally a last name. Baby Names Inspired By The Trump Family Tree. Sounds to me like it's incomplete, or someone just whacked a 'v' sound in the name May. I love the name Allen its so good, also Robin and Hunter,Ethan, Aiden. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Since those times, it has taken on many variations, including Fabianus, Fabijan, and Fabiano. 8 months ago. I used to think the pronunciation was May-vee (which, personally I feel sounds much prettier), but I dislike the abruptness of Maeve. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Boy names … Gaelic with a traditional middle, like Angus has. I used to love this name...until I discovered I was pronouncing it incorrectly. Grainne, Aoife, Saoirse, Fionnoula are some examples for girls, Ciaran, Seamus, Aengus, Eoghan for boys. The name hit its peak in 2009, but even then it only managed to reach number 456 on the list of top baby names for girls. Maergrethe 1 >> You Might Also Like... Baby Name Lists. Meri or Muri would be a cute nn. ), Luke, and we just thought of Kellan...any feedback? My niece's name is Maeve! 16 names similar to Maeve. Lyra is named after the lyre of the mythological figure Orpheus, who created music so beautiful that he was able to convince the god of the underworld to allow him to bring his deceased wife back to the land of the living.
Antonia may not be used often, but it does have a lot of staying power! To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Both names have a long and ancient history, coming from the Latin root "vivus" which means "life." Maeve would make an excellent first or middle name choice, with more character and resonance than Mae/May and more modern charm than Mavis.


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