We need to understand how exactly we ended up here and who is captured by the special interests that continue to advocate for what futurist Alex Stefan calls “predatory delay.” Only then can we find our way out of the spider webs that have entrapped us in this moment of crisis and fight for a future we won’t constantly compare to dystopia. Let’s start with the forest side of the equation. Get TMZ breaking news sent right to your browser! Washington Governor Jay Inslee said this week that more acres burned on … And His Fellow Republicans are Even Worse. But let’s recap to really get the blood flowing and because frankly, feeling rage is a lot more fun than the numb feeling I’ve had lately. Check out the gallery ... if you've ever been to San Fran, you've NEVER seen it like this. I Accidentally Qualified For Team USA Track In H.S.

William Greeley, the head of the Forest Service at the time, was certain that the fires were evidence that “Satan was at work.” He also said that “the conviction burned into me is that fire prevention is the number one job of American foresters.”. People really don’t know what to do right now. Smoke from wildfires in California and Oregon spread over San Francisco on Sept. 9, 2020 darkening the skies to an orange hue. From San Francisco to Yosemite, social media was filled with images of ominous red and orange skies as smoke from a variety of fires blocked the sun. SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Smoky air cast an orange shade over the Bay Area sun and skies Tuesday morning, leaving people to wonder what 2020 is bringing us now. In case you missed it, fires are burning across the Western U.S., and thick wildfire smoke has enveloped regions of California and Oregon. Despite this, Congress has done nothing to act. California … Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 have both been touchpoints for the scenes of a futuristic city bogged down in haze. “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S.…, Eventually, the federal government implemented the 10 a.m. rule, decreeing all fires be put out by, you guessed it, 10 a.m. the day after they were spotted.

Fire season will go on until we get rain, like it does every year (though the rain comes later and later). QUANDO RONDO CLAIMS HIS CREW WAS DEFENDING ITSELF. 1. While it’s tempting to look forward and warn of a more fiery future, looking at the past has never been more important. The San Francisco area has seen blood red skies as wildfires continue to rage through the reason, BBC News reports. The smoke is billowing in from east of the city, but it's sitting atop San Francisco's trademark fog ... which is preventing the smoke from coming down to the ground. 9/10/20 4:40PM • Filed to: wildfire season is year round now. Then, the catastrophic firestorm in the Northern Rockies in 1910 dubbed the Big Burn changed everything. The Bay Area is shrouded in a layer of smoke so thick, it broke everything from camera sensors to weather models. Bay Area residents woke up to a dark, red and orange sky Wednesday with many calling it "apocalyptic" and drawing comparisons to dystopian films. The Forest Service was hardly alone in this; a former Wisconsin’s conservation director who served around the time of Greeley noted that “every foot of land we possess as a nation has value, that there is a possible utilization for all of it.” And the mindset of making money off the land continues to this day. The Forest Service’s mission is (emphasis added) “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity” of the land. Our atmosphere and forests are haunted by those decisions, and we forget them at our own risk. West coast wildfires, stemming from the climate crisis, have turned the sky in California and Oregon orange and red.===Support the show at http://TheRationalNational.com/JoinDonate Directly at http://PayPal.me/daviddoelTip at https://streamlabs.com/therationalnational/tip‘Join’ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo9oQdIk1MfcnzypG3UnURA/join Follow David Doel at http://twitter.com/DavidDoelFollow The Rational National at http://twitter.com/TRNshowFollow on Twitch at http://twitch.tv/TheRationalNational ===Sources:https://bit.ly/2Zl0qXq (clip 1)https://bit.ly/3bHnjJr (map of smoke)https://bit.ly/3mhjjV0 (heat map)https://bit.ly/3bGMjAu (image 1)https://n.pr/3hg4YV9 (NPR report)https://bit.ly/337s232 (four images)https://bit.ly/35s9b5T (red sky video)https://bit.ly/3kfpaZd (fire video)https://bit.ly/338RTry (climate change role)https://cnn.it/3m6bu4m (CNN report)https://bit.ly/3bGyKRH (Bill McKibben)
San Francisco looks like a city on Mars, or a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie, but the very real orange glowing sky is the eerie byproduct of raging wildfires across California. Then there’s the climate side of the equation. And the risk of a much more ominous multi-decade “megadrought” rise there and in Texas, just as Revelle predicted. San Francisco looks like a city on Mars, or a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie, but the very real orange glowing sky is the eerie byproduct of raging wildfires across California. Fossil fuel companies have been aided by pliant politicians, particularly Republicans, in stalling any meaningful climate action. ... And as human beings, as a species, that’s why we’re all still here. The 2020 wildfire season has made time and space feel elastic, the present and future, Earth and space colliding like a snap of a rubber band. Especially as red as the sky … The disinformation campaign from Exxon, Chevron, and others was widespread and continues to this day. One of my favorite albums is “Under A Blood Red Sky” by U2. The sun will glow red again, even if the whole sky does not. Fire suppression, then, was really about trying to preserve as much of the forest to chop down with some racism thrown in (Greeley derided the Indigenous approach as “Piute forestry”). Here’s a snippet of testimony from more than 30 years earlier on the risks going hard on the whole fossil fuel burning thing could desertify California: We haven’t quite reached that stage (yet), but we have seen California swing into deep, dangerous drought this decade that has helped fuel fires. ... 'Presidential Crimes Commission' is the Way!!! From 1990 to 2010, a staggering 13.4 million homes were built in this fire-prone landscape. These images are from around midday Wednesday, and as you can see, there's a creepy haze created by plumes of smoke blanketing the city ... making the day seem almost like night. 14,000 firefighters are battling 28 fires across the state. West coast wildfires, stemming from the climate crisis, have turned the sky in California and Oregon orange and red. Everyone on the Embarcadero is stopping to record the sky and chit chatting in a way I haven’t seen since pre-pandemic @sfchronicle pic.twitter.com/ueKQ4g7WTD. There’s perhaps no better distillation of this mindset than former Exxon CEO and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying the following in a 2012 interview: “If you take a, what I would call a reasonable scientific approach to that, we believe those consequences are manageable. Oh, and then there are developers who have spent decades luring people to the wildland-urban interface and local governments who have enabled sprawl. A man photographs Downtown San Francisco in Dolores Park under an orange sky darkened by smoke from California wildfires. One of the core pillars of the agency is leasing land for timber. Well, maybe not so surreal for 2020 ... which is a whole vibe now, for sure. And half of all homes burned down by fires are rebuilt within five years, putting people back in harm’s way.

Others referenced The Martian, a science fiction movie set in the future on another planet entirely (though astronomers pointed out that Venus and Titan are also perfectly acceptable analogs). This was, on its face, a public safety thing since communities were expanding into the forests and the Big Burn killed 87 people, including a number of firefighters. The map also shows the phases of the Moon, and all solar and lunar eclipses. Bejhan Razi, a senior building inspector in Mill Valley, California, checks out repairs on a lamp-post clock as the sky is illuminated by nearby wildfires. Locals are standing in awe in the streets recording the unique sight. I’m sure the people who’s houses burned down or those who are breathing the most polluted air on Earth agree, Rex.


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