Who said you can’t add a little twist to your soda? Give it a little swill in ice and you have a marvelous margarita. One of the best things about this drink is its simplicity. Luckily, each of these items come in individual sized bottles which are easier for travel. Luckily, each of these items come in individual sized bottles which are easier for travel. If the Moscow Mule is your go-to cocktail, you will love the Mule Ride for you next camping trip. Add a splash of lime juice and ginger beer. Take a single serve bottle of orange juice from your cooler, pour it into a larger glass along with gin and ice. Plenty of games and activities for the kids, great food and a break from mundane life for the adults. Toast some marshmallows. A little play on the old Greyhound cocktail, the Grey Fox is every bit as good. They have more flavor than most beer and wines, and with shots of booze, a stronger kick to them too. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy. Stormy Sipping All Rights Reserved. Then all you have to do is make sure you do not actually get sand in the cup. The old Grey Fox is a refreshing cocktail for any part of the camp day. Despite the name, these cocktails are a piece of cake to make. The best part of this drink is that you can garish it with leftover bacon (who am I kidding, there is never leftover bacon), celery, or a pickle. Cinnamon Hot Buttered Rum. A little play on the old Greyhound cocktail, the Grey Fox is every bit as good. While a beer at your campsite is perfect for the summer, these hot alcoholic drinks taste just right on a chilly night. I like Old Forester for mixing but pack a bottle of your own favorite. Camping is a blast for the whole family! This Pina Colada is one of a kind. Mix grapefruit juice vodka, and seltzer water. For the camp friendly version use a travel sized bottle of your favorite whiskey, and add ginger ale to taste. Whether you are “glamping” in a posh Airstream, “roughing-it” under the stars in a sleeping bag, or just pitching a tent in your own backyard, your fellow “campsite” friends will be blown away by these fun campfire cocktails! When the campground’s beach seems incomplete without a drink in your hand, turn to this simple recipe. Then add about 1.5 oz of vodka, a splash of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. We devised this drink for a picnic, but it’s great for camping too—if you have a drinks cooler (or a stream or lake) to keep the club soda chilled. Don’t forget about the classic rum and coke. Equal parts dark rum and ginger beer with a splash of lime juice. Then salt and pepper to taste. The old Grey Fox is a refreshing cocktail for any part of the camp day. It may seem like this recipe uses several ingredients, however, most of the ingredients can be used in other camping meals. Wild Whiskey Chowhound. Mix up this cocktail any time of the day. For a more convenient option, bring along a mini bottle of champagne and a single sever orange juice. DARK & STORMY. Then when you are ready, just pop the champagne and combine it with the OJ. About 3 oz of tomatoes juice is where we will begin. It turns out to be a nice treat, no matter the weather. Remove from heat after 10-15 minutes and add vanilla. Combine in a … Mix the drink with any clean utensil and enjoy! Of course, campfire time is fun for the whole family. These ten cocktail recipes are especially great for camping because none require using a … Okay, maybe it is not your thing, but a Whiskey Sour is hard to turn down.


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