With that being said, there are an abundance of candidates who would go toe-to-toe with Doomsday, simply to test their mettle. Battle to the utter death/obliteration. Someone showing me feats and scans of Dormammu that far outweigh Multiversal destruction and creation.Something that Dormammu has done, outside of his realm, that has shown he has threatened everything on a cosmic scale across every plane of existence. I kind of feel Dormammu in a close one, although I agree that he doesn't have the greatest fight record in the comics.
All he's done is claimed he could beat a celestial. That Strange was able to use the Time Gem in Dormammu's Dark Dimension is something that's not fully explained as to why it was able to work.

I think Dormammu is above Odin in terms of power. Next, since we know that properly used one Infinity Stone (The Time Stone) can defeat him or at least make him annoyed enough to leave, can any other Stone overpower him or force him back (In Dark Dimension or outside it). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Strange has also faced Dormammu, Eternity, Death, The In-Betweener, etc. Strange attempts to reason with Galactus, but it doesn't work. Someone showing me feats and scans of Dormammu that far outweigh Multiversal destruction and creation. A battle … Both are enraged. Doomsday presents a unique threat in that he can very rarely be stopped permanently, so the heroes of the Marvel Universe may have to settle for temporarily defeating the behemoth. It's why the Time Stone still worked in Dormamu's Dark Dimension, the Dark Dimension still counts as part of Earth-1999999, but that same Time Stone if brought to 616 would be powerless. No one has yet to defeat Odin, but maybe if Hela and Thor somehow work together, then they could, so Hela is another. Dormammu is a demonic entity with magical power that would dwarf the Odinson. Dr. Press J to jump to the feed. If he feels pressed and wants to manipulate the Odin-force more aggressively, he can summon his Uru-Metal spear, Gungnir which is bursting with enchantments. There's nothing that indicates that Thanos could possibly beat him just using tech - and the Gauntlet is literally just a metal gauntlet, nothing special about it other than being designed to easily carry the Infinity Stones. A better match would be his father and even Odin may struggle to cope with Dormammu.

I have some questions, can Thanos with his tech and army and without any Infinity Stones and just the Infinity Gauntlet defeat Dormammu if he tried to consume his world? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Strange well beyond Skyfather level? realities that have Earths) have their own Infinity Stones. Dormammu created Satanish by using a fraction of his power. Dormammu is an ancient and archaic entity that rules an entire dark dimension outside the normal confines of the Marvel Universe. Dormammu is a cosmic being of untold power. He can manipulate time and space and to a degree control reality itself. In Doctor strange we hear multiple times that Dormammu is all powerful.

Different Universes are completely separate from each other but each one contains many Dimensions. Strange has already defeated Dormammu, so that's one Thor has defeated Surtur (kind of, technically it's just that it was yet time for Ragnarok) so definitely him. Dimensions are a smaller subset of a universe. And seeing as how Zom had his hands full from Strange alone imbued with an "aged and weary" Ancient One's power, there's nothing to suggest that Eternity couldn't stomp him on his own.

The power stone, while it would give Thanos insane power can't match Dormammu who has supposedly literally infinite power, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskScienceFiction community. Not entirely correct.


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