Generally 8″ cake takes around 30-35 minutes to cook . I am amazed that your daughter as young as 4 attempted it. You can bake the rest of the batter in second batch. Hi…khushboo….I have made this cake 4times before…and every time it turned out awesome…now I want to add some dry fruits into it so please tell me can I ask them in this cake only….?? If desired, top with chocolate sprinkles or mini chocolate chips. Did you do the toothpick test.This recipe is very forgiving and as you can see in the comments , my readers have tried it with no issues. Check at 25 minutes and bake for more time if needed. You may make that pan work by increasing the height using foil. However, I’ve never worked with viegar before. :-)Thank you thank you thank you so much! Wow …..never thought a Eggles cupcake could be this yummier …. or kept them in the pan for long, Hi, 3. it turned out beautifully!! That’s why little confused. ThNk you. My kids love cartoon characters on the cake. Thank you for a lovely feedback.

Check at 12 minute mark. Oops..I cut layers before refrigeration..will refrigerate and cut later next time..thank you. You can frost cake 2-4 days before the event. ? Can u please help why does this happen ? Do share it on my facebook page message section if possible. Hi Khusboo…Can’t thank you enough…your 3 words NO FAIL RECIPE and simple ingredients gave me the courage to give it a try (complete amateur) Stay blessed and keep inspiring. But I do have a question about the cake – I baked it in a small 6in pan, so a thin cake. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Wow, this recipe came out really good, the addition of the instant coffee was a hit, gave the taste of a brownie too, texture everything was amazing, thank you so much, I baked this today for my dad’s bdy n everyone loved it!! Happy to know that Kanika. possibly my daughter’s help did play a role I am just wondering if I use the same recipe for Chocolate cake and just increase the amount of chocolate and skip colour. Thanks for reaching out Aparna. Say about 35-40 minutes.

I prefer room temperature method for 8-10 hours. this recipe is exactly what you have titled it to be…the best eggless chocolate cake everrrrrr. Take care.

These items cannot be republished or used without prior written permission. the batter is not very thick. I am confused pls help. Turned out super awesome.

That’s sweet Mamta.

262,164 suggested recipes. I will note the final weight next time when I bake this cake. Hello Jenni, you can remove only 1/4th cup sugar from the recipe. You can message me the picture on my facebook page @carveyourcraving . So once again you don’t have a single reason not to make it. I.forgot to seive 2 times would that affect? You know what, I was in such a hurry to finish baking the cake and eat it ? However, I just had a slight problem the cakes had few cracks on the top..

I actually never had this kind of issue with any of my previous cakes. Thank you for a lovely feedback Nisha. I always Preheat my oven atleast for 20 min. Hey khushboo ,I have always been asking you and you have always answered my queries so humble of you?I have tried once your no fail chocolate cake recipe and it has turned out yumm? hi khushboo, So you always add it to the liquid and mix until dissolved.

Thank you Amruta for a lovely feedback. Do you completely cool the cake in the refrigerator and then cut layers? I have tried ur cupcake recipe and it taste absolutely yummy.. however, my cupcakes develop cracks on the top . Also if honey could be used for normal cakes.? Thanks a lot!!! Hi Ritasha , I am happy to get get this lovely feedback. dv, Thank you khushboo for such a lovely recipe. It has got many positive responses. Can I use same receipe to make vanila cake? Thanks again… Please give me a perfect eggless red velvet cake recipe… I don’t use eggs in recipes.

Yes Khushboo Can you make it like a mug cake in microwave. Drop in the pictures as a message on my fb page carveyourcraving.

And soon try to make an extensive post on it after my delivery. Would the resting time of the second batch. But on texture level it was a little crumbly sorts, as in if I cut a piece it will crumble soon. Keep up the good work.. Hi..i want to try this cake without oil? I wonder if you or any of your readers have used this recipe to make cake pops? Many of our most cherished family times have been cooking together in the kitchen at holidays or family gatherings. And no, i did not over beat the batter. If you fill in with frosting it gets a nice height.

I can’t believe myself, now after baking this cake feeling contented that I too can bake a cake. Thank u so much for the guidance…I tried with wheat flour….m not able to share photos here…, glad to hear that Ruju .

By liquid I mean water/milk. Hi Khushboo, My chocolate cake came out super soft and moist.thanks a ton! I have never encountered a problem of cake breaking during layering. Glad you loved this recipe Samiksha. It will work fine Tammy. My family just loves the cake .. Wish I could post a picture of the cake ! I layered it finally and made it into a truffle cake.

Hi khushboo Ive tried this recipe several times n it has always turned out great… This time I was thinking to add nuts n raisins in the batter!in that case do I need to alter any ingredients!? This whole recipe makes 48 3cm diameter cupcakes and the taste is also perfect!! I tried out ur cake n it turned out just perfect! My question is I need to make a 3 layer 10inch cake. But the texture isnt as good as apf of course but turns out great. You can use 2 cupcake pans side by side that will yield 24 cupcakes in total. I dont have cups but have measuring scale, it will take time on my end to put weight measures for previous posts , but for future posts I will make sure I weigh my ingredients as well. Hi Sonia , yes you can make a big batch and bake it back to back. Is there a substitute for basking soda? Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Khushboo. I suspect it isn’t baked. I would suggest you should get an oven thermometer to calibrate your oven . What size pans and temperature you have used . Khushboo, I have been meaning to come and thank you on your page since a long time and have been lazy, so please pardon me. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cocoa powder. i use distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, both wrk great, you can substitute it with same amount of lemon juice too. I made it three times already in a week. Surely would love to see it. Will try and let you know soon. Hi Nurul, I think if you use self-rising flour then just skip the baking soda. I used cold milk bcoz I read the comment late but it still turned out great… thank you for this recipe. They turned out so yummy!!! I generally bake eggless cakes but this time I really wanted to bake with eggs. hi khusboo, so happy to hear that kashmira , do share your work .. Again…an egg allergy! Yes Rasmi, I think palm sugar will work fine. And MAN!!!! Now my readers can try it in microwave too. Hi Khushboo, I have become an ardent fan of your recipes.just recently checked into ur blog and tried these chocolate cupcakes…I am making these cupcakes for my twin nephews.

I topped it with buttercream frosting! I baked them in microwave…convection mode, glad to know that u liked them , i suggest you always use liners for your cupcakes or grease and dust your silicone molds well before filling , pop them out gently after 10 minutes of cooling by loosening the sides, Hello Ma’am I am new to baking i want to try Your Cupcake Recipe but There is a problem That i Don’t Have a Blender can i make These without it and also can u please Suggest me a recipe for 6 cupcakes as I am going to Try it for The First Time Thank You in advance☺☺, Hi shalom , you can use a hand balloon whisk , just half the recipe for 6 cupcakes, Thank You So much Today m going to try this recipe as a cake and do d frosting with whipped cream i wanted to knw d steps for preparation of a cream cake Tia, I didn’t understand your question Shalom , you mean whipped cream frosting process- if yes , refer to my stabilized whipped cream recipe or youtube videos , its a standard process, Hello M’am I tried This recipie to make chocolate cake for my Friends Birthday The cake was tasty but the problem was That it was too dense nd while Frosting it with whipped cream it broke into pieces and as i was going to surprise her with the cake i had to arrange the pieces on the 1st layer And also The Batter was Too Thickeven after adding water Can You Suggest Why did This happen And what precautions can i take as i am planning to make this cake again.

Sounds great Alex.

A non baker can also make this cake v easily. need to know to help you better, Hi khushbu.. and did you use suggested measuring way ? The ingredients are clearly mentioned in the recipe. Ye cake ki khushboo khushboo khushboo (Denver, CO)


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