Add the cream and heat slowly (whisking constantly) until the chocolate is almost completely melted. Throw in some orange flavor (nicely in season in the fall) and you’ve got a recipe for a legendary, decadent dessert.

This post may contain affiliate links. Place chocolate chips in a medium-sized bowl. Add the orange zest and Vino Cotto. Top with the glazing of your choice for variation. To make the ganache place a small saucepan with water on the stove and bring it to a simmer. You can’t just use orange zest and juice in this case though because it’s too subtle and can affect the texture of the cake. This is the type of cake that you’ll want to save for special occasions, so it’s one of the best cakes to make at Christmastime. Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck – Colleen. We found the same thing. I love the idea of doubled bundt!! Some of that is captured in our video series “Fresh from the Kitchen” that Ben presents. What a lovely story and amazing looking cake. Look at that CAKE!!! But will still probably require a full glass of milk or cup of coffee to wash down. Generously spray a bundt pan with baking spray. The batter is super simple, and both flavors are made from the same base – simply mix in your orange flavor stuffs after portioning out some batter for the chocolate.

I'm just glad I got a little marbling after all! He is also an avid writer and has written much of the food related content on our site. You just have to make one batter, separate and customize them, then incorporate them into each other. Mix 1/2 cup of cake batter into the cocoa mixture until combined, then add an additional 1 1/2 cups and mix well. At the risk of wearing out my precious pumpkin too soon, I opted for orange with chocolate instead – a surprisingly delicious flavor pairing. I love Terry's Chocolate Orange to the point where I can eat one almost in one go on my own,  usually secluded away in a quiet corner at some point between Christmas and New Year. Heat the oven to 335 degrees F and coat a 9 inch bundt pan with cooking spray. Although this cake certainly doesn’t need it, I topped it with a glossy chocolate ganache. Combine the two batters and fold just three times. Throw in some…. Drizzle it with ganache and orange glaze for even more flavor!

This recipe results in a moist marble cake that looks pretty amazing baked in a bundt pan. 5. Marbled bundt cake is a great spin on two old classics.

Finally, you combine the two batters and fold them just three times before pouring it into the pan. The most difficult part in making this recipe is getting the marbled look. Whisk the glaze ingredients together, adding more cream to thin the glaze as necessary. 1. Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake. Next, you melt the white and semi-sweet chocolate in separate bowls and the white chocolate to one half, and the semi-sweet chocolate to the other half. Alternate adding orange and chocolate batters into the pans, swirling gently with a skewer.

That’s right…I went all Picasso on this bundt cake, and I’m not even sorry. With an an electric mixer, combine the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and cocoa.

Mix each addition until well combined. Thanks for the comments.

Well done, I know what i'm baking next weekend!

Whisk in drops of food coloring until orange.

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle, cream butter and sugar on medium speed for 2 minutes until pale and fluffy.

Chocolate-Orange Marbled Bundt Cake.


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