Pro Tip: Do you feel like your classical guitar neck is too wide for your hands? In fact many just believe that they are just synonyms for each other or that the acoustic guitar is the classical guitar and vice versa. While you can tell an acoustic guitar from a classical one simply by looking at the neck, there are no easy tell-tale signs for classical and flamenco models. If there’s one other main distinction to be aware of between classical and acoustic guitars, it’s the fact that classical guitars tend to have a thicker neck than steel string acoustic guitars, meaning the distance between strings is also greater. When making your decision between the two, the price point should not be your main focus, as they both are almost equal price wise. The special quality and uniqueness of his sound is the timbre. Similarly, you country songs might sound a bit “strange” or soft if played on a classical guitar.
From a novice standpoint, the classical guitar is not as intimidating. Differences Between Classical and Acoustic.

Acoustic guitars are also very popular in the music world, which makes finding them very easy to do! Classical guitarists will position the guitar body on the left leg. Read More: The Ultimate Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review You’ll Love. Guitar luthiers have continued to innovate ways to enhance the natural projection of acoustic instruments. Differences in Guitar Tonality (timbre), Acoustic Guitar vs. A combined 12th fret is an older, more conventional layout, and while a few acoustic guitars have been constructed this way (typically parlor guitars), it’s a hallmark of this classical layout. This is how you will indeed turn into a beautiful guitar player. More exciting as a result of the crisper sound. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Acoustics also have radiused fingerboards while classical fingerboards are most often flat. Steel-string acoustic guitars give themselves to a broader array of music.

When people refer to ‘acoustic’ guitars, they are likely referring to a “steel string acoustic” guitar with strings made of metal, whereas classical guitars use nylon strings which have a silky, smooth, plastic-like feel. On one hand they are both actually “acoustic… If they do, they may only include the dots on the top of the guitar neck but not on the surface of the fretboard itself.Pro Tip: If your classical or flamenco guitar doesn’t have any dots, I recommend you dab some whiteout on the frets of your choice, or use a small strip of masking tip. Which timbre sounds better? Classical players tend to prefer the flatter neck with respect to playing bar chords, bending notes, or securely playing hammer-on/pull-offs. Steel stringed acoustic guitars tend to have a fingerboard that is more on the thinner side; steel stringed acoustics also typically tend to join at the 14th fret.

You should solely base your decision off of what types of music you would like to play and your musical goals, not by choosing which guitar is easier to play. A crucial decision is facing you if you begin with an acoustic or classical guitar? ( Log Out / 

If you are seriously looking to become a performing artist, you should own an acoustic guitar. This accommodates the different playing styles between the two in relation to the left hand thumb (see section on playing style differences below). This approximately 1 cm width difference. ( Log Out /  Guild M-120 – Is This The Best Concert Sized Guitar? At least not anymore. Fidlar's post will cover the principal differences between Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar different types of guitars, such as audio, playability, and construction. I encourage you to try both styles of guitar as each one can create beautiful sounds, and bring endless joy.

Classical guitarists keep the thumb low and relatively straight, about midway down the back of the neck. On top of that, Acoustic guitars can also be converted into different types of guitars, so the sizing of acoustic guitars are pretty inconsistent. Acoustic guitars are all steel-stringed tools used prominently in pretty much any type of music.
He's also a classical guitarist, and has studied Chinese language, music and culture extensively.

As you can see from the image below, the way the strings are wound and the angle of the tuning pegs is also a point of differentiation: In addition to the fretboard markers, the shape of classical and acoustic guitar fretboards is also different.

Nylon strings don’t work well with acoustic guitars because nylon strings don’t apply enough tension on the neck to produce a decent sound; nylon strings on acoustic guitars produce a sound that is too thin and weak. It is a common misconception that playing the classical guitar will be easier because your fingers won’t have to do as much work compared to playing a steel-stringed acoustic guitar. As guitars evolved to function as new tools, we see that lots of classical instruments were left in favor of improved technologies.

These are the most frequently made guitars novices begin with, however as we’ll see, they’re not the ideal alternative for everybody. Classical guitarists never stand while playing. Perhaps one of the most immediate and obvious differences when examining classical and acoustic guitars is the type of strings used.

Your email address will not be published. Nobody will prevent you from strumming a classical guitar, but remember they are constructed to be performed with your fingers, not having a pick. The term “classical guitar” can refer to a specific instrument, a style of playing, or a course of study. Acoustic guitars with steel strings are harder to play, but allow musicians to cover a larger genre of music. You will feel the space between the strings helpful for both the right and the left hand fingers, as there’s less chance for interference or accidentally touching multiple strings at once. Fidlar’s post will cover the principal differences between Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar different types of guitars, such as audio, playability, and construction. Can you hear it in your head? If you’d like the new kind of sense as you play guitar, then you can go with an acoustic guitar. – Learn Guitar Today, Less left hand finger pressure needed when pressing on strings, Players more often use their finger(s) to strum, fingerpicking is a more common technique, Classical guitar has an established pedagogy and repertoire, More left hand finger pressure needed when pressing on strings, Players more often use a pick to strum, fingerpicking is also possible and some players even use steel, Steel string guitar is suited for a variety of styles such as folk, acoustic rock, and jazz. The most significant left hand difference between classical and acoustic guitar playing is the placement of the thumb on the back of the neck. Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. When you first get your instrument, make sure that you gently start to tune the guitar. Fingerboard: Typically, classical tools have broader, flatter fingerboards with marginally wider string spacing. Common Traits of Classical Guitar. A lot of beginning guitarists tend to quit playing because of the struggle learning the actual instrument, not the music. For more info on flamenco guitar, check out my page on the topic.

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