이제 위치를 찾으십시오 ClueFinders 3rd Grade 방금 다운로드 한 파일입니다. Gameplay: Find the vine that fits the pit's perimeter. Goo is strange green substance that the flowers and insects who inhabit the area enjoy. The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: Mystery of Mathra, The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano, The ClueFinders Reading Adventures Ages 9-12: Mystery of the Missing Amulet, The ClueFinders Math Adventures Ages 9–12: Mystery in the Himalayas, The ClueFinders Search and Solve Adventures: The Phantom Amusement Park. Dr. Horace Pythagoras, a scientist who has traveled there to study the secrets of Numeria, believes that there should be a more logical explanation to the situation. One wears glasses that resemble those worn by the. The game ends with LapTrap being given to the ClueFinders and, in this respect, The Mystery of Mathra can be seen as an origin story for the rest of the series. The characters listed are characters that appear only in The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures. He falls down the pit. The monster Mathra is a parody on Mothra from Toho Studios and Godzilla's films. Type(s) Goo from Goo Springs flows down Goo Falls forming the Goo Lagoon. {{#arraydefine:regioncount|{{#ask: PageName::The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra |?Region= |mainlabel=-}}|,}} Awards | Changelog | Cheats | Codes | Codex Compatibility | Covers | Credits | DLC | Help Patches | Ratings | Reviews | Manifest Screenshots | Soundtrack | Videos Walkthrough, Awards | Changelog | Cheats | Codes | Codex Compatibility | Covers | Credits | DLC | Help Patches | Ratings | Reviews | Manifest Screenshots | Soundtrack | Videos Walkthrough. When the ClueFinders leave the rainforest, Dr. Pythagoras gives them LapTrap, who faints when he hears he'll be going on more dangerous adventures. However, since Mathra's return, the goo has been polluted. When animals began disappearing in the Numerian rainforest again, some suspect Mathra. Fearing the monster might escape again, they abandoned their city, never to return. {{#arraydefine:ratings|ESRB: Everyone (E)|,}}{{#arrayprint:ratings| |@|@}} Gameplay: Place the address stones in the grooves on the monkey's doorway to create a number that fits his requirement. Gameplay: Look at the bridge pieces to deduce the pattern. The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid, The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures: Empire of the Plant People. Then click and drag the correct plaque to the empty space. {{#arraydefine:developers|The Learning Company|,}}{{#arrayprint:developers|, |@|@ }} He reappeared in the rainforest later and swore revenge on the ClueFinders. After they do so, the Mathra trap becomes invisible, and the Cluefinders lure the returning Limburger to fly his plane into it. Items Required: Beetle Bags (One color per wall). screenshots; Part Number: LLCLU3RADJ. The game contains a number of parodies of and allusions to popular culture and other topics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Monkey Kingdom is home to the monkeystadors who are headed by Vasco da Bongo. Skills Taught: Addition with whole numbers or decimals, Skill(s) Taught: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Items Required: Sneezeberries (One color per bridge). 아래의 다운로드 미러를 사용하여 지금 당장이 작업을 수행 할 수 있습니다. A thousand years ago the ancient Numerians, great inventors, built a great city in the Numerian rainforest. {{#arraydefine:pagetype|Video Game|,}}{{#arrayprint:pagetype|, |@|Video Game }} His last name is a reference to Pythagoras. It was released on January 6, 1998. Deep within the Numerian rain forest, the ClueFinders—Joni, Santiago, Leslie, and Owen—have stumbled upon a mystery. This is another allusion to the Beatles. 메뉴 > 설정 > 보안> 으로 이동하여 알 수없는 소스 를 선택하여 휴대 전화가 Google Play 스토어 이외의 소스에서 앱을 설치하도록 허용하십시오. However, when they jump out of the plane with their parachutes, they land in the jungle canopy, far from the Lost City. In both places, they meet highly intelligent animals and plants which can communicate to each other and the ClueFinders. 설치하려면 ClueFinders 3rd Grade 타사 응용 프로그램이 현재 설치 소스로 활성화되어 있는지 확인해야합니다. The video screen that pops up when using Santiago's video phone has the screen (when off) in different colors: at the starting point it's charcoal gray, in the Monkey Kingdom it's light gray, and at the Goo Lagoon it's blue in some areas whilst pink in others. The ClueFinders fly to the rainforest in Mr. Limburger's airplane, where he explains the legend of Mathra to them. When the ClueFinders leave the rainforest with Dr. Pythagoras after the game's climax, it is daytime again. Gameplay: Read the inscription on the monument. Meanwhile, Limburger reappears in the rainforest and swears his vengeance. Both locations also contain clues that suggest that Mathra couldn't be behind the animals' disappearance: a can of aviation engine oil and a business card labeled "Fletcher's Furriers". Dr. Horace Pythagoras, PhD, is a famous naturalist and an uncle to Joni Savage, leader of the ClueFinders club. The game credits refer to these plants, as well as the other denizens of the Goo Lagoon, as "Livergooligans," a play on the word "Liverpooligan." Dr. Pythagoras, however, believes there is a simple explanation. {{#arraydefine:publishers|The Learning Company|,}}{{#arrayprint:publishers|, |@|@ }} Basic Information They eventually captured Mathra and locked him in a deep dungeon. The ClueFinders discover that Dr. Pythagoras is trapped on the other side of the Bottomless Pits of Doom with all the animals that Limburger has been collecting. They locked the door to the city, split the key in two, and buried the halves in puzzles "in two corners of the rainforest." 1998, the year ClueFinders: 3rd Grade Adventures was released on Windows. The ClueFinders think that Mathra has returned and is responsible for the current troubles in the rain forest. Operating System: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 UPC: 7-98936-82410-3. Dr. Pythagoras' last request before his abduction was to call the ClueFinders, a group of detectives founded by Dr. Pythagoras' niece, Joni Savage. Limburger was trapped by the Mathra trap and fell into the Bottomless Pits of Doom. There are four different areas of the rainforest, each of which teaches a different skill and has a different goal. ClueFinders 3rd Grade 이 (가) 귀하의 기기에 설치되었습니다. Limburger built a disguise for his airplane, so it would appear to be Mathra, having used the legend of Mathra to provide a cover of his smuggling of animal hides for his fur company. Gameplay: Find the creature that fits the description. In the end it is revealed that Limburger is the villain. Publisher(s) Cover of The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: Mystery of Mathra is the first game in the ClueFinders series. In the UK version of "Birds on Vacation", you learn World Geography instead. Gameplay: Use the hints to find out where you are on the map, then place the marker on that spot. All you need to install the game is … Venture Deep Into the Rain Forest and Build Essential 3rd Grade Skills. This overlooks the fact that Limburger quite obviously reached the city before them. The goo is being polluted. Dr. Pythagoras' last words are, "Call the ClueFinders!" To do this, one must collect Beetle Bags. The two areas of the rainforest that contain the keys are the Monkey Kingdom and the Goo Lagoon. This is the only ClueFinders game to feature full song sequences. The ClueFinders find that Limburger has thrown an oil can in the goo here to pollute the Goo Lagoon. During their travels, the ClueFinders meet highly intelligent talking animals and plants who have valuable information on how to find the keys to the lost city. 즐겨! Math, Logic, Geography, Science, Language Arts, The Practice Mode map, which shows how the subjects are distributed, The cave at the center of the Rings of Fire, The entrance to the Bottomless Pits of Doom, Promotional image from TLC Launcher screens. By helping out the creatures of the forest, the ClueFinders are able to obtain items required to complete the ancient Numerian puzzles: Sneezeberries from the Monkey Kingdom, and Goo Beetles from the Goo Lagoon. The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra From Encyclopedia Gamia Archive Wiki, your source for walkthroughs, games, guides, and more! Developer(s) The Four Flowers at Goo Lagoon resemble the four members of The Beatles. Gameplay: Read the directions on the sign, and then place the worms in the correctly numbered seats. While searching each area, Joni and Santiago find clues that suggest that Mathra isn't behind the disappearing animals: a badge labeled "Fletcher's Furriers" and a can of aviation engine oil. The two areas of the rainforest that contain the keys are the Monkey Kingdom and the Goo Lagoon.


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