The amount of time it cools depends on how cold the keg is when you get it.

A CO2 pump, on the other hand, is nice and clean, reducing any risk of a low quality tasting beer to zero. Open the shut-off valve (1) on the regulator to allow CO2 gas to flow from the regulator to the keg coupler.

Let the keg settle in an ice bucket for two hours before tapping it. Homebrew Beer Bottles and Bottling Equipment. So you ought to try out whats a good PSI for your beers. Line up the two notches on the keg with the two indentations on the bottom of the Coupler. You'll notice a few open slits at the top of the keg and a ball bearing in the middle. Just like everyone has mentioned, if you use CO2 for the pressure, then you don't have to worry about oxidation and the beer going skunky. Ventilate and evacuate an enclosed area in case of leakage; breathing high concentrations of carbon dioxide gas can be deadly.

Typically, it’s advised your CO2 pressure remain a constant 12-14 psi. Just got into kegging, and got my 2nd keg last night. Start by turning the “Shut Off” valve at the base of the Regulator to the OFF position (perpendicular to the hose).

Inaccurate pressure might result in improper carbonation, resulting in either flat beer or tad bit more froth than you were looking for. When Beer is agitated it will release the CO2 from the beer and increase the pressure in the keg or worse release the CO2 while you are pouring your beer. The nitrogen, at high pressure, forces beer through these 5 holes and creates the white creamy head by agitating the CO2 out of the beer. Doing at start of keg or mid-keg same-same, waste of gas, so I guess bad idea, kegs should be left alone.

Align lug locks on coupler body with lug housing in top of keg; insert tavern head. Open valve on the top of tank and please ensure that you turn the regulators “Shut Off” valve located below the Dials attached to the CO2 Hose to the “ON” position which is parallel with the hose, this will pressurize the system.

Thanks for all of the helpful advice. If there has been excessive agitation during transportation, allow the keg to settle for 1 to 2 hours before tapping. What I do with the pressure release is to check of the CO2 is being applied. You're about to “screw” the tap into place. The regulator that you are using for the CO2 cylinder would not be suitable. Comment. Welcome beerman1000. After an hour you can plug in the fridge. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding installing CO2 into your kegerator. But before you’re ready to tap the keg, there are a few things you’ll need to do first…, If your keg fridge has just undergone the stress of being transported or laid on its side it will need to sit upright for an hour before you plug it in. Should I expect the beer to be colder than the air? The keg is now tapped. Align the keg coupler with the lugs on the keg and turn it clockwise to lock it into place. Flat beer, is bad beer, but with a CO2 canister hooked up, you can fill your kegerator once and still be able to take out for gatherings again and again. It is a Nitrogen faucet or a Stout faucet. Do not use a CO2 cylinder without a regulator gauge for keg tapping. Lift the keg coupler handle up into the "off" position. The last thing is the secret to getting the creamy head you see on a glass of English ale or stout. Slip a hose clamp over one end of the air hose and attach the hose to the regulator hose barb.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Remember to only pump to maintain your beer flow, and only pump when the faucet is open. We are open, but our showroom is closed. All I found were meat thermometers at Target (would that work?) I'll look for a liquid thermometer tomorrow at the grocery store. Now that everything’s in place, it’s time for the easy part.

Otherwise, it’ll just be a guessing game. We all know how to pull a good beer from the tap but tapping the keg is another skill altogether. All times are GMT-8. Stop pumping once a good beer flow has been reached. Using the shut-off valve on your regulator, turn off the CO2. The more you move the keg the more the beer gets agitated. Typically CO2 is used to dispense delicious beer out of your keg. Sam Orr has been writing since 2006. To ensure the tapping process goes by smoothly, place the canister in the upright position. Cleaning kegs asap is good practice, but I would just add "asap after removal from the fridge". 09-08-2008, 10:08 PM.

Before removing the bottle cap, pull the pressure relief valve to release bottle pressure. Both single and dual gauge regulators are available for use with CO2 pressured keg dispensers.

This is where you are venturing into nitro beers. The second gauge on your regulator is what’s called the gauge and this is what measures the amount of CO2 or N2 that’s left in your cylinder. Well, a previously mentioned, using a regular air or party pump can decrease the overall quality of your beer.

Check the temperature of the beer initially and periodically during dispensing; a beer temperature of 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary for optimal dispensing. If there has been excessive agitation during transportation, let it settle for a couple of minutes prior to tapping.

If you have no leaks in your system, it won't continue to use any CO2 with the keg empty.

I turn off the gas to the keg, just in case somebody opens the tap...and all your gas in gone. CO2 tank/regulator off, tap keg, turn CO2 on, adjust PSI, tug on pressure release, it should hiss, if hiss engage coupler, if no hiss something is wrong. You will find lots of help on this site. Air line tubing and connectors (5/16" heavy grade plastic tubing that connects the regulator to the keg coupler), Draft beer tower or dispensing valve faucet. You must log in or register to reply here. Some cheaper beers that are brewed with lesser malt and hops may have a high carbonation levels to compensate for the lack in taste while the premium beers may have lesser carbonation when the brewer keg their beers. I always pull it before tapping a keg. Now moving onto your CO2 canister, attach a CO2 regulator to the cylinder before tightening the regulator coupler nut with an adjustable spanner. Tapping a keg of beer with a traditional pump style "party tap" will successfully transfer beer from a keg to numerous cups for a single day of enjoyment. If it pours too slow or without enough head for your liking you can up the output pressure by turning the set screw clockwise to add pressure. Make sure the beer faucet is in the off position prior to tapping. Connect those hoses to the coupler you will be using, and tighten the hex or wing nut fittings. So if you can afford the space and you are using an external gas tank, I would recommend that you get a large gas tank. You'll have to learn how to do keg stands on your own. You then must pull the “Pressure Release” valve on the side of the Keg Coupler. Make sure this is secured especially tight. Tap the keg, and open the faucet until all of the pressure is released. Originally posted by Kpt42 View Post. The keg is now tapped! See Pressure Neutralizing your keg section below.


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