The most critical problem was lack of seedlings, followed by pest damage, farm gate nut price and access to technology. Moreover, they have labour during all the year to, farming is low. Concerning the type, husks. quadrant analysis. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. to conduct their internship at various research. [Note: This study was conducted by two French **. knowledge of coconut growers on scientific cultivation practices. Training needs of the growers were Therefore, participatory extension programs and better extension approaches such as farmer field schools could be used to change the attitude, knowledge and skills of growers towards organic farming. A guide to scientific cultivation and management of coconut, Nuegoda, Sri Lanka. Coconut Palm Fertilizer. Finally, the study shows that farmers with large estates are the most involved to follow training programs and apply the advices given by the CRISL. About the Coconut Research Institute, However, 30.1% of the growers were found to not use any technique to improve the soil moisture even when the drought is a frequent event in the country, but this more valid for small scale growers. Further involvement of a third party such as the government, an NGO or a private company to assist organic growers would also increase the adoptability rate of organic farming. If you are looking for best fertilizer for coconut tree, go through this article as we have curated a list of 5 best fertilizer for coconut tree to help you out. The study was carried out to identify the most frequently practiced cultural practices by coconut growers in the main coconut growing area termed as “Coconut Triangle”, among a set of technical practices recommended by the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka (CRISL). Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the important influencing factors for adoption of organic coconut farming. All rights reserved. face to face interviews in their fields. Liyanage M. de S. (1999). and pest management practices.

university students; Angélique Perrautas a part of their internship at the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka, Mr. Baptiste Legrandand producing coconut inorganically. Coconut growers' attitudes and perceptions are the major factors that lead to the adoption of organic farming. The Most Frequent Agronomic Practices Used by the Coconut Farmers in the Coconut Triangle, All content in this area was uploaded by Rusitha Wijekoon on Sep 19, 2019, Higher National Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Science, Universi, Corresponding Author: lalithperera1234@yaho, practices to the yield and to analyse the effects of, randomly selected growers mostly from major. practices followed by fertilizer application practices in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. The theoretical framework for the study was developed based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. cultivation and management of coconut, ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. An empirical investigation. The adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies by smallholders can lead to a reduction in pesticide use in cotton, as soon as the recommended cropping practices are adapted to local conditions and associated with a threshold-based use of chemicals. Our paper is an attempt to use such a participatory method as a tool to explore farmers' needs and constraints when smallholders are asked to adopt an integrated approach to cotton pest management. Determinants of Economic Well-being among Sri Lankan Coconut Growers and Moderating Effect of Technology Adoption. Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). The cyber extension or internet based extension may be a future solution to cater the part-time growers. Adequate supplies of water and labour are the two major inputs needed for the success of the system. Drought, lack of funds, price instability, lack of technical know-how on intercrop management and problems of timely availability of inputs are the major constraints experienced by farmers in expanding intercropping. Miss. Finally, the study shows that farmers, with large estates are the most involved to follow. The paper gives a concise account of the practice in Sri Lanka indicating the crops most commonly grown as intercrops, arrangement of different crops and early research results on the productivity of the intercrops and their effect on coconuts. The Most Frequent Agronomic Practices Used by the Coconut Farmers in the Coconut Triangle of SL.pdf, All content in this area was uploaded by Rusitha Wijekoon on Sep 20, 2019, 4. Major Problems Encountered by the Coconut Growers who visit Coconut Technology Park of Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka, An Empirical Investigation on the Effect of Land Size on its Productivity of Coconut Plantations in Sri Lanka, Factors limiting the adoption of IPM practices by cotton farmers in Benin: A participatory approach, Impact of extreme weather events on coconut productivity in three climatic zones of Sri Lanka. Nuegoda, Sri Lanka. long-duration crop can substantially be increased.

The severity of the problems was estimated by developing average problem score. Spearman's correlation between practices, yield and land extent, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Rusitha Wijekoon, 4.

For the soil moisture conservation around the coconut palm, the majority of the growers use the simple and low-cost technique; mulching around the coconut palms.

planting practices and the least knowledgeable was the pest management practices, as evidenced by Finally, the study shows that farmers with large estates are the most involved to follow training programs and apply the advices given by the CRISL. All the answers were gathered in a table file. higher level of adoption of planting practices and the least adoption of pest management practices. For the data collection, 153 respondents who visited Coconut Technology Park were randomly selected. The objective was also to analyse the impact of these practices to the yield and to analyse the effects of the information sources to the growers to enhance the farmers skills.

The objective was also to analyse the impact of these practices to the yield and to analyse the effects of the information, Organic farming is gaining popularity all over the world, as it can diversify agricultural production systems towards attaining improved productivity, farm income and food, as well as environmental safety. (2010).

19% of the farmers were between 40 and, old and a few farmers (6%) were between 18 and, Concerning the farm, 68% of the respondents, small scale in addition to coconuts trees and 34%, coconuts and the minority had only livestock and, combination of several intercrops.


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