After rice is Al dente rinse the rice and set it aside bring the pot add a Little cooking oil then spoon the rice in if. Generally, I fill bowl with water, swish with hands for 5 seconds, drain, and repeat 3 to 5 times. Then my brain started working again, and I decided that since I was cooking mixed rice (Texmati, brown, wild, black, and red), I should try another 4 1/2 minutes in the big glowing box. Mine also came with a straining basket which makes it easy to strain the water after washing. I rinse the rice and use 1 cup rice to 1 3/4 cup water, a little less water if I’m going to use it in a stir- fry. Seriously. I figure an extra three minutes in cook time and it will be perfect. Thanks alot for your concept of measuring water using your fingers .I am loving it . Thank you!! Thanks! If the rice isn’t fluffy, usually there is too much starch. Thanks it’s just what I needed.
I made half a recipe in our rice cooker and it made enough coconut rice for 5 to 6 portions. I have been microwaving rice for a few years now (a pretty standard recipe: 1 cup Uncle Ben’s converted rice, 2 cups water,1/2 tsp.

come on, its way simpler than microwave and you dont have to check on it every few minutes. I also really like the Progressive International microwave rice cooker, and it’s actually cheaper, at around $10 on Amazon. It was probably just something I did. 2 cups Good grade Basmati rice put the bowl of rice after you rinse well full of water and allow it to soak and get ready for the salt and oiled water ! Having a solid hotplate cooktop stove most things I cook get the slow to boiling point way. It works!! We ate this with mu shu pork lettuce wraps. My Mom used an electric rice cooker, my MIL uses the pressure cooker, and I used the Lekue Microwave rice cooker that my sister gave me. there is a huge difference between those two. Then microwave 15 minutes at 50% power. Best rice cooking recipe ever. I’ve been trying all kinds of proportions of rice to coconut milk to water to duplicate or even come close to what I had. This recipe gets the proportions perfect, and is just the best realization of one of my favorite comforty starchy side dishes. My rice cooker has a lid, a plastic gasket ring, a little cup for excess water, and the base. I have the same type cooker and I’ll just keep using a 2 to one, water to rice measure. I’ve tried to follow behind her and guesstimate, but it is nice to know Jaden has our backs when our mothers can’t explain!! -Jaden. You can even use your hands to cup the rice to prevent it from spilling out as you pour the water out. Remove and pour into a cullinder. Then report back to me. To cook the rice on the stove top, put the rice, coconut milk, water, and salt in a heavy, 3-quart pot and stir gently to combine. Order your bowl today for $10 off + free shipping! This coconut rice was so easy to make and worked out really well. Just thought you might like to know that Pampered Chef’s microwave rice cooker works beautifully using your method too–I was so much happier with our rice after following your directions, even though the rice wasn’t “bad” before. I think one of the keys is to watch the temperature of your stove and make sure that it's on a low simmer and not too high. Although originally a Doubting Thomas about microwaved rice — tried it once 39 years ago (!) I have since made it 3 times and everytime it was perfect.
Place a dishtowel UNDER the cooking pot in case the starchy steamy water bubbles up and over. Thank you so much for this tip. And that is the story of how I continue to pretend I understand things I do not. Plus washing your rice is how its tradionally prepared all over then world. White rice has very little nutrients in the first place, not sure it’s worth the risk. I am fussy about rice, hate it over cooked and mushy but was really pleased with this. Had to fiddle with the water ratio and it’s high because this is uncovered. The least amount of rice I’ve cooked is 3/4 cup. Cant explain it, but no matter how you cook the rice – electric rice cooker, pressure cooker, microwave – it always is perfect, I love the first knuckle trick. your lid is on too tight without ventilation. Because I used a large amout of rice, I cooked the rice much longer than 9 min. I use a storage container with the steam vent lid, less than $5 at Walmart. Just curious as I don’t have the Nordic rice cooker. I also like this Prep Solutions Microwave Rice Cooker (includes strainer, measuring cups too) for $16, How I make soft and hardboiled eggs in the microwave – Nordicware Microwave Egg Boiler $11 ( Also don’t forget to salt your rice. I have just tried this recipe again and discovered that the cooking container doesn’t need to be covered since you aren’t simmering it like you would on the stove.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know. (3) Use a plate to catch rice water that boils out.

I tried microwaving rice tonight, using a microwave-safe pot, followed the reavipe to the letter and nearly set my kitched alight. lol!

These days, I only bring out that appliance when I’m cooking rice for a large group of people. To cook the rice using a rice cooker, put the rice, coconut milk, water, and salt in a rice cooker and stir gently to combine. The lid should have a vent.

OMG, this is delicious and so easy. I’m from Jamaica and this is how my mom taught me how to cook rice on the stove. Now I have to keep coconut milk in the cupboard so I can make this anytime. Hi Alfred – Thanks for your questions. Thank you. I just lost the directions. The steaming at the end also keeps the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Covering the pot keeps water from evaporating too quickly and steam from escaping too quickly. The timing was spot on.

I FOUND YOU INSTRUCTIONS A YEAR AGO , AND THEY’VE BEEN A WONDERFUL HELP , BUT I WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING ; IF A PERSON WANTED TO USE THIS METHOD TO MAKE PLAIN , BASIC RICE COOKED IN CHICKEN BROTH , HOW MUCH PLAIN BROTH – AS OPPOSED TO WATER THAT IS – WOULD THEY NEED TO USE , AND JUST HOW LONG WOULD IT NEED TO COOK FOR ? This rice came out great and saved me so much time! I’m kind of paranoid about plastic microwave parts. Texture pretty good. So I put in a half cup of rice and cleaned it (I bought the cheapest grocery store brand of white rice).

BASICALLY, YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE THE WATER FOR ANY TYPE OF LIQUID WITH SAME MEASUREMENTS! Easy and good. I’ve always wondered about the 1″ measurement. If you had a container that was one inch in diameter then over covering to one inch with water would yield dry rice and if you had a one foot diameter vessel, you’d end up with watery rice. I understand to measure rice and water with finger it does not matter the amount but what about cooking time…I am sure it needs to cook longer and what about brown rice? After cooking it for 9 minutes and letting it sit for 3 additional minutes, I checked the rice and it still had some water in it and was still a bit firm. How far down do you poke?” (She didn’t rest her fingertips exactly on the top of the rice, it would dive in a little bit so where she stopped would be a ambiguous. You have to clean up the milky rice water that goes everywhere. Just looking for the simple way to cook rice. I read Amazon reviews for the nordic rice cooker. Magnificent, Lili! Have you tried the microwave rice cooker from Tupperware? 900W microwave. Thank you so much for this. Needs less time to cook in microwave IF you use smaller amounts of rice and water. Thank you again. Now to determine your microwave’s cook time, which will mostly depend on wattage, but could depend on other factors some. It is only because I read all the way down that I was able to understand that it should cook for 5 minutes at full power and then another 15 minutes on 50% power. Her advice is dependent on (1) the microwave wattage, (2) the length of the perimeter of the bowl that you cook in, if you use her 1 inch of water method. Along with other healthy options. I’ll go back to following measurements. My mother was Japanese and made rice everyday on the stove top until she got her first rice cooker. Yeah like Jaden says rice is a starch like potatoes so they aren’t very high in nutrients anyway. the closest one is a 6.5hr drive from my house. Thx!♡, A colander is great for draining the rice and getting excess water out…. I love the slight richness of the coconut milk and the subtle saltiness. Whenever testing a new recipe for the 1st time you should always stick close and monitor. I put in 1/4 cup rice, washed it three times, put in water up to one knuckle over the rice in a pyrex measuring cup, covered with plastic wrap and put a couple of holes in the plastic wrap to let the steam escape. Hi there Nana! Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe!

Place rice, coconut milk, water, butter & sugar in a 2.5L deep microwave safe bowl or jug and stir to combine. . Love, love love….so fluffy! If still looking wet after resting for 3 minutesph,I cook an additional 3 minutes on 50 percent power to dry the excess water. Thanks!!! This rice took 5 rounds of swirling and draining before the water ran clear. Pan on stove bring the contents to the boil, stir once, if cooking on electric stove , cover with well fitting pan lid, turn off heat and leave 20 mins to half hour, or longer if desired. Also 9 minutes not 10 like all the other recipes say – thanks again – your a hit in my eyes. I’ve never tried making it in the microwave before, but may have to give it a try, since the shortened cook time is rather appealing. Big thanks! Indeed, this recipe is a keeper. I followed these great instructions to the letter & was rewarded with fluffy steamed rice without having to “wait” as I used too when using my rice cooker.


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