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There are two main ways to enjoy it: Four simple little ingredients are all you need to make your own batch of mentsuyu dipping sauce at home using this simplified recipe: This recipe for mentsuyu doesn’t need to be diluted, but you can always do so if you prefer a less intense flavour. Use any leftover chili oil in dressings or marinades. (Optional) Garnish with a sprinkling of aonori powder …
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Steep for 15 to 20 minutes (depending on thickness of meat).

It’s so refreshing to dip cold soba noodles in the chilled mentsuyu sauce, especially in summer. Remove meat, let cool.

Remove from the heat and cool it down quickly by leaving the pan in the cold water for a while, then … Stir together your soy, mirin, sake or rice wine and dashi powder in a saucepan and gently bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. I made this yesterday and it was absolutely mouthwatering! Drain again, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Yep! Most store-bought mentsuyu sauces are concentrated and very strong, so they will probably need to be diluted first. Steep for 15 to … Cooking advice that works. Add it to noodle soups for an extra depth of flavour.

This bracing dish offers a taste of China's Sichuan Province and needs no reheating or additional prep at lunchtime. Put chopped green onions and wasabi on a small plate and serve with the soba noodles. For the most refreshing experience, allow your noodles to cool completely before serving.

I will definitely be trying it. (Optional) Garnish with a sprinkling of aonori powder or thinly sliced nori for extra flavour. I do love soba noodles (in fact, I’m making some for lunch today), but I’ve never tried eating them cold before.

Haha thanks Shashi, so glad we’re not the only ones!

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To stop your noodles from drying out (and add in a little extra deliciousness), stir a tsp of sesame oil through your noodles they start to cool down. Cover, turn off heat.

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I love how your recipes expose me to a whole different culture!


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