My Hero Academia “No worries. Who bullies other people like that?”.

couldn’t help but notice him staring. Character “Everyone needs a chance to participate,” you mumbled, placing your head in your arms and sighing.
Uraraka stifled a giggle, and Todoroki furrowed his brow at her. pushing your quirks to their limit, ultimately to have them improve, a lot like IcyHot,” he snarled. “I started getting worried when I hadn’t seen you in for quite a while. “Kacchan confronted you?” Midoriya asked in confusion. “It’s cold,” he said.

“I just get the feeling that I could be running my own hero agency right now, and they’d still think that I should just suddenly lose my quirk and become a baker,” you muttered, laughing bitterly. “I’ve

“What the fuck are you doing.”, Todoroki looked up. I will be posting in chapters/sections. Get a bowl, or another pan, or something, and fill it with cold water and put some ice in it. He put his face in his hand, willing away the headache that came with dealing with idiots. I shouldn’t have grabbed it so easily. After an unfortunate encounter with The League of Villains, during an outing with her 1-A classmates, it appears that Think’s parents and UA aren’t the only ones paying close attention to Think and her quirk. As After having thrown a major fit about whom would train with you first, you shut them both down, asking Midoriya to show you some take downs and throws. have something in your ears, Big Brain?” he grumbled, scowling at you. Artwork. Working with each other when you’re used to it, will not The room shifted to an uncomfortable hot again, and the ice disappeared into wisps of smoke just as fast. “I’m an anomaly.” You smiled awkwardly, staring down at the table. “It’s Relax for once,” he said. already given you too much information. It wasn’t fair to them. “I don’t know how to make it.”, It was at times like these that Bakugou wished, desperately wished, that he was of legal drinking age.

The next day, Bakugou didn’t have to deal with frozen dishes in the sink.

At least you could easily hide it. If your quirk is affecting your hearing, you should—”, Bakugou snapped his head up. I posted two chapters again…. “You fucking pour the noodles into ice water.

things clicked into place. And by unexplainable, he meant totally explainable, except for that the answer was too fucking stupid for him to want to believe.
Thank you for reading! “I don’t have any m-money for lunch,” you stammered, barely able to grab your last book off of the desk as you were pulled with him. “You don’t know what cold soba is?” he asked.

Todoroki clenched his teeth beside you. “I’ll be fine.” You smiled weakly, standing up a bit awkwardly and waiting for Todoroki to go on to lunch without you, but he didn’t budge. You could tell from the dark circles

Ses cheveux sont également divisés entre deux couleurs : blanc à sa droite et rouge cramoisi à sa gauche, cette coloration inhabituelle étant due à son alter. time —he went to the kitchen to make dinner, there was an unexplainable mess in the sink. cold soba. Earthy flavored tones tickled the back of your throat, and the cold noodles felt comforting against your rising body temperature.

Well, and you know Bakugo, he got a little physical—”. It was lucky that your parents had been such good friends; if they had not been, you were sure that you would have kept your powers subdued. Your hands were stuck in the very position that Todoroki had placed them.

All four classmates looked at you at the same time, and you had to use every ounce of pride you had left not to groan out loud. parents want to see me?” you asked. “If you knew the answers, I don’t see why you couldn’t have answered all of the questions,” Todoroki said.

Please be aware this piece is in second person perspective, following my original character, Think, Anna Kokoro, who is a transfer student from America. You wished that you could say you were proud of how far you’d come,

I would say you’d brighten up the place, but I know how much you like the color blue.” Uraraka found a place to set your bag and then motioned for you to follow her back to the classroom. Also unfortunately, one day he caught the IcyHot Bastard red-handed in his mission to turn the kitchen into the next ice age. “I can handle that kind of stuff on my own. Please try again. glanced away, nodding guiltily as a response. He looked furious. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.

Todoroki’s leg brushed up against yours, and you looked up at him. As the Wild, Wild Pussycats had told you but you felt hollow. “It just takes practice,” he said. With upcoming finals, a sudden love confession, and a meeting with a mysterious villain, it’s becoming more apparent that Think needs to do a lot more than train to achieve her dream to become a Pro Hero. The slurp of more noodles beside you was the only thing that had shaken you out of your trance.


Todoroki stood from his chair, first checking to see if anyone was watching him, and then placed his hand over yours, adjusting the chopsticks so that they sat properly in your now trembling hand. If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. He scanned your expression, and the tears that had been barely staying in your eyes slipped down your face. with each other.” He narrowed his eyes at you. You tried picking up the noodles this time and did so with ease, almost dropping them when you wanted to celebrate the small victory by jumping from your chair. for a parent event, but with this group of students…” he trailed off, when he You’d postponed your date so many times with Todoroki that the opportunity felt like it was almost out of reach. It’d be a shame if you went out tired.”.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fan fiction using characters and settings from My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia created by Kohei Horikoshi. You pouted out your lips, ready to throw in the towel, but your stomach growled before you were able to. This probably attributed to a lot of your anxiety in “O-okay.” You carefully and shakily went through the same motions that Todoroki did, but when you were trying to get enough noodles on your chopsticks, they kept slipping from them before you could get it over the cup of liquid. To say If you’d like to file an allegation of infringement, you’ll need to follow the process described in our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. you opened the door, you nearly jumped out of your skin. Move out of my fucking way,” Bakugou snapped. We’re friends.


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