See weather overview. public health has COVID advice for the holiday mummering tradition, Ethics watchdog sends 'letter of concern' to MP who employed sister, Inquiry hears money laundering concerns at B.C. On Thursday, conditions were so poor that part of Highway 402 was closed, and travellers through the region can expect more of the same Friday into Saturday morning, with some 50 cm of snow possible for the worst-hit areas. Low-lying areas, such as the lower reaches of the Don River valley, are the most likely to flood. Use of this Website assumes acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Published Sunday, February 15, 2015 6:45AM EST, Last Updated Sunday, February 15, 2015 11:13PM EST, Harsh winter weather lashes Eastern Canada, Ontario breaks record again with 1,575 new COVID-19 cases, 18 more deaths, Suspect fled Mississauga restaurant in Porsche after waitress spotted him drugging drink: police, New modelling warns that Ontario could see 6,500 daily cases of COVID-19 by mid-December, Twelve-year-old boy struck by gunfire in quadruple North York shooting dies of injuries, Ford government raised threshold for restrictions fourfold as COVID-19 cases were surging: documents, New video shows takedown of suspects in weekend shooting, Full lockdown in Toronto possible: Dr. Sharkawy. Upside sunshine today, winds becoming light, down-side highs just -5c. Passing clouds. When offshore winds blow in summer, they warm as they near the lakeshore in the evening; conversely, the cooling effect by the lake is most pronounced on spring afternoons, which can affect Toronto even more than other cities on the Great Lakes due its exposure to onshore winds from the east to south-east, on some days, the temperatures can be as much as 10 °C (18 °F) cooler than areas far removed from Lake Ontario, an effect that wanes by summer when the dominant windflow becomes more southwesterly and the lake surface temperature warms. The extremely cold winds blowing over as-yet unfrozen parts of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay have been producing blinding snow squalls for several cities. “It feels like – 41 C right now and it is not going to warm up much.”. They frequently come with a volatile mix of snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and sometimes just ordinary rain, all of which can disrupt transportation, and in severe cases, interrupt power supply. If meteorologists are right, Toronto should warm up significantly by early next week. February 2008 set a record a snowfall record for the month with 76.8 cm (30.2 in) falling at the airport. Just a few weeks later on August 19, part of a tornado outbreak in Southern Ontario, record-breaking intense rainfall, the worst since Hazel, deluged north-central sections of the city within a couple of hours and destroying a section of a major arterial road in North York resulting in record insurance claims. Toronto has numerous hills and valleys that were carved out during the last Ice Age. With files from David Rider, Alanna Rizza and Annie Arnone, Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. [4], The average January maximum/minimum is −1 °C (30 °F)/−7 °C (19 °F) in the city.


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