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x��TSW��O�E !Lx�$5��$�!bEk� �$ &�DL���Q�w&DDTD��N' Zq��]�^W�=h;3m����Z���$k�o�}��߿|���� P � � � � m ��\; ��5w `����N���84�b��%�����Ac�"f��'�\�*#������A���(26�@�xwڨq����Ю�7����A H�+r�9!ՠQ�m�y�v2>����!h�oi�������š�� �T*�e�d&�3\�h��U����a�V��P����P9 0000024401 00000 n Seasoned firewood wood remains dry for a long time. The fire can be rekindled by adding wood and opening the draft to supply new oxygen.

When the fire burns as a source of heat, we need the energy to start the combustion process. 0000012279 00000 n Flames change color over time and often have multiple colors in different parts.

Also, if you increase the air pressure, it can become even hotter. Too little air will not support combustion and too much will cool the temperature to a point where combustion cannot occur. How to remedy a problem of negative pressure: As mentioned above, make sure your furnace has an outside air intake. 0000024786 00000 n Moisture must be driven off before combustion can begin, so wood with a high moisture content is hard to ignite. Glucose is a sugar, and cellulose formula is C 6 H 10 O 5 This is the heat-producing stage. The secondary gases are not burned near the wood because of the lack of oxygen (oxygen is being consumed by primary combustion) or insufficient temperature. Time to concentrate folks, these gases, called secondary gases, contain up to 60 percent of the potential heat in the wood, so their efficient and optimized combustion is really important to achieve high overall combustion efficiency in a woodburning stove or fireplace.

It occurs at two different temperature levels: primary and secondary combustion. 0000024886 00000 n The pyrolysis of the wood surface leaves a char layer of carbon and ash which then shields the interior virgin wood from direct heating from outside. 0000010675 00000 n

The study of burning materials is not entirely straightforward. 0 Remember that air is about 80 percent inert gas and, when introduced into a wood stove, is well below the 1100° F needed to sustain secondary combustion. 0000012417 00000 n In Stage 2 of the combustion of wood we still aren’t into the heat producing phase (maybe a tiny bit) but we are getting close! Really?? 0000021730 00000 n 0000025359 00000 n If you’ve ever tried to burn wet or unseasoned wood in your fireplace you’ll know how very frustrating this stage can be.

0000009383 00000 n This fact is evident because the grids sometimes shine. Creosote is a tarred substance that prides itself on the chimney as part of the smoke. 0000026682 00000 n

We talk a lot about airtightness, air barrier continuity and thermal bridging, but there will always need to be many openings from indoors to out, and if you seal them properly there would be no air leakage. Initially, heat is brought into contact with a piece of wood in the presence of air.

X$. Bunsen burner fully open can reach 1500°C, with visible blue and white penetrating flames. The temperatures above this point are too high for the creosote to condense on the surface of the chimney.


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