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He was frustrated with his father's way of living in hiding from the inhabitants of Earth, as his intentions are eventually revealed to have Earth fear him instead. Just as he is about to do so, he detects Penumbra's ship approaching him from behind, which crashes directly into the engine, shutting it down. Among their work included Volcana and the original Royal Flush Gang. While on the topic of culture, he also expressed his fascination with the rocket itself after having come across an invention that can take them into space. Little did Eiling know that Adams and Zmeck were just pulled from time and resurfaced 20 years after their individual experiments. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Penumbra later asked Lunaris why he lied to their fellow Moonlanders about Della and replied, believing they simply needed a reason to fight, which was betrayal. In order to stop Lunaris, Della takes herself, Donald, Scrooge and the kids into space with one of the Moonlanders' ships, planning to destroy the engine before it hits Earth. He is shown commanding the army who are defending from an alien invasion on Washington DC, however this later turns out to be a mind-training exercise made by Martian Manhunter.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll What size are the One Piece Naruto and Fairy Tail Planets, Q: Mr.Vikings end of 2020 tourney of forgotten characters. Lunaris was impressed to see Della handle the Moon Mites and thanked her for getting them to leave without any more fighting. A place to learn more about comic book related things that show up in other mediums. Giant Bomb? ad-free browsing) will also likely stop working on Comic Vine at some point in the near future." The General's plan only began with his framing of Nathaniel Adams; he gives Adams a choice: be put to death or take part in an extremely dangerous military experiment. Kid General Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. General Eiling appears in 153 issues. So, is Comic Vine as vibrant and bustling as Giant Bomb or is it a tumbleweed-ville like Anime Vine?...nothing against Anime Vine, mind you, they have good news coverage. Nov 24, 2016 - Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor - Comic Vine (good general info site) Now a slave, the General spends several years scrubbing floors and cleaning palaces. Forum Posts. The experiment is viewed as a failure with the disappearance and assumed destruction of Adams, but Eiling later continued the experiment with another subject. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. After a failed attempt to capture Firestorm, Eiling is abducted by the Reverse Flash, who seemingly feeds him to Grodd.

The General saves himself using an automized panzer toy, a train and help from the boy wonder.

However, not without a price.

The combined efforts of the Ultramarines and JLA were unable to stop Eiling in his new powerful form, but Batman came up with a plan to get rid of him: the teams lead Eiling onto a transport pad which teleported him onto a huge space rock at the heart of an asteroid belt in another solar system. He's also the arch-enemy of Della Duck and Donald Duck. While Captain Atom served Eiling, the government and Eiling prepared for Zmeck's return. First Appearance The company is technically insolvent, but no one gives a rats ass so they just let it continue.
Penumbra then asks Donald that she and Donald hate the plan that Lunaris is building a fleet of ships to invade Earth as Penumbra gives him a task to stop Lunaris from building a fleet of ships. Type of Villain

This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family.

any Comic Vine content. Hiring Gunhawk, the NK Demon, Hatchet, and Deadline (four dangerous mercenaries) and using a vast army, Ulysses is on the brink of comitting genoside when Robin and Nightwing show up in a bat-plane. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first.

While his father, sister and brother know of his psychosis and the threat he poses, his mother is blind with affection for him, even as he is being hauled into juvenile hall after his crimes are foiled by Batman. does anybody know if is like a sister site of gb? Fortunately, Tim was working with Lonnie Machin's cyber persona Moneyspider and learned the location of the fifth candidate. After a very long absence, the General has returned to Gotham City, having aged several years, grown several feet and has become a more formidable hand-to-hand combatant. However, after Della leaves the Moon, Lunaris' true nature begins to be unfold: that of a traitorous, corrupted, wrathful and tyrannical general who plans on going to war with earth. From his ship, Lunaris scoffs at how his father was afraid of the "Earthers" for so long, saying that they are pathetic. Meanwhile, Della, after being shot down by the Moonlanders and being trapped on the same deserted island as Donald, finds the motivation to try and fight Lunaris thanks to Louie, before she and the others are rescued by Gladstone, Fethry Duck and his giant krill Mitzi. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Li'l General With Lunaris' threat placed, Scrooge and Gyro use the latter's Lil' Bulbs to gather all their allies in Duckburg while Della, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby scour the globe for more, although, in reality, they are actually sent to find a place to hide from the Moonlanders. General Eiling appears as a recurring villain in The Flash, portrayed by Clancy Brown. Evil-doer

It's just the forums are usually ghost towns.And why is this sight "Giant Bomb" and not "Game Vine" or something like that? Rather than creating XML files to be added to cbz or cbr's or using a top level XML file in a directory, it would be interesting if a lookup could be done on when comics are added to the library to update the DB with information on the added book from ComicVine, or on demand. Hardcastle was an alien hating member of the United States Military, who was involved with several big name projects, including the Z-8 Combat drones, the original predecessors to Zeta.

Eventually Batman, Huntress and Plastic Man track General Eiling to his hide-out where they discover he had successfully taken over the Shaggy Man's body by transferring his brain patterns into the body. Whiskey Media has three sites.

Yes, its a sister site. Not understanding what Donald is saying, Lunaris explains that Donald wants to bring death to the aliens of the Moon. Furious, Lunaris tries to run back into the engine, but is stopped by Glomgold, Scrooge and Manny the Manhorse, who begin to fight with him.
The Silver Surfer - In the Hands of ... Mephisto! Surprisingly he served with the Suicide Squad through the events of the Salvation Run. He has also been known to be called "The Forever Soldier" or "The Forever General". Robin stops the mercenaries and is about to grab the General when he sees that Ulysse's "friend" is unhappy with the General for starting a war. DuckTales (1987): Flintheart Glomgold | Magica De Spell | Beagle Boys (Ma Beagle, Grandpa Beagle & Beagle Babes) | El Capitan | Armstrong | Cinnamon Teal | Millionara Vanderbucks | Boll Weevil | John D. Rockerduck | Peg Leg Pete | Dijon Now only if Whiskey Media will make ", Lunaris and Penumbra first encounter Della Duck struggling against a Moon Mite. Seemingly feeling sorry for Della at her needed rest while continuing to repair her ship, he ordered Penumbra to let Della stay at her home until her work on the rocket was complete.


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